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Why can't Hermione Say Voldy's name?

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Zoe Hrrmmmm that's a good question... perhaps she said it out loud once she found out about him(in front of Ron or someone else) and they looked so terrified when they asked her to stop she stopped saying it in public? For the most part(As far as I remember) Harry doesn't say Vody's name out loud(except to Dumbledor) after Ron warns him. He only picks it up after their on the run and Hermione does say it once there as well...

Well, if Hermione did start saying Voldy's name, Harry wouldn't be the only 'special' one(that probably wasn't the intention tho)

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Aisha Urooj Fear can strike even the most rational and brave individual, like Hermione. Maybe it was to show that Voldemort's evil atrocities and fear among others even affects Hermione

Mazen Hmmm i also 2as asking myself this question and i asked some friedns and they told me that his name is bad even if you pronounce it with your own mouth

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