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Catwoman3434 ((here ))

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse sat up. He was shaking and looked pale. "They got me!"

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Isla screamed. "What?"

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "The zombies! They, gasp, almost, got, gasp, me.." he fell back onto the couch and groaned.

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Isla jumped from bed and rushed over to her bunk-mate. "Jesse! What do I need to do?"

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse opens his eyes. "I'm okay now, thanks Isla." he reaches up to feel her face. "Don't scowl like that. You'll get frown lines" Jesse laughs softly.

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Isla laughed. "I know. I won't scowl. Be more careful!" She smacked his arm hard.

((Are they just friends, or can they be more? Is Jesse in a relationship or will he be?))

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "Ouch" Jesse sits up and rubs his arm.

((I have no idea. He's not in a relationship and doesn't have plans for one. They can be together or close friends. Whatever you think will be good.))

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((What's his personality like? If they work well together then they could be more. If you'd, like that is. Isla's smart, serious, sarcastic, but sometimes rude when she's threatened or her fiends are threatened.))

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"Sorry, but you scared me." Isla softened and gripped Jesse in a hug.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) ((He's kind, funny, and down to earth. He's scared of zombies and to become one. He thinks he's weak and slows down everybody. They could be cool together.))

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "Jesus Isla, your scaring me now. When did you become a hugging person?"

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"Since you almost got yourself killed!" Isla said, smiling. "Jesse, you're my best friend--quite actually the only one I have. If you're dead, who can I tease?" Isla got up and put her hands on her hips.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse smiles "I'm your only friend? That warms my heart. I wish I could see if you're smiling." he sits up and walks to the counter, holding out his hands to feel around. He still wasn't used to this space. "Is there any food left?"

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"I think there's a granola bar." Isla said.

((Is he blind?))

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) ((Yeah, that's why he was feeling Isla's face))

"Well, that's a problem. Guess we're gonna have to go shopping." He finds the granola bar and tries to open it, failing miserably.


Deadpool | 141 comments Mod
"Can I come in?"

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse looks toward the door "What's the secret password?"

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Benji knocked on the door, standing next to Nick. "The secret password is we have food."


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"I don't know. Wait, is it Cheez-Its? Yeah, it has to be CheezIts. The secret password is Cheez-Its."


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"Benji! What are your pronouns today?"

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Catwoman3434 "and ice cream so just let us in" Hollis leans against the wall next to the door

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "He-him," Benji said. "Thank you for finally remembering to ask."

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "Ding dong your wrong. The password was 'Nick stinks'" he goes to the door and slowly unlocks one lock

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Catwoman3434 Hollis knocks on the door again "ok were coming in were not zombies" she paused "well I kind of am but you already know that" she takes out keys and unlocks the door

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Since when did you get the keys, Hollis?" Benji asked. He checked the spot on his belt where they usually were, only to find that the belt loop had snapped. "Oh."

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Catwoman3434 "yep" Hollis twirls the keys around her finger

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Well, that's nice." Benji said. His arm throbbed where the wound was, and it was beginning to look infected. He hoped nobody noticed.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "How would i know your not zombies? I've heard they're very good at pretending they sound human" Jesse steps out of the way. "We haven't even eaten breakfast yet."

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Exactly." Benji said, pulling off his backpack and digging through it. He hands Jesse a full package of Oreos. "Here ya go."

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Catwoman3434 Hollis stopped twirling the keys around her finger and froze. she pointed at Benji's arm "YOU HID THIS FROM US! YOU KNOW YOU COULD DIE RIGHT!" she put her hands on her face and groans before dragging Benji to the supply shed "there are the snacks and ice cream im going to take care of Benji because he won't take care of himself" she called to nick

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse holds package up to his nose. "Mmm.. nutritious!" he opens it and starts building a mega Oreo

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "What the- no!" Benji pulled away from Hollis. "I'm fine. I'll look at it later. For now, we have to make sure nobody starves."

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Catwoman3434 "We have enough food your safety is more important!" Hollis snaps back before getting in front of Benji "besides that Nick will make sure of that" she nods to Nick

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "Aww. You care about me Benji?" he goes to where he thinks Benji is . "That's so sweet."

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Catwoman3434 "that's me Jesse" Hollis says correcting Jesse

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "It was on purpose! I'm going to hug you anyway." he hugs Hollis "can you point me in the direction of Benji? I need to hug him too." he wispers.

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "It's not that I care, it's that the more of us we have, the more likely we are to survive." Benji said tartly. "I'm telling you that I'm fine. Worse has happened."

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Catwoman3434 "yea" Hollis leads him to Benji "its infected were going whether you like it or not" Hollis gives Benji a look saying were going now

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "Jesse uses hug attack!" he hugs Benji "It is effective."

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Isla watched the scene unfolding in front of her. "Jesse. . ." Isla didn't know what to do next.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse looks to her. "Hey Isla! Want some Oreos?" he gives the package to her. "They're not that stale and the creme's still good!"

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dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Benji shot Hollis a look back that said absolutley not. "Look," he said angrily. "There are more important things to do here than fix a scratch on my arm."

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Catwoman3434 Hollis smiles and helps lead Jesse back to Isla "there now me and Benji are leaving. you know the drill if zombies attack" she looks and Nick before walking over to Benji "come on we're going" she grabs his sleeve and drags him along

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Benji groans. "Fine." he mutters.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) "See ya later zombie gater!"

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Benji walked towards the medical center with Hollis. He wasn't used to having people care about him. Suddenly, he stopped and turned around. "I need a weapon. Anybody got a knife?"

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Isla took an Oreo from Jesse. "Thanks." He voice was quiet and she put her arm on Jesse's shoulder.

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Jesse was in the middle of stuffing his mega Oreo in his mouth "Mufemmdj!"

dagger [bing bong] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Benji shrugged and walked to the supply trailer. "Guess not."

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