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The Player (The Game Maker, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance Novel set in Las Vegas - the protagonist's family are con artists and they owe money to a dangerous group of people so she goes after a rich man visiting the city. [s]

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NO (ithinknot) | 2 comments I hope I posted this on the right board. I've never posted on a forum of any kind before, but I'm getting desperate to try to find this book.

I read this book within the last three or four years. I think the protagonist's name is Veronica or Jessica, but honestly the name could be anything. I'm also pretty sure, but not entirely sure that the book is the third of a series(that I didn't read the first books of and can't remember the name) about three rich Russian brothers who find their love interests in each subsequent book.

The book starts out with the premise that the protagonist and her sister and her family are all gathering money as quickly as they can to repay some kind of illegal organization for the money their parents borrowed. And I'm pretty sure that the description of the book when I read the back of the book was that the protagonist is being sent in to a party to be the "honey pot" and hook in the rich man, but she's not used to the role-it's her sister's usual MO- and she expects to be ignored, but the male lead sees her and basically falls in love at first sight.


I don't remember how much was in the book description so I'm marking as much as spoilers as possible.

These are some of the details I remember:
The protagonist's original fiancé cheated on her before the plot starts
The male lead takes the protagonist to a party or maybe a wedding and his brothers and their fiancées are in shock that he brought a woman to the event
The male lead meets the family and they all love him
And it turns out that he knew all along that they were a family of con artists/scammers/I'm not sure the right term and he wanted the female lead to tell him herself
They get married and it turns out that he orchestrated the entire money needing to be repaid timeline and the original fiancé cheating on her


Thanks for reading! I really hope someone can help!

Zenta  (juljeta) | 183 comments I think it is The Player by Kresley Cole

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NO (ithinknot) | 2 comments Omg yes!!! This is the book!! Thank you so much!!

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