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Jeremy Pointer | 3 comments This is YA or children's historical fiction. The main character was named Chauncey. Think he ran away from an abusive or dangerous situation and winds up on a riverboat, I cannot remember what river, the setting was back east or down south setting was early 19th century. I think there was a series of books with this character. I think the book was chartreuse and cloth bound. I found it at the library in the mid 80's and it was an older book then. I was really into Shel Silverstein at that age and I may have been looking for similar authors. The illustrations in the book were kind of rough but very well done. Maybe 200 pages long? I think that Chauncey had a pension for Dime Novels and that precipitated his adventures.

Thanks in advance!

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1119 comments Tough Chauncey by Doris Buchanan Smith?

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