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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children/YA Fantasy Series from maybe ‘90s - Main character has slave brand, Christian themes

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Deborah Vandenberg | 4 comments I read some of a book in this fantasy series (probably the first book) at a friend’s house before 2010, but I don’t think the books were new, possibly published in the 90s or before. There were at least 3 books in the series and I’m pretty sure the one I started had a campfire on the cover with a ring of children dancing around it. In my fuzzy memory, the cover art style was similar to John White’s Anthropos books.

I don’t remember much of the plot, just that the main character was a young boy (I think) who was/had been a slave and still had a slave brand, maybe on his hand? Other children (maybe ex-slaves or orphans or just homeless - I can’t remember) had their brands healed by a Jesus-analogue character, but the main character resisted.

Pretty sure this series was written by a Christian author, as the themes in it were heavily Christian. I know none of this is much to go on but I’ve been wondering what series this was for years and years. And I can’t contact the friend who owned them for any answers.

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Deborah Vandenberg | 4 comments Bump, as I'm still looking for this book. I'd really love to find it.

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