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message 1: by J_BlueFlower (new)

J_BlueFlower (j_from_denmark) | 1508 comments Yes, spoilers are allowed in spoilers treads, but I wish I could open them while reading the book and not having to wait until I finish.

Today I saw this tread:

All entries are xx% and the rest is under spoiler tag. I that way you can open and discuss in the spoiler tread at any point of reading.

Bryan--The Bee’s Knees (theindefatigablebertmcguinn) | 237 comments I agree. I like when groups have several threads for a book--that way as I finish each section, I can at least read through what people have thought up to that point. Even when most of the posters put big spoilers under the spoiler tag, you can never be sure someone else might spill the beans.

message 3: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments I like the idea of having spoiler tags in book discussions, so people can still join in and choose what to look at. Like Bryan says though, not everyone abides by them, so spoiler threads end up giving away revealing details anyway, so it’s just easier to flag the whole thread as spoiler aware. It would be nicer if everyone read at the same rate and discussed the book section by section, at the same time, but of course that puts a lot of limits on people’s reading structure.

Bryan--The Bee’s Knees (theindefatigablebertmcguinn) | 237 comments I belong to a group here on Goodreads that got its start at another site. We'd been together for several years, and got into the habit for our group reads of setting up a schedule and doing short daily reads--usually around 10-15 pages--and reading the book over the course of the month. It makes for a nice discussion, and people who fall behind know how far along to read in the thread. I like it, but the tradeoff is trying to conform to a schedule, which some people are not going to want to do.

Some time in the future, you may want to give something similar a try, and see if people are interested. It would still be a spoiler thread, but people could feel comfortable talking about spoilers as long as they were abiding by the schedule, and others wouldn't have wait until they'd finished to read along.

message 5: by Sue (new)

Sue K H (sky_bluez) | 3183 comments What Bryan's other group does is nice but probably isn't practical for this group which is one of the most active on Goodreads. I could see maybe a third thread with one having no spoilers, 2nd having halfway spoilers and the 3rd entire book spoilers, but even that may be too much for our already taxed moderators. I'm amazed at how well they keep on top of everything.

Thanks again, moderators!

I also don't like putting everything under the (view spoiler) because it doesn't work on the phone app (even if someone uses the spoiler tag you can still see it on the app) and it makes the thread harder to scan through when you are on the web. You may not want to read every word or remember what comment you left off on the last time you visited.

The other alternative is to post your comments midway on the spoiler thread without reading the spoiler thread. In your comment, you can mention that you don't want any spoilers in a reply. I've done that before. Or I've just commented so as not to lose my thought without reading anything. Most times I just wait until I'm done and post general thoughts of liking it or disliking it in the no spoiler thread.

The spoiler tag seems to work better in buddy reads where the group is smaller and people tend to read at closer to the same pace.

Bryan--The Bee’s Knees (theindefatigablebertmcguinn) | 237 comments Sue wrote: "... probably isn't practical for this group which is one of the most active on Goodreads..."

You are probably right

message 7: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6556 comments I’ve done loose schedules on group reads before, usually with longer books. I think I headed each post with where I was in the book, so others could choose to read or not. Again, this only works if every single member does the same, or else one rogue spoiler and it’s all over!

I forget that spoiler tags don’t work on the app, which hinders things further. Generally the only way spoiler threads work for sure, is knowing that if you read them, key information will likely be given away, whether you signpost your comment, use spoiler tags or not.

message 8: by Philina (new)

Philina | 1562 comments To be honest, I don't like the idea of a close reading schedule for group reads.
Sometimes I'm a month ahead, sometimes behind with my group reads. I like the freedom of my own planning.
Yes, it would further discussion - especially speculations on the upcoming chapters -, but it's not worth all the restraint. Reading should be fun and with a good book one should be able to go with the flow.

I like the idea of more threads (e.g. one thread for every three chapters depending on their length) like we sometimes do with the quarterly long reads. This way, also members reading a book outside of the allotted time can follow the spoiler discussion and speculations without having the ending spoiled.

message 9: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen | 3804 comments I've been frustrated by this too, feeling like I'm often too late for the discussion that might have helped me get through a book. But on the other hand, I actually like that this group doesn't impose a reading schedule, and understand that spoiler tags don't always solve the problem and there's always a risk, as Pink points out.

What if we kept it simple (for our beloved mods, as Sue suggested), and, along the lines of what Philina just said, maybe just add another thread? One thread for our short story read works fine, and might work for <200 page books. But anything more than that, maybe just split it in half and do two spoiler threads?

message 10: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 5044 comments Mod
Whenever I do a buddy read, I always put my spoilers behind a chapter # [i.e. Chapter Two: (view spoiler) or Chapters 2-6: (view spoiler)] That way we always know what the spoiler will cover. I suppose it might be hard to get everyone to do it, but it works perfectly.

message 11: by Philina (new)

Philina | 1562 comments On the one hand, I love that you do this, Sara.
On the other hand, I always check the threads using my phone app and then have to change over to the browser version forgetting that spoiler tags don't work.

message 12: by Rosemarie (last edited Jan 25, 2020 08:51AM) (new)

Rosemarie | 1556 comments I appreciate that members post what chapter the spoilers refer to. Thanks for doing that, Sara.

message 13: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 5044 comments Mod
Never thought about the difficulty with the app (why on earth doesn't GR fix that???). I never, ever use the app. Too frustrating.

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