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UNSOLVED: One specific book > novel I read in the mid 80's cabin boy whaling adventure

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message 1: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Pointer | 3 comments I cannot remember if the boy was a stow away or if he was kidnapped. He ends up on a whaling ship that sails around cape horn I think they started in new England and make their way to the pacific. I was only about 10-12 when I ready it. The boy had a scrimshaw sperm whale tooth. I think it was cloth bound and not more that a few hundred pages. I wish I had more details, any help is much appreciated. I got this book from the library in the mid 80's if that helps and it was quite old and well worn at that time. Thanks in advance!

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4873 comments Hi Jeremy,
What does "ISO" mean?

Do you remember the time period it takes place?
Remember any other characters?

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Frank | 89 comments In search of

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message 5: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Pointer | 3 comments The time period was early 19th century I think. May have been late 18th. I will check out so ends this day, it is a good candidate but I don't recognize the title. Thanks!

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Adele | 1206 comments In The Death of Evening Star: The Diary of a Young New England Whaler the boy is given a scrimshaw whale tooth.

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