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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments :) Here it is

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Thanks!! Characters first?

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Yes please :) Do you want to do yours first so I can match up your criteria?

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Okay! I'll have them up in a little bit. :)

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Name: Seth Tucker
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: description

History: When Seth was about two months old, both of his parents died, so he doesn't remember them. People say they died in a house fire, and he was the only one who survived, with some burns that eventually healed.
From there, Seth was put into several foster homes. He was in one for several years, being taken care of by a young woman who wasn't married and couldn't have kids. She loved him exceedingly, but when Seth was nearly six, the young woman died from unexpected blood cancer. The only thing he remembers about her was that her name was Lucy, and her hair was the color of sunshine.
After that, things became harder. Now that he was a young child, not a baby anymore, less and less people were interested in fostering him, and when he got a foster home, he never felt like he belonged. Besides that, people were only willing to foster him for a short while before he returned to the system.
It wasn't until Seth was about thirteen that things got bad. Nobody wanted him anywhere, that much was clear. In the Arbust family (he was about 13-14 here), the older sister taunted him and turned his life into a nightmare, but then would put on an air of being sweet, the best daughter one could have. He ran away once, but was found and returned to the family after they could find nothing wrong at the home.
In the Rouder family (he was about 14-17 here), things were much worse. The family had older teen boys of the age of 17 and 18, and both of them, parents included, would physically and mentally beat him up. Seth tried so hard to leave, but almost every attempt only got him stuck back there with silent threats that much worse would happen. How this all was hidden from the social workers, no one knows, but the Rouders had all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to keep Seth's life miserable.
He finally managed to escape again, but who knows what will happen from here on.

--music, especially piano (somehow he's just a genius at it!)
--the color green

--the color red
--being around people (hey, he's scared of them for good reason!)
--math (probably because he doesn't know much)
--small spaces
--people shouting

Personality/Temperament/Attitude: Because of his abusive past, Seth reacts badly to any sort of correction. He sounds ornery, mean, and rebellious because of this.
Seth loves all things music (unless it's really loud and obnoxious), and if he gets the chance, he'll be sitting at a piano playing master pieces that no one will understand how he can play, since he never had lessons. He also has a beautiful singing voice if he's brave enough, and wants to try different instruments.

Schooling: Not very much. He does like reading because he can escape into another world, but most subjects he doesn't know tons about. He struggles with school and tries not to do any of it if he doesn't have to because he's afraid he'll just look like a failure.

--may add more later--

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Name: Melody Amo

Nickname: Mel
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Profession: Police Officer (Special Victims Unit)
Appearance: description


Twin: Samantha (Sam/Sammy) Amo
Profession: Psychologist (Forensic and Counseling Specialty)
Appearance: description

Older brother: Jackson (Jay) Amo - 30 y.o
Profession: Military Corp (Instructor in Personal Security)
Appearance: description

Partner at SVU: Manuel Quintas - 36 y.o
Appearance: description


History: Melody doesnt remember a time her father didnt hit her and her siblings. After her mother died giving birth to her and her sister, their father had drowned in alcohol and couldnt hold a job. Not wanting to deal with raising the kids, he left it all in the hands of their aunt who could only come by their house long enough to feed and bathe them. It had been Jackson who had taken matters into his hands, making sure he was going to school and that his sisters were in bed by the time their dad came back home.
As the years passed, the beatings got harsher and would happen for no reason. Jackson did his best to protect his sisters until his father sent him to military school so he could profit the small sum they were offering as his scholarship due to good grades. By then, Melody had taken into her hands to protect Samantha. As the older sister between the two (by 3 minutes alone), it was her duty. Besides, she bruised less easily and could stand her ground longer. Samantha was smarter too, so her brain had to be protected at all costs. Just like her older brother, Samantha earned herself a scholarship to go to college just before Jackson got sent on his first tour. The day Melody passed as first of her class at the police academy, their father died, leaving them with debts and the possibility to start anew somewhere else.
Having all agreed that family came first and that they were best together, they started renting a three bedroom house in the outskirts of town, old and cranky but cheap and having its own little office where Samantha could see her patients. It was perfect for them, none having partners or kids. All they needed was each other...and their two rescue cats (one black, one white), Shiro and Charky.


