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The beautiful gazebo, a fairytale dome with velvet upholstered furniture within, is known to be the site of romantic assignations, first kisses, break-ups and make-ups. The soft gold silk cushions seem to be charged with romantic energy.

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Crow | 44 comments (For Realmwalker-Hannah)

Lucas strolled or stumbled out of Farrow hall, depending on how one looked at it. He had just woken up, and from what he could tell it was mid-day. He'd been up far to late last night. He'd been trying to catch up on some of the work that was due Monday, tomorrow. He had a habit of putting of most of his work till the last minute and every time he damned himself for it. He wouldn't stop though, he'd rather spend his week days as he did. Working his ass off on stuff he cared about. He hadn't managed to claw his way up captain on the fencing team for the third year in a row without hard work.

His suit had a slightly rumpled look to it. The sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up lazily and the jacket having been left in his room. He ran a hand through his hair disheveling it further, a yawn escaping his lips as he walked. He reached up to his neck to loosened the tie around his neck only to find that he'd left in his room along with his jacket. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he looked down at where his tie would've been. It was obvious that he was far too tired to function properly. At best he had maybe gotten four hours of sleep in the past two days. The work he had put off for far too long being due the next day wasn't a happy thought.  He blinked his eyes again adjusting to the light, it was far brighter out in the open than it had been in his room.

With another yawn he took another step out into the open, barely watching where he stepped. He needed some fresh air, he hated being cooped up for too long and he felt like he'd been in there for the past century. 

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, a slight exasperated sigh escaped his lips as he pulled it out of his pocket flipping through what seemed like thousands on notifications. He'd missed four parties he'd said he'd be at. His friends had probably started to think he had crawled away to die somewhere. He stuffed the phone back in his pocket not even bothering to look at them all, he'd go through them later when he wasn't about to die. He turned into the gazebo, flashing a smirk at two younger students. They tended to stay out of his way, out of all the thirteenth years way. A small reward for having been here thirteen damned years, all of which he had varying degrees of hate and love for. He was glad he wouldn't be here much longer, he had finally gotten to his last year. A feat that he sometimes doubted he'd ever accomplish but he'd done it. Absentmindedly his eyes wandered over the gazebo, taking in the spot. In his younger years he'd spent a lot of time studying under the roof of the small shelter. He hadn't in years but it brought back some memories.

He was so caught up with the thoughts rushing through his brain that he hadn't been paying much attention to his surroundings, and the sleep derivation didn't help. Without a warning he crashed into her, causing him to forcefully pull himself back to reality. He stumbled a little bit, his eyes scanned the girl as he tried to remember her name to use in his apology. "Sorry didn't see you there." He said his signature grin spreading across his face, even in his exhausted state he knew how to lay on the charm.

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Soft Key | 125 comments [ Crow - Lucas ]

The House of Winchester was full of arrogant, cock-sucking, stuck-up twats. Hannah was pissed to be in such a disgusting place. She only got one problem wrong when helping a fellow house member! One!

The residents in the “most intelligent house”, were also “most cockwad, dry, and spiteful house” of the academy! Pah! They were such idiots when it came to social cues. Hannah admits, she was like that, but only because she chose to be oblivious to the drama around her. Hell, up until a few days ago, she had no idea this place had It girls . It disturbed her.

It made her even more disturbed when someone in the house said she should be one of them herself. Pah! They were so, rude! Everyone in that dammed house were in the stereotypical nerd groupings! Except more rude and arrogant! They were all the same, highly intelligent with a bit of, problems.
They had it out for her because she was, and she quotes, “Nothing but a dumb pretty girl.” PAH!
Hannah admits, her family had a slight streak of being less in the intelligent side. She was in fact the first of the Xith family to be in any other house other than Farrow.
Hannah! Stop getting side tracked!
Breathe. Collect yourself.

They, treated her so differently. All because she just wanted to help. All because it was a “mistake” that she was placed in Winchester. Again, Pah.
She was so much more than a pretty face. Hannah just wants everyone to see tha-

The moment someone collided with the timid girl, her thoughts scattered. A huff escaped her as she regained her balance and gathered herself. With an apology forming in her throat, she lifted her head. Then the boy spoke.
“Sorry didn’t see you there.”

Hannah blinked a few times, letting her eyes adjust enough to recognize who spoke. Oh shit.
Prefect Lucas Carlston Oh fuck off.

