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My Life with the Walter Boys (My Life with the Walter Boys #1)
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Ivy | 10 comments My Life with the Walter Boys – by Ali Novak
Reviewed by Ivy Graham
The book My Life with The Walter Boys is about a girl named Jackie Howard who had everything she wanted until her parents get into a car accident and she must move cross-country to live with her new guardians. The Walters. It doesn’t sound too bad until she finds out they have 12 boys. Jackie needs find a way to build relationships with the boys and find a way to survive being the new girl. With boys, drama, weddings and a chaotic family Jackie tries to make herself feel at home trying to prove she can belong, but can she build a new future while still holding onto the past?

The author jumped straight into the story which I liked because its very fast paced and then slows down and goes through everything smoothly. Jackie’s character was smart and hard-headed but can be very annoying. She makes decisions based on what seems right instead of what she really wants and doesn’t listen when others try to help her through and give advice until she learns on her own. Jackie felt guilty for being happy so soon after the accident and one of the boys Cole helps her realize it’s not. I believe the plot was for Jackie to learn that even after the death of her family she deserves to find love whether its finding family and romance. In the start Jackie didn’t say much until the boys realized she wasn’t leaving and as they all grew, she became loving and open.

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Wendy (wendoo1105) | 14 comments I love how you end the summary with a question, this book sounds very interesting, did you enjoyed it?

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Ivy | 10 comments Wendy wrote: "I love how you end the summary with a question, this book sounds very interesting, did you enjoyed it?"
yes I did.

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Brittanni | 14 comments Wow this book sounds chaotic, in a good way. I think that your view of what Jackie was supposed to learn is very understandable and it's cool you found that out. I like that you said that Jackie honestly was somewhat annoying, it helps give insight to know that although the book was good that it does have its faults and to be wary when choosing if someone wants to read it or not.

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Kaiden | 12 comments I liked how you wrote the summery. Seems like a book I should check out.

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Ivy | 10 comments Breanne wrote: "I really liked how you went in depth and described how the author portrays Jackie, it gave me a good idea about who she is and her character. Did you like that Jackie became more loving and opening..."

I liked who she became in the end but I didn't like the way she got there

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Krystal | 11 comments this book sounds very interesting. like how you ended the summary with a question . was there anything you didnt like?

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