-tea and toasties
-order (she's a bit of an OCD)
-reading foreign books


-cruelty of any kind
-doing the dishes

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Would you like me to start?

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Yeah, go ahead :D

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Sorry, just added their jobs

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Okei dokie! I'll have the post up soon.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Seth was on the run, like he was whenever the chance to leave that house behind came up. When he left, he had taken his backpack and stolen some of the food in the pantry, along with the oldest brother's pocket money he'd found on the dresser. Normally, this would result in him being beaten up, but since no one had found him missing yet--it was nighttime--he was safe. For now.

He was walking quickly down the side road towards the heart of town, the rain pouring down around him. It had started raining a little while ago, and he hadn't been expecting it. Now his curly hair was drenched, and his clothes were plastered to his skin. He didn't even avoid puddles, as he was much too wet for that to matter. Besides it raining, it was freezing out--almost winter time.

Seth shifted his backpack and held the straps firm, stepping onto the bridge and taking a few minutes to observe the river down below. Down on the other side of the bridge on the lower section of land, the lights in between the buildings twinkled like stars. Seth continued on by the edge of the long bridge, glancing a few times over his shoulders for any signs of police cars or any other suspicious vehicles following him. Maybe he looked old enough and no one would ask what he was doing.

((I'm sorry the start sounds so lame!! XP It's hard to start for me.))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( thats a great start! Hope the below is okay, if not let me know, ill change it ;) ok? ))

Melody had gone home during her night shift because, once again, Jackson had forgotten his keys inside. Samantha was already asleep and instead of waking up the little sister, he had preferred to call her, since she was up and about.
It didnt really phase her to have to open the door for him this often but Melody was starting to worry about whatever it was that kept her brother's mind so busy he would forget everything else. But she wouldnt push him, she knew that he would rely on them when he felt comfortable.

"Hey Mel, thanks for this" Jackson was drenched from running in the rain, his short breaths puffing the air around him. Her brother was obsessed with being in shape, since he knew that gave him an advantage in combat, whether he needed it or not. Their whole family had been traumatized and it had affected each one of them differently.
Unlocking the door, she got a kiss on her cheek as a thank you and up he went, not even looking back. Shaking her head, Melody closed the door and returned to the patrole car. If her partner minded the water dripping all over the seats, he didnt say anything. "Ready?" was all Manuel said.
Nodding, Melody made a mental note to treat her partner to a meal. He had escorted her too many times to her house while on duty just so she could unlock the house.

Manuel was a tall and muscular Brazilian man, who spoke eight languages and loved anime. They had met at the police academy as trainee and advisor, later put together as partners on her first day at the unit. They bonded over their love for foreign cultures and felt like they had known eachother all their lives. He was one of the very few who knew about her past. She liked him even more for the fact that he never judged her for it.

"We got a call from central advising our presence was requested in Saint Street. Apparently they have a case that might interest us" Manuel said when he didnt take the turn that would lead them back to the department.
"Do we have any more information?" Melody enquired. Shaking his tanned head, Manuel acelerated the screen wipers as the rain was getting heavier. "Manu, its just rain.." Melody chided, turning the heat up a bit. Wet as she was, the cold was seeping into her bones.
"Mel, you know I hate the rain." Her partner huffed like he had done so many times whenever anyone teasing him about it. "I know, I know" And she was probably the only one who really knew why "Because it makes you sad".

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Im assuming that the case on Saint street is Seth? And you are great, good post!))

Seth continued walking, trudging along as cars passed by, sending sprays of water onto his pants. If this stupid sudden rain hadn't suddenly come on, he would have been much farther away instead of just a town over.

Sure, he should have been running, or at least moving faster than this. He shivered. Maybe he could find refuge in a store, or if he was too messy for that, he could hang out underneath an overhang of a building. Anything, because he wasn't planning on going home. Not at all.