“You’re fine. I was in la-la land.” Hannah spoke, not really wanting to start something with him of all people.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas' eyes continued to scan her face as he searched for her name. His eyes lit up slightly when he remembered, Hannah Xith. He remembered there had been quite a stir about her a couple years back. Everyone had seemed to think she'd get into Farrow, and when she'd been placed in Winchester the school had been buzzing with it. Though it had been a long time since then. 

He had never talked to Hannah much, her having been sorted into Winchester and him to Farrow. Save for maybe a quick word if they passed each other in the hall he had barely acknowledged her existence. He rarely talked to lower classmen but he had nothing better to do at the moment. 

His grin widened slightly, his eyes sparkling with amusement as he heard her talk of being in la-la land. "We both were." He said shrugging. "I think I might have been there a moment too long." He chuckled, ignoring the slight vibration of his phone. Whoever it was could wait. "She's annoyed." He thought his eyes still flickering over her face. "Actually she's definitely more than annoyed." 

He let his smile slowly morph into a smirk as he shoved his hands into his pockets. He was intrigued, a feeling he rarely felt for anyone at the school. "So." He said, nodding to the general direction she'd come from. "What did they do to piss you off." It was a wild stab in the dark, one he didn't fully expect to pay off. He wasn't quite sure she was really made at anyone or everyone. This school had a tendency to get on one's nerves, or at least it had that effect on Lucas.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah’s colorful eyes remained on the wonder boy himself. A scoff left her lips as she shook her head, a strand of hair escaping her loose bun. Oh, the only reason why she stayed in the Winchester House was because of his group. Ohh how they grind her gears. They got to her sometimes. Never showed it, well, not that much anyway.

Hannah never bothered herself with their petty breakups and parties. They were, disruptive to her. Rude. Tried to have her crawling to the Farrow House because of her family.

Pathetic actions.

So, the moment Lucas spoke again, the muscle in her cheek ticked. A groan escaped her as she rubbed the side of her neck. “Nothing.” She said softly, her voice quiet and soft, as usual. “Just had a practice squall with my Spanish translator. Darn things are ignorant.” She hummed, taking a moment to make sure she didn’t loose anything before continuing to walk.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas grin slowly morphed into a small smirk, the left corner of his mouth curled upwards as his eyes followed the girl. He wasn't quite used to people dismissing so quickly. Not many had the standing in the schools hierarchy to dismiss him. So he started off after her, and quickly fell into step beside her.

"You're in quiet a hurry." He said, his eyes scanning the courtyard and the nearby buildings. "It's a Sunday last time I checked, so what is there to hurry to?" He grinned again, as his eyes landed on a group of fellow Farrow house students stumbling out of one of the buildings. They obviously had been up late last night as well, though probably having more fun than he had.

Farrow House sure knew how to have fun. The school through all the so called popular kids into one house, so it wasn't surprising that most of it's members tended to through parties ever weekend. Lucas was used to most of Farrow House being as good as dead by Monday.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah’s eyes remained foreword, unbothered by him. Her lips parted as she prepared to speak. When a group of Farrow’s passed, she paused, holding her words. She knew some of them, of course. She knew a lot of people. Just didn’t remember their names. Only their faces.

The moment they passed she sighed. “Oh, this isn’t me rushing, this is me at my normal pace. Or when I’m trying to find a peaceful place to sm-“ she stuttered and corrected herself. “Study.” She shook her head. “I’m guessing you did what other Farrow’s have been up to? Partying non-stop until you drop, and wake up very-“ she waved a hand at him. “Messy? Tired?” She said.

“Or do you just have nothing better to do than bother little ol’ me with your fucking nonsense.” Damn. Somebody definitely got to her if she was snapping like that. No one ever heard the female speak in such a way, or curse for that matter.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas smirked again rolling his eyes lazily at one of his friends who had waved at him from the crowd. He knew every single one of them and they knew him. Everyone seemed to like Lucas, or at least the majority seemed to. It feed his ego till the point it was just about to burst, but he had never prided himself on being humble.

"Why don't you finish that sentence the way you intended it." He said his gaze turning back to Hannah and away from the Farrow kids. "I don't think you really meant study when you said it." His smirk lessening as amusement gave way to honest curiosity.

"As for the partying I'd say most people enjoy a night to forget about that they go to this hell-hole." His grin returned, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. "And for me bothering you, perhaps I really don't have anything better to do." He shrugged nonchalantly as if he didn't really care were he was at the moment.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah scowled and waved a hand at him. “Intended? Pah! Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t smoke.” She said, and the words have sort’ve a harshness to him. She was daring him to challenge her word. Her eyes narrowed, the slight anger that broke through just repeated the same thing. Try me. You don’t know what I’m capable of.

