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Maya Hughes (mayahughes) | 66 comments Jules and Berk's story is coming next THURSDAY! How about a peek?

Doing a few ‘you’ve got this’ mantras in my head, I took off my glasses and set them down on the counter. I hefted the dress off the hanger. The silky champagne underlay was covered by long strands of shiny material that added about ten pounds to the thing. I slipped the dress on. It was long sleeved, at least, only slightly pinching. It seemed Mom didn’t want me to totally embarrass her.

But the front. The neckline plunged way down, showing off the girls like I should be on stage in Vegas. With my arms raised over my head and fingers grazing the top of the back, I spun in circles for at least eight minutes trying to snag the zipper to pull it up. Turning toward the mirror, I stared at my reflection. Finally, using a bit of ingenuity and the shower stall handle, I contorted myself and grabbed the zipper, tugging it up.

Holy hell. My girls, the ones I usually kept well under wraps, were singing to the heavens. So much cleavage. The lacy fringe on the cups of my bra peeked out from the neckline. I looked like I should've been staked out on a stool at the fanciest hotel in Philly trying to drum up business from unsuspecting businessmen.

Shoving my glasses back onto my face, I stared at myself, every bit of me, in excruciating detail. The glasses weren’t time period appropriate, but Laura would have to deal.

Berk knocked on the door. “Do you need some help?”

“No,” I shouted way too loud. They’d probably heard me out by the stables. Collecting my clothes, I clutched them against my chest. My fingers shook as I undid the latch to the bathroom. He was going to laugh at how ridiculous I looked. I could picture it now, Berk rolling on the floor with tears of laughter in his eyes.

The door opened and I stepped back into the room with my clothes cradled in my arms.
I looked up at him and my eyes widened. Had they taken his measurements before we got here? His outfit looked fantastic.

He struggled with the buttons of the white vest. The material of his dress shirt bunched as he pushed at the buttons. The pants hugged his trim hips and stellar ass.

“I can get into my uniform in six minute flat. These buttons are bullshit.”

Pinning my clothes to my chest with my chin, I knocked his hands away and slid them through the navy silk-lined arm holes. “So hard,” I teased.

“It’s not my fault.” He pulled the bottom of his vest down, straightening it.

I spun away, keeping my clothes tight against my chest, aware of how close he’d come to getting an eyeful of me, not that I’d have a choice unless I walked around with my clothes against my chest for the rest of the night.

“I’m going to make us a drink. Top shelf booze doesn’t deserve to be all alone at times like these.” He cradled the bottles, swaying them back and forth like a doting parent slash total lunatic. Bottles and glasses clinked together.

I crouched to pick up one of my dropped socks. Gathering everything, I turned to dump it onto the bed. Maybe things would be okay. He wasn’t freaking out and I wasn’t freaking out, so far so good. I could wear this outside of the room.

“Might as well start now.” I turned to him and our gazes collided.

He coughed into the glass he had up to his mouth. Wheezing and spraying his drink all over the place, his eyes got anime character wide before he barked out a, “Holy shit.”

The Third Best Thing (Fulton U, #3) by Maya Hughes
The Third Best Thing

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Books I Flove | 24 comments Y’all: this book is freakin amazing! It deserves all the stars! So I gave it 5🧁 with a 🍩 on top!

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Jennifer (jennifershiflett) | 253 comments I can’t wait to read this book! I’m avoiding any excerpts so that I can be surprised when I read it.

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Maya Hughes (mayahughes) | 66 comments booksiflove wrote: "Y’all: this book is freakin amazing! It deserves all the stars! So I gave it 5🧁 with a 🍩 on top!"

😊 thanks so much! I can’t wait for everyone to meet them! 💕

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Maya Hughes (mayahughes) | 66 comments Jennifer wrote: "I can’t wait to read this book! I’m avoiding any excerpts so that I can be surprised when I read it."

Oh man! What a surprise it will be!!! 💕

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