Besides being wet and cold and totally miserable, Seth was hungry. It wasn't like he could eat a lot at home anyway, not with the brothers terrorizing him and the parents telling him they needed to save enough for others. If he got hungry enough, he would eat one of the packages of crackers and hope to find a supermarket to grab something more filling later.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( can be or I can spin it differently and we can arrange for their first meeting later on, you let me know ))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((It might be easier to have them heading in that direction, or something Idk. So we don't have to rp with ourselves.))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments When Melody and Manuel arrived at the location, two police officers were coming out of a small brown house headed to one of the patroling cars stationed on the street. Parking next to them, Melody opened her window to speak with one of the officers "Melody Amo and Manuel Quintas from SVU. We heard you might have something for us?"
The officer bent at the waist to speak through the open window and Melody could see how young she was. Probably just out of the academy, which explained why the older officer behind her had signaled her to make the report. She needed to get used to speaking to the SVU unit as it was never easy. "Good evening ma'am, sir. Our colleagues got called on a missing child but after further examination they suspect child endangerment and abuse."

Manuel signed, yet again disappointed in the human race. With this job, it wasnt easy to became used to hearing the reports but if you started feeling nothing when you heard them, then was time to change jobs. Melody nodded as requested for more details of the child. She knew the officers were doing their side of the job, now they needed to do theirs. First find the child, check their emotional and physical state, then get a facts check and lastly confront both sides of the story. The officers would deal with the family and evidence so they needed to deal with the child and his side of the ordeal.

Manuel started driving, they now had a description and the last spots where he had run off to. Both of them knew what it meant when a foster child tried fleeing too many times. Without saying a word they scanned the streets, the rain finally relenting a bit, as if to make the search easier.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} As the rain slowed, so did Seth. He left the bridge and headed downtown, hurrying across a busy street once the lights changed. He was glad that it was dark out, for maybe that would keep himself more hidden. From what he could remember from some place way back in his mind, there was a park around here somewhere. And quite possibly, the park had one of those pavilions over top of some picnic tables. It would still be freezing out here, and his wet clothes weren't going to help.

When Seth found the pavilion, he stepped inside, glad for the sudden shelter. He moved around, checking the benches to make sure there wasn't any homeless person around that he'd be bothering, and when he found none, he plopped down wearily on a bench. He sat his bag beside himself and rubbed the water out of his eyes. He would have taken a bus, but it was much later now and they didn't really run at night.

Seth opened the backpack and pulled out one of the packages of crackers. Thankfully the plastic around the outside of the crackers had protected them, and he ate all of them hungrily. He dropped the package under the table, kicking it further so it was hidden from view. He didn't need to carry trash around, and it wasn't like other people picked up their own trash anyway.

He lifted up the edge of his shirt and peered at the bruise blossoming across his left side. He pressed two fingers on it gently but winced and dropped the shirt again. A few days ago, the foster dad had beaten him up a little, shouting at him for being a hindrance to everyone else in the family. The words mostly just went over his head, but the physical abuse hadn't. Not only that, his left arm was bleeding inside his sweatshirt from when they had slammed him against the counter. He had only been able to fight back a little.

"I need to get out of here..." Seth whispered to himself, suddenly feeling nervous about spending the night in this place. He couldn't do that. Besides, the draft blowing through was chilling him further. He grabbed his backpack and headed back out into the street, walking along the sidewalk and doing anything he could to get as far away as possible.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((I love how all the siblings chose jobs where they can help other people. That's awesome.))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Melody found herself rubbing at her legs, partially to shoo away the cold and partially to shoo away the bad feeling she had. They had looked everywhere, every single corner and hideout known to have been a hiding spot for this Seth boy that needed their help.
"Dont worry, we will find him" Manuel said while looking on the opposite direction, driving at a slow pace. He knew her too well, she mused.

After another forty minutes they decided to search further away, contacting a patrol car in the next town to help with the search. "Please be advised that if spotted do not approach, I repeat do not approach" Melody said on the radio only to receive a single "copy" back.

