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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fantasy romance book about a witch who accidentally creates a double of herself who helps her find love

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Liberty Hayward | 1 comments So i originally found this book around 13 years ago when i was about 12. It was above my reading level, and i found it in the fantasy section at my library. I found it because at the time i had just read a young adult fantasy book that i believe would have been about vampires or werewolves and was intrested in finding more work by the author. It was WEIRD and I've been looking for it for like 10 years.
It takes place in a modern setting, and the main character is the eldest of I think three. The women in the family are witches of some sort, I'm not sure of the wording. But they all had specific abilities. All except her. The one day she develops one that i think was someyhing along the lines of being able to wish things into existence. With this power she accidentally creates a double of herself *SPOILERS AHEAD* and the double helps her navigate life with her new powers and also find love I guess? It ends with the main character telling the guy she is seeing about her powers and he leaves her, and then she tells her double something like "it was you all along!" And they walk off holding hands or kiss or something. If anyone had heard of anything like this please let me know, it's starting to seem like a fever dream.

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Kris | 34381 comments Mod
Liberty, can we eliminate Warrior by Marie Brennan?

How is the copy/doppelganger different from the heroine?

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