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Calla Reviews كالا | 93 comments Mod
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Csilla | 28 comments Mod
Nous sommes trois, ca a l'aire. Je suis bien contante.

I have a sentence for us to discuss, if you are up for it.
'J'eprouve tant de chagrin a raconter ces souvenirs.'
I was a bit baffled, because, for one thing, there are words here I am not familiar with (couldn't he just written that he was sad instead of 'experiencing sorrow'), but mostly, about how 'tant' is supposed to be used. I get the gist, but I find the structure confusing.
(And so I went on but decided to delete half of my musings for your benefit.)

I am also wondering, is Saint-Exupery had Aspergers - or was on the autism disorder spectrum, if you are one of those people who think DSM-5 is the Holy Bible. (it is not. it is written by fallible humans... just like the Bible... ahh never mind)

I am at chapter 7. How is it going for you?

Calla Reviews كالا | 93 comments Mod
Csilla wrote: "Nous sommes trois, ca a l'aire. Je suis bien contante.

I have a sentence for us to discuss, if you are up for it.
'J'eprouve tant de chagrin a raconter ces souvenirs.'
I was a bit baffled, because..."

I think the sentence may have been written that way because the book is fairly older. I think it was written around 1943. So the way people spoke may have been a bit different.

Im not sure I follow this train of thought
(I am also wondering, is Saint-Exupery had Aspergers). What makes you believe he has a disorder?

I am on chapter 4 but hope to clear more today :) I feel like a need a dual language petit prince but I am trucking along.

Csilla | 28 comments Mod
There is no connection between the phrase and my feeling that he had Asperger's, so you didn't miss the train, there was none. ;) I think it's mostly because of the way he treats social interactions. Neurotypicals are super intuitive and they handle other people with ease. They wouldn't really presume a random stranger would guess the meaning of their childhood drawing about a closed boa. Saint-Exupery can behave as expected, he can say the right things, but he feels that he is different. And the little prince is him again. Being a weird introspective child with no social skills, living in his own world. Autism is labeled as a disorder but it is really just a different way of thinking, with the side effect of social difficulties, and I think it fits the bill.

Ne lâches pas! Tu est capable! What's your reading strategy? You can skip words you don't know and just read to get the meaning. You could read just 10 minutes before bed or during breakfast (or am I the only one barbaric enough to read through a meal? Lol) a little goes a long way, you don't have to set aside an hour.

Calla Reviews كالا | 93 comments Mod
hmm, very interesting connection. As psych major, I missed the connection but then again the book itself it tough reading.

I've been reading in my very spare time, but am putting together a schedule. It seems the more I read in french the better my comprehension of the meanings get. I hope to finish this book before Monday.

I have also found it on YouTube with audio an am planning on going through that after I finish the book.

How is your reading coming along?

Csilla | 28 comments Mod
I'm done. Had a good cry.

My favorite planet is the one with the drunk. These is something so true about his reasoning. A vicious cycle, but it has its (sad and fucked-up) logic. Which planet resonated with you the most?

Is the rose emotionally abusive? Assuming she survived for a year on her own, should we believe that they will have a better relationship now? Because the little prince realized that she is special for the time he put into her.... Which sounds more like a reasoning to stay in an abusive relationship. The rose will still be complaining and demanding and lying as always. And the little prince will endure anything for love's sake? That's the plan... And the message this book wants to send?

The fox is the best of course. The embodiment of the famous quote 'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.' would we do that though, if we knew the relationship has a short expiration date? It's like jumping headfirst into a shallow pool. I still love the fox though. He makes a conscious choice and lives with it. Plus, he is the one saying the most famous quotes from the book, and distracts the limelight from the rose.

Also, I know it's a 'grande personne' kind of thing to say but I don't trust Saint-Exupery regarding his introduction to the planet. 2 billion people would fit in a 1200x1200 square? And he didn't even use units! 1200 - meters? That's still more than 1000 person /sqm. He was a pilot for God's sake, he should have been able to calculate. Plus a number without a unit of measurement is worthless. Trust me, I'm an engineer. ;)

What do you think Calla, psychology major? These questions should be right up in your alley. Except for the last one.

Calla Reviews كالا | 93 comments Mod
Je n'ai pas fini. Je suis desolee.

Csilla | 28 comments Mod
Calla wrote: "Je n'ai pas fini. Je suis desolee."
C'est pas grave, n'inquiète toi pas.
En tout façon, we didn't start it in the beginning of January.
Tu vas y arriver.

Calla Reviews كالا | 93 comments Mod
ah, this book has such a tinge of sadness and isolation(loneliness)
I wonder why the Prince only seemed to run into one entity on each planet? Those entities seemed to be isolated and alone. Why did the Prince have no companion on his journey? The book is filled with a sense of sorrow and loss. (I could be projecting :) )

I truly wonder if this was Exupery's way of dealing with his loneliness and Isolation. Perhaps a depressive episode he was going through at the time.

Did the Prince die at the end? it may be my mis-translation but something about the ending of the book made me feel the Prince died.

Okay enough of my musings on to camus

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