This other town was not so familiar to her or Manuel so Melody pulled up a map on her tablet and they tried to go by elimination process. They were down an old alley known for its homeless when a message came through the radio advising the boy had been sighted.

"Please send us the location, we are on the way. Stand by, wait for our arrival" Manuel pulled the car over just long enough to receive the ping on the tablet with the location and then drove like a proper police office but without the blues and the siren. Last thing they wanted was to scare the boy.

Unfortunately, the next thing that came through the radio was not good "We have the boy in custody, we await your arrival, do you copy?" Slamming her fists on the dashboard, Melody couldnt believe her ears. What were they thinking? They had just ruined the whole bonding process with a possible victim! Instead of showing support and trust, they were treating Seth like a suspect, like a runaway.

"Officer Morales, please do not touch the victim any further, do you copy?" The venom was there, in every single word, Melody couldnt help herself. After a second too long finally came the "copy". They were ten minutes away and it felt like a lifetime between their location and poor Seth.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( glad you liked the jobs ahahha hope i didnt impose too much with my development!!! >__< ))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((NO it's cool!!! XD

Does "we have the boy in custody" just mean they found where he is? They haven't actually gotten near him?))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( i thought they could have found him and actually busted him eventually like stupid people instead of being understanding but you can make it go however you like and i can always rewrite that part ))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay. I'm not trying to be picky here XP but maybe could one of the officers either corner him or try to talk to him or something? If you don't want to I can just go ahead! :) ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( they can. You can do that side of the story. on my side all we know is that eventually they have you. im not saying how...but if you want i can chop off that part and play the two other officers as well :) ))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay! I'll just do that side of the story :) Then we can go from there!))

Seth was still hurrying along--though clearly exhausted from the long walk and who knew what had happened earlier that day--when he turned down a quieter, less busy street. He wished he hadn't, for behind him came the sound of a car coming up and pulling up behind him. He glanced behind himself and his heart nearly stopped...police. They had found him and he was going to go back to that horrible place because no one would understand him.

He whirled around and began running the opposite way, and the police officers hopped out of the car and started running after him.

"Stop running!" one of them shouted, and he winced, tripping and stumbling over a dip on the sidewalk. That was all it took for them to grab him by the shoulders and hold him from going anywhere.
"Seth Tucker, you're not under arrest but we need to take you with us," the bigger man, Officer Morales, said firmly.

Seth tried yanking away from them, fear radiating down his body, but also anger. "I'm not a criminal! I'm on my way home! Can't a body do that?!"

"We just need to talk, Seth," he replied, shaking his head. The officers managed to handcuff him to prevent him from running off and took him back to the cruiser, opening the car door and helping him sit down inside. The entire time, Seth was cursing under his breath and trying to escape, but with the handcuffs, it was impossible.

Seth was sitting in the back seat of the car for ten minutes until a second car pulled up, and he slumped over, bound hands in front of him. He was not a criminal for being out on the streets at night. He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down, feeling vomit rise in his mouth.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments As soon as Manuel parked the car, Melody was out, stomping her way to the patrolling officer standing by the car planning to give a piece of her mind. Manuel, who knew her fiery temper, slid in front of her before she could utter a word and with a nod told her to take care of the victim that was apparently inside the vehicle. Could they do any more damage, she thought.

Opening the door, she calmed herself and put on a neutral face. This was going to be hard.
"Hi Seth, my name is Melody. I apologise for my colleague's behaviour, they should not have handcuffed you." He was skinny, a bit dirty and very wet. Melody's heart gave a small squeeze, she hated to see anyone like that. She was about to take her jacket off when Manuel appeared like a fairy godmother by her side with a blanket and an evidence bag. Grateful, she smiled back at him before looking back into the car. "Seth, would you mind if I took your handcuffs off so we can give you a blanket?" At his signal, she gingerly took the handcuffs off being careful not to touch him in the slightest. "Thank you" Melody knew that the two officers outside thought it was weird she was being the one thanking the boy but they knew nothing of trauma and what it meant to give in the slightest inch.
"I know its very cold, so if you can, put your wet tops on this bag and wrap yourself with this blanket. It will warm you faster, okay?" Melody kept her voice soft and then she proceeded to turn around, just like Manuel, giving the boy some privacy, not forgetting the one finger pointed at the other officers who didnt seem to understand they were to do the same.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( everything turned italic sorry, im on my phone atm but ill correct it as soon as i get home later today >__< let me know what you think how im going with it..))