Really, nobody knew what the small girl was able to do. Nobody knew she knew majority and of the pressure points in the body, and certain nerves she could hit that’s could break someone.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas laughed at her sudden ferocity, a good clear laugh of surprise. "Smoke?" He paused grinning "I don't think I ever said you did." He stood the grin still growing across his face. She a little more fire to her than he'd originally thought, maybe they had made a mistake placing her in Winchester. "So not only do you have claws, you know how to have a little fun too."

She certainty had surprised him, who knew a Winchester could be so entertaining? Normally he might have been a little intimidated by the girl, but with a lack of sleep comes a diminished sense of self preservation.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah scoffed and looked around for a moment. “Sonnova bitch.” She muttered, “What do you want, seriously.’ She grumbled. When he didn’t answer she narrowed her eyes. “I don’t smoke any more,” she pushed up her sleeve, revealing a nicotine patch. “Well, I try not to. When I’m stressed I have to-“ she cut herself off and rubbed her head. “Seriously, Lucas what the hell d you want.”

Usually, Hannah wouldn’t be so, snappy. But today really wasn’t her day. Too much has happened, and it’s to the point where her usual positivity has turned into a noticeable “fuck off” energy.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas just shrugged again as he stifled a yawn. "At the moment I don't think I want anything in particular." He honestly didn't know why he'd fallowed her. Normally he wouldn't have paid her a secound glance but today he'd done quite the opposite.

"And you certainty don't have to justify your smoking habit to me." He said his grin now little more than a frown. He wasn't used to the prickliness of the girls attitude. People at Farrow tended to try to keep the Prefect in their good graces for know one knew quite how far you could push Lucas.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah didn’t give two shits of who was what. She held little respect for the Head people, Prefects, and all that shit. Just as long as they didn’t fuck with her, she kept quiet.
He just chose a reallll bad time to talk.

“Then buzz off.” She snapped. Seriously, it wasn’t a good time for her. So the moment she stopped at a table and dropped her stuff on it, she looked up at him. “Don’t think I’ll suck up to you just because your a Prefect for Farrow. I don’t give two shits.”

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas chuckled quietly as his gaze scanned the courtyard. "I think I'll do just that before I find a knife in my side." He said his usual grin barely present on his face. Hannah had certainty caught him off guard. "I'll see you around Xith." He said turning away from her and started to make his way back to the Farrow dorms. "Oh and a little advice I wouldn't try to scare off anyone that tries to talk to you." He grinned again as he said it.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah rose her brows slightly and chuckled. She lifted her head and smiled. “Only for you.” She said with a sweet tone, an innocent gleam in her eyes as she offered a smile. It dropped after a few moment and she took the band from her wrist and used it to tie her hair back. Her fingers twitched as she quickly formed a bun with her hair, tucking away loose strands.

“Really though, I don’t understand how you people just stand those who frolic to you.” Hannah hummed. “I myself can’t stand it when it happens..” she trailed off.

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Crow | 44 comments Lucas turned, the crooked grin still gracing his light face. "Ohh so now you want to talk." He took a couple steps back towards her, amusement sparkling in his sea blue eyes. He stopped a yard away from her leaning against the wall, his arms crossing over his chest. "Popularity has it's uses." He said shrugging. "Half these kids are heirs of fortunes large enough to buy this school and companies that run the country." He ran a hand through his hair as he yawned for what had must've been the millionth time.

His family may have been owed a seat on the House of Lords, but they could always use more connections. Popularity wasn't optional for him, not with his father always breathing down his back. "Connections help in life, you might try building some of your own."

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Soft Key | 125 comments Hannah shot him a look, her fingers finding loose strands to push away. A low hum leaving her as he spoke. “Very true-“ she chuckled, her lips curled into a smile just for a bit. “It’s tiring though. Too much effort.” Her face scrunched up with disgust. A scowl. “Keeping up with people who give zero shits about you? Too much energy.” She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t particularly want to end up as tired as you seem.” She added. Yes, Hannah admits she has a shit tone of energy, but she wastes it on keeping up with her studies and teams. It was, tiring. The people in her house only added more onto her back, and quiet honestly, she was too tired to deal with the bullshit of fake friends. “I don’t really see how you do well.”

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