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Julia McBryant (juliamcbryant) | 15 comments * Title: Dirty Little Secrets
* Author(s) name(s): Julia McBryant
* ISBN (or ASIN): B083TQYQQ5
* Publisher: self
* Publication date: Jan 31 2020
* Format: kindle ebook
* Description:
Daddy Ellis is lucky enough to have two boys. That's enough gay kink for anyone. But when Quinn — Quinn who sucked his thumb until 15, Quinn who sleeps with a bear, Quinn who cruises the toy aisles — mentions a certain superhero T-shirt and undie set he had as a kid, Ellis gets up the courage to mention some hot age play. Quinn would never go for it, right?
Baby boy shows up in bed with a book and a bear.
It's also been a long time since Ellis has been, um, on the receiving end. But Amory switches. Would Amory switch for him?
Amory will definitely switch for his daddy. And Amory's going to make Daddy beg.
The latest Southern Scandal short, which takes place the summer before the Christmas book, Dirty Little Secrets tells a series of short vignettes about what happens when Daddy asks for what he wants ... and gets it.

* Page count: 67
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