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((That's fine XD It happens. And you're doing well.))

Seth tensed as soon as the door was opened, and glared at the woman, edging away from her on the seat. He was not a criminal, he told himself again. And he didn't care who she was. He just needed to get out of here before they started prying into his life. He held his wrists up to let her remove the handcuffs, watching her with a distrusting eye.

"I need to go home. I don't understand why you all stopped me." Seth muttered, but made no move to get closer to the officers than he needed. "I'm fine. I'll change when I get home. I'm fine, okay?" He tried keeping the panic out of his voice, but he felt like it wasn't possible. "You can't keep a kid from just going home. Where's the crime in that?"

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((I'm going to bed now. I will respond when I wake up again! XD))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( sleep well!! ))

Melody tried to keep her glare from the other two officers. She knew part of the resistance was due to being 'detained'. But he did need to change clothes or he could get hypothermia. Worrying for his health beyond what the family fostering him could have already damaged, Melody tried another approach.

"How about this, you keep your clothes but you wrap yourself in the blanket. I know you must be cold, I was drenched a few hours ago and I can already feel a cold coming." Trying to plead with her eyes and not only her voice, she hoped her intentions came across "Please?"

Manuel busy himself trying to get a report of the events from the officers while Melody dealt with Seth. Why hadnt the officers waited like they asked and why had the kid been handcuffed, those were the major questions but Manuel seemed to have some more of his own.

Manuel had been in the SVU unit for seven years now and it had only been two since he partnered up with Melody. His previous partner was a taboo among the department, having crossed the line and killed one of the perpetrators. He had connected with the victim to another level and couldnt stand the fact that the criminal would just get sentenced for life behind bars and ended up killing him with his own hands.
On this job, one could grow too cold, too attached or too traumatized. Those were the options. Those who stayed for a long time on the job had help on the side to keep sane, turned to alcohol to forget or ended up going a bit crazy or suicidal.
Manuel had two children that depended on him and his sanity was kept alive only for those two, having seen too much already.
The higher-ups had decided to pair the two of them due to the balance they could bring to eachother. They had mutual backgrounds that few could understand and they both had swimed their way out of the hole that their lives could have been. They were fighters and that made them an amazing team in the SVU department.

"And no, we are not taking you back to that place." Maybe if he knew that they were not going to bring him to that family again, he could relax a bit.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} "Fine, but I'm going home. I don't want to be here anymore!" Seth said, confusing himself and still half on the edge of panicking. He didn't actually want to go home at all, but he didn't want to be here, so that same lie came out again. He barely looked at the woman.
"Don't touch me," he mumbled, reaching a hand over and grabbing it once her hand had completely moved away. He pulled it around his soaking wet frame. There was no way he was going to risk showing them the scars and bruises across his body.
"What's gonna happen to me now? I'm not a criminal," he shook his head, shivering.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Sorry that is so short))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( its a dialogue, its fine!! hope you got some rest ;) ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments "You are right." Melody consented "You are definately not a criminal." Smiling, she sat at the edge of the seat, her back to the front one so she could face the boy. "Seth, we received a report suspecting your foster family of abuse and endangerment. So we are definately not bringing you back."

Letting this sink in, she didnt request right away for his side of the story. He needed to trust her first.

Clearing her throat when Manuel signaled her he had everything he needed, she wanted nothing more than to take him by the hand and nestle him in their car. Of course, that wasnt possible. She wouldnt touch him until she had his okay. They needed to make sure he was okay first, before any real questions were asked. "Now, have you eaten yet?"

