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message 1: by Bora (new)

Bora Noona Hi! I'm new to this group, so I should probably introduce myself first. I go by Bora on this site, I live in the U.S., and I have at least two unfinished stories that need help in a big way. One is a fanfic of the Phantom of the Opera. It has some consistency problems that I have NO idea how to fix. And the other is unnamed at the moment. I call it "The England Story" because it is set in England. (How creative, right?) That one is kind of a musical. It needs help in that it should probably be more British, and I have kind of come to a stand still in the middle of the story.
So, anyways, I am really just looking for someone who might be interested in reading my story and giving me some much needed feedback so that I might be able to convince myself to start writing again.

message 2: by Catherine (last edited Feb 09, 2020 07:02AM) (new)

Catherine Potter (queencatifah) | 7 comments Hi Bora

I am happy to be your critique partner. I will happily critique yours (and I am English!) if you will critique mine. That way we can both get over our writer's block.

I did once see Phantom of the Opera but it was many years ago and can't remember the storyline very much. I do however remember the candelabra dramatically crashing down from the roof of the theatre!

As for my work, I have a 90,000 word manuscript which is on its nth rewrite and I can't take it any further without some third party critique. I've already sent different versions of the first 50,000 words / 3 chapters to a few literary agents and they've said that it has some good ideas but isn't sufficiently gripping. Since then I have rewritten the beginning.

As for my genre, it’s a little difficult to pigeonhole, but then isn’t everything? You could say that it is women’s fiction, in that my main protagonist is a young woman. I think of it as international political fiction ... it sets out a vision of a solution to the current day problem of the refugee crisis. It is realistic, optimistic and perhaps a little utopian. And it has a bit of a crime story embedded within it! The book is called ‘Hope!’

I enjoy many different types of fiction - historical (George Elliot, Sarah Waters, Victoria Hislop), murder mysteries (I had a period of devouring Val McDermid's novels) and definitely literary fiction. I am not interested in science fiction or YA / children's books.

I would like to find a critique partner, not to go through every sentence and paragraph with a fine toothcomb, but instead to read a few pages or a whole chapter and critique at the end as to whether it was interesting, whether certain things needed more or less description, whether they found a section tedious, whether or not they were looking forward to seeing what happens next … and anything else worth commenting on. A constructive critique from the perspective of a reader.

Have you found a partner yet, Bora? If not, could it be me?


message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Potter (queencatifah) | 7 comments Bora wrote: "Hi! I'm new to this group, so I should probably introduce myself first. I go by Bora on this site, I live in the U.S., and I have at least two unfinished stories that need help in a big way. One is..."

Hi Bora

Did you receive me message offering to be your critique partner?


message 4: by Bora (new)

Bora Noona Hey! Sorry I did see your first one, but I kinda immediately forgot about it. The thing is...I read a lot when I am stressed about life, and it causes me to ignore my writing. And so, while I appreciate the offer, I feel like I am not in a good place to accept it. Like, just thinking about my story stresses me out further right now, which is probably why it took me so long to write the first one, come to think of it. Anyways...sorry for the delayed response! But you totally would have been perfect for this if I was still in the right mindset.

message 5: by Bora (new)

Bora Noona I am still willing to look over your draft if you want. :) Idk if I am the best kind of "editor/critique partner" because I have never done it for anyone other than myself, but I will give it a shot if you want. Also, I just looked at your profile, and I think you might consider going the self publishing route, it is pretty easy to do on amazon from what I can tell. Then if it does well, you can probably use that as your ground level for the next time you try speaking with a publishing company.

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