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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva Cagley | 1 comments https://poetrybybarrymowles.wordpress...

Please check out my books on the above link. Thanks so much. Simething for everyone.. A vatiety of poetry

message 2: by jean dominique (new)

jean dominique MAZZONI (httpwwwgoodreadscomjdmazzoni) | 28 comments Hi everyone
my last ebook POE TABLE on :
is in FR but "WORDS" is in English.

Wish you all the best
Take care of yourself jean dominique MAZZONI

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Belknap | 3 comments Hello Fellow Poetry Writers!

Unto Us: A Christmas Poetry Book takes you on a poetic journey from Adam and Eve to today and beyond. Each poem highlights a person, past and present, in the amazing true events of God's lovely gift to us- the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Take time to meditate on the true meaning of Christmas.

Glad to be here!
Thank you!

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message 4: by Leo (new)

Leo . Hi friends

Illustrated book of rhymes...;-)

message 5: by Akshit (last edited Mar 21, 2020 02:36PM) (new)

Akshit Gupta | 6 comments I have released my first poetry book named "Tales of a Dumb Lover", Please have a read and share your precious reviews.


Storyline: You will experience a series of emotions while reading the small and heartfelt poems of a lover who was transformed completely by a strange and new feeling of love and the little pleasures it brings but a lover's life is not that simple, he goes through pain, separation, longing and a feeling of deep void that is left behind when the beloved disappears. This leads him into serious introspection where he realizes that mostly all human relationships are transitory and fickle, the only source of unconditional love is its own higher self or god which has and will remain with him here and hereafter. | 15 comments Would appreciate reviews on my books available at:

Thank you!

message 7: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Wilson | 8 comments I can recommend Perfect Flaws by Tim Segrest. He has many amazing books, you can check it here:

message 8: by Ali (new)

Ali Ashraf | 9 comments Greetings All,

I recently released my second poetry collection called The Rosary of Love. It has one hundred and one love poems and it is available on Amazon for a reasonable price. Following is the link to my book:

Order Now and Kindly leave your reviews on Amazon after reading.

Ali Ashraf.

message 9: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Dean | 5 comments Perfect Flaws Dedicated to other veterans and their families. This book is a collection of poetry of how I managed and dealt with my PTSD symptoms.

You can check the book here: Perfect Flaws by Tim Segrest

message 10: by Rita (new)

Rita Rana (ritareads07) | 10 comments "Inhale poetry and exhale sadness"
My first ebook is a collection of motivational poetry and prose
Free with kindle unlimited .

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