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Okay! I...slept okay. XD I woke up several times from coughing. XP))

Seth stiffened as she sat beside him. She felt too close. He needed space. He wanted to get out of here. He wanted to break out of the window and run away where no one could ever find him again. He just wanted to live a normal life, not one where they continued to lock him in cars and drop him off with foster homes and abandon him. He wished he knew who his parents were, and he wished they were still alive. None of this would ever have to happen if he had a proper family.

"I've eaten," Seth said, averting his eyes and staring down at the floor of the cruiser.

Yeah, you've eaten like five crackers. That's not really anything for the past few hours.

But it's food. I don't want to make her feed me. I don't want to be in debt to anymore people than I already am.

He felt in debt to his foster family. They told him constantly that if he wanted to eat, he'd have to work for it, and work for it he did. None of the others ever mowed the lawn or scrubbed the bathrooms or washed the wood floors, not even the mother. Everyone else were slobs, making messes for him to clean up and never once pitching in. Why did they get to eat without working? Because they were real family. That's what they said. It was dumb, but it was true.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Melody was thinking of a way to get him to open up when Manuel literally went over her, bent so he could out his face through the small space she had left free into the car and told Seth "Well, I havent and Im starving."

With big eyes, Melody looked from Seth to Manuel and back again. Yes, they could get him to change cars, get him warm and get some food all together. Besides, it wasnt a lie. She and Manuel had skipped they break looking for the kid. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. He needed to eat, it was evident. And they also needed to make sure he got some fluids in him, stay hydrated.

"Sorry Seth, Im hungry too. I promise not to touch you, so can you please change cars? The doors wont be locked and we will make it warm. You are not under arrest but we do need to talk to just doesnt have to be now." Trying to gauge his reaction she added still "Please? Im actually hungry.I mean, you dont have to eat if you dont want to..." worrying her lower lips, she thought she would try only last thing "..or you can tell us if you want to eat something special. Up to you, Seth."

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Seth swallowed, about to protest further. He didn't want to go anywhere with anyone. Being stuck in a car made him feel vulnerable and helpless, trapped. He was feeling that way now, in fact. At the same time, something seemed...well, he definitely didn't trust these people, but he felt like it would be better to go with them than stay here with these people who had mercilessly put him in cuffs. Seth slowly nodded, waiting until the woman was fully out of the car and out of the way. He scooted back along the seat, blanket pulled tightly around himself, and stood out of the car. His eyes shifted around warily. He forced himself towards the other car and managed to open the door.
"But I'm not going back and I'm not going to jail," he stated, looking at the officers who had trailed behind him. "I'm not going to."

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments "Yep, you're not kiddo" Manuel threw at him while going around to the driver's seat. "But you might go to mackidi's or pizzahut or that fancy Italian I like...unless you come up with a better option." His voice was teasing but light and Melody couldnt help the shaking of her head at her partner. How could he find humor in the darkest of places?

Once they were all inside the car, Manuel started the engine so Melody could raise the heating "Let me know if it gets too hot, okay?" she said barely turning on her seat but still wanting to make eye contact with the boy.

"So, whats it gonna be kiddo?" Her partner got grumpy when hungry and apparently this was one of this tantrums. "Manu, let him decide, give him time" she chided.
"But I'm hungry and I bet he is hungrier so..." now his tone really matched a pouting child. Here was an adult who had two kids and he was the one behaving like a baby.
"Listen Seth, dont worry about anything else, just about what feels right. I know pretty much everything feels wrong right now but at least with food we cant go wrong." She knew if Seth didnt make a choice soon they would all end up in that fancy weird italian restaurant that Manuel loved and she wanted to avoid that at all costs...unless the kid wanted italian. Then, there would be nothing to be done about as she always kept her word. What he chose, even if she didnt like it, would be the place they would go to.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((Back, I had a chemistry test.))

Seth listened quietly, feeling pressured to give an answer. He hadn't eaten out in years and years. He had always stayed home when the Rouders went out. He looked away as soon as the female officer glanced back at him and shrugged.

