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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction, romance/thriller/mystery?, But Besteller from early-mids 2000s

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Goodlucktown | 2 comments the protagonist is a woman and the story possibly starts on a shore and then boat. protagonist or someone is trying to get a captain of a small boat to take them to an island (possibly). Captain is old and grey. There's another boat with young adults drinking. Scene backdrop might have been foggy

I can't remember if there was murder involved but I think it ended on an island or somewhere near a shore in Florida or Mexico with someone having a fun

Hopefully I did this right. Thank you

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Goodlucktown | 2 comments NYT bestseller*

I also noticed I might have posted this in the wrong section. If I have sorry about that

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Moved to Unsolved. Please add a few plot details to your header....it's a little sparse right now.

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