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Full Name:
Age You Died:
Year You Died:

Born Gender:
Gender Orientation:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:



Why have you not moved on to the afterlife?:

Biography: (including life before death, cause of death, what you have been doing sinc you died)

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Soft Key | 125 comments Attachment Spirit

Full Name: Vicinia (VIN-SIN-KNEE-AH) Ashwood

[ Age of Death [ 35
[ Year Of Death [ 1716

[ Born [ Female, February 4th, 1681
[ Gender [ Female
[ S.O [ Bisexual
[ R. S [ Widowed

Strength: High

[ Fc: [ Rachel Samstag


Vicinia is a, vindictive, person. Easily she can make her enemies beg to be spared for their mistakes. At the time, there used to be legends of an evil spirit that looked over the men who caused unneeded harm to their wives.

Why have you not moved on to the afterlife: “I̸ ̸m̴u̵s̸t̵ ̷w̷a̷t̶c̷h̵ ̷a̵n̸d̸ ̷m̶a̶k̶e̸ ̷s̶u̶r̸e̵ ̷m̸y̸ ̵k̴i̶n̵ ̴d̴o̵e̶s̴ ̵n̴o̵t̸ ̵m̵e̵e̵t̶ ̸t̶h̵e̸ ̷f̶a̶t̶e̷ ̶I̴ ̷o̷n̶c̸e̷ ̵d̸i̵d̵.̵ ̸“


I was once happily married. I had a newborn that was sheer beauty, and a young son who had the complex of a god. My marriage had been one of joy, and pure love. Demetrus was the name of my husband. He was the most handsome man in my village. Most beloved and sought after of every maiden, wedded or not. Demetrus was indeed beautiful. With beautiful locks of curled hair, the color of corn silk. His face looked as if it had been sculpted by the gods themself. With narrow eyes that held the color of the deepest part of the oceans.
From years of hard work, the skin of his hands were calloused and scarred. Yet when they held our children they were soft and warm. Even if he was a brutal mercenary, Demetrus was gentle for I and his children. Like a teddy bear.

Nobody every believed me when I said those were the same hands that had pushed glass through my throat. Had murdered his own wife. Kilt me.

We had just celebrated our sixteenth year of loving one another. Sixteen years. I would’ve never believed you in those years if you were to say why I died.
Demetrus was drunk. Having celebrated a little too much. I’d done a single thing to make him mad. Dropped his glass of whiskey on his shoes.
One moment I was picking up pieces of glass, and the next... He was on top of me. I can remember everything so clearly. It scared me when I felt something tear through the muscles of my abdomen. It scared me when I realized what he was doing. He was killing me.
Everything he did to me was, startling. The next morning though, when they found what state I was left in, there was, much to see.

Since death, I’ve been watching my family move on. Year after year, and so centuries pass while I stay in stilled time. Not allowing myself to have another death due to insolent marriage.
That is, until she saw the actions of the young, Becklin Michell Winsh.

[ I. M. I [
. Becklin is a very distant relative of her’s. Yet they two share blood. By choice, she allowed herself to be seen by the child.

.The shards of glass her husband stuck in her is something she never bothered to rid of. Every time she passed anything with glass, windows, China, eyewear, they rattle ever so slightly and become dis-colored. When she touches it, it shatters.

[ First Encounter

“What is your name! Speak you-“ Becklin cried. It was a sad sight to see, the blonde girl that acted so much like her beloved Demetrus. To see her grandchild cowering from her mere presence made something ache in her hollowed chest. So, she revealed herself, speaking the name that was never uttered for many, many years.
“ M̶y̷ ̶n̶a̷m̸e̵ ̶y̸o̴u̶ ̶a̶s̵k̶ ̷o̸f̵,̵ ̴i̶s̶ ̴V̶i̸c̷i̸n̶i̵a̶ ̷A̶s̵h̵w̵o̴o̴d̵.̶.”

description/ description/

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Did you mean to spell it Vincinia then, given the pronunciation? I'm just curious. :) Anyway, there are commas in inappropriate places and you keep jumping from first to third person in the bio, which is a little jarring, but I cannot actually find anything wrong with her character, so I will approve her. Just try to keep these things in mind.

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Soft Key | 125 comments Oop- I’ll edit that a bit! Thank you for the heads up. I really need to work on that a bit, my apologizes though. And for the spelling, no. It’s like that. It’s an odd thing, yes. I kind’ve made the name a bit after one of my, older characters I made a few years back >3>

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Snatcher wrote: "Oop- I’ll edit that a bit! Thank you for the heads up. I really need to work on that a bit, my apologizes though. And for the spelling, no. It’s like that. It’s an odd thing, yes. I kind’ve made th..."

Vicinia is approved! I'm so, so sorry for the delay!

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