"I don't...I'm not really that hungry..." That was a lie, as he was really starving, but he didn't want to make any choices at the moment. The heat was comforting at least, and he huddled against the side of the car, forgetting to buckle.

At Manuel's insistence, Seth finally said in a small voice, "Anywhere I don't have to be around a bunch of other people...?" He bit his lip, not at all acting like a seventeen year old. But it wasn't his fault, not in any way. He didn't want to make either of the officers upset with him from not having much to say, or not picking a place out to go to.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments (( how did the exam go? ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Happy that Manuel had pushed him to continue to speak, Melody found herself looking at the road ahead with some hope of yet to reach Seth's real personality.
"I know just the place! And its so cheap you wouldnt be able to make me broke even if you ordered the menu ten thousand times" Manuel laughed at his own joke, clueless that poor Seth would probably not get it.
For her, it wad obvious they were headed to his step-sister's restaurant. It was small and not the most famous of places, but the food was divine and it came with a side dinning room reserved for family that connected to her own house. Perfect for the discretion they needed.
Manuel hit a button and suddenly the whole car was ringing the phone call awaiting tone.
"Hello?" Kika had a smokey voice that cracked when she spoke, there was no one who could not recognise her voice anywhere.
"Hey sissy, can we have the second dinning?" Manuel stayed focused on the road while speaking into the air. "Bring Mel or I wont feed you!" it was a hollow threat but it was an easy one.
"Yep, Im coming Kiki! And I have a guest shivering with me!" Melody said in direction of the wheel, as if that was the location of the microphone. "Mel!!" Kika answered "Good, I havent seen you in forever. I'll start warming up the soup and cooking the rest. Same as usual?" Kika enquired from the other end. Usual meant Kika could cook anything that crossed her mind and we made sure to finish it all.
"Yes please. Same as usual"

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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} "Okay," Seth mumbled, turning his head to stare out the window. He had no clue where they were going, and currently he didn't trust them a bit. What if they were just like every one else, pretending to be friendly only to get rid of him or dump him on someone else later? This was why he didn't want to trust anyone ever. You couldn't depend on a soul anymore.

He jumped at the sound of the call button, heart leaping into a racing pulse. It slowed a little when he realized he wasn't in danger, but he still was on alert. His fingers gripped the blanket tightly and he had to force himself to take deep breaths. Nothing was going to hurt him. No one was coming after him to hit him or beat him up. His face, normally a light chocolate brown color, had gone ashen gray and he tilted his chin down into the blanket, hoping no one would see his reaction. He was currently too distracted to really hear what they were saying.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} ((That's alright! If you are tired, go to sleep and take care of yourself! I'll be here when you're ready.))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments They drove for twenty minutes, Manuel driving just within the speed limits. Melody kept on making sure the car wasnt too hot and that Seth wasnt sweating yet at the back. He kept his blanket close around him so there was no way to know if the clothes underneath were completely dry but at least they should have to be less wet at this point.

Once they arrived, Manuel parked in the little spot right next to the main door. Opening Seth's door she gave him room to exit.

"Hey" Kika sprang into Melody's arms. After punching her half brother in the arm, she smiled at Seth and then proceeded at waving them in.

Without actually going inside, she ushered them by the side door, where the second dinning room was located. It was cozy, with only two tables and a huge window. One of the tables was filled with smokey food, enough for a small army, three plates awaiting to be dirtied.

"Enjoy!" Kika said to the three of them leaving them alone in the room. Before they had a chance to sit down though, her head popped back in just to tell them "And dont you leave me any leftovers!!"

"Thanks sissy!" Manuel yelled after her.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Seth was still overwhelmed with everything that had happened in the past little bit. He kept the blanket around himself as he climbed out of the cruiser. He didn't say anything to this new and "bouncy" woman, and most definitely didn't share the smile with her.

He followed them inside by the side door and glanced around. He went and sat down at a seat, positioning himself on the edge and watching them closely. Why did everyone have to yell so much? It hurt his ears and...scared him! He grimaced at it and sniffed at the food's scent. It smelled amazing, but he didn't want to go first.

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