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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Fantasy/Parallel Universe Book- Girl is drawn toward new boy in school, but I believe he comes off as really rude to her. He has a scar above or behind his ear that shows he's from a parallel universe.

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Bailey White | 3 comments Possible spoilers here-sorry!
I have no idea what the cover looks like or when this book came out. I think I read it 5-6 years ago. The main plot is the romance between the girl and the new boy, but I feel like the boy ultimately ignores her for a large portion. But it turns out that he is from a parallel universe where every choice that is made splits and new universes or realities are created. He has a scar above his ear that indicates he is from a different universe, and I want to say that the one he came from was being destroyed so they were traveling and taking over people's lives from alternate universes? So he is trying to protect the girl from an "evil" version of herself who travels from reality to reality and takes over her life each time. I also want to say that the "real" version of the boy is really rich and lives far away, which is why nobody sees the two versions of him together? Sorry if this is confusing, I've been trying to find this book for months! Please let me know if this is familiar to you. Thanks!

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Bailey White | 3 comments I also just remembered that the girl had been having strange nightmares where she “meets” this evil version of herself. She was having the nightmares before she knew about the alternate realities. It didn’t really read like a fantasy novel because you aren’t even aware of the alternate reality plot for a large part of the book.

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