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message 1: by Lala, owner (new)

Lala BooksandLala (booksandlala) | 71 comments Mod
Hi I'm Kayla. I hate long walks on the beach, but love a good, scary book.

I'd love for you to tell us your name, favourite thriller(s), and perhaps...most despised thriller? haha no spoilers please!

message 2: by Allie (new)

Allie Emch | 1 comments Hi I'm Allie. I'm not the best at deciphering genres so I mix up horror and thriller a lot. My opinion of favorite thriller changes a lot...right now I think maybe I'd say The Collector by John Fowles (I hope that would be considered a thriller) and my most despised is definitely Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. That books ending gets me heated and ruined the whole book for me.

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol Scott (binary-choice) | 2 comments Hi there, I'm Carol. My favorite thriller is The Girl on the Train, but I'm trying to get back into reading so that might change as I keep reading new stuff.

I have to agree with Allie, I hate Orient Express. It was one of the books that made me lose interest in reading.

message 4: by Josh (last edited Jan 28, 2020 08:12AM) (new)

Josh Hedgepeth (jjosh_h) | 6 comments Hi I'm Josh. I'm a graduate student in London Ontario. I love all sorts of books but horror is one of my favorites, so I'd like to read anything in that category (preferably supernatural/demonic).
I also do a book blog and am working on starting my own channel too!

message 5: by Hope Elizabeth (new)

Hope Elizabeth Anderson (HopelessBookAddict) (hopelessbookaddict2020) | 7 comments Hello I'm Hope and I am so excited for this group! I love thrillers I have too many faves to list! I am excited to get started and meet you all!

message 6: by Neath/Maddie (new)

Neath/Maddie | 3 comments Hi I’m Neath. I’m from Cambodia. I love going for drives with the windows down.

My most favorite thrillers so far are Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

My most despised thriller is, without a doubt, The Woman in Cabin is 10. It was painfully slow. I’d have long rant right now if I were to describe my feelings about this book hahaha.

Looking forward to loving/hating books together!

message 7: by Kai (new)

Kai Van (blackcatkai) | 3 comments I'm Kai! I like thrillers, but I always find I dont read nearly enough of them. I've really enjoyed You, Turn of the Key, & the YA thriller Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams. I'm not 100% sure if it really IS a thriller? but I really didnt like I'm Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid. Though I did love the writing. I'm so excited to find more thrillers/horror to read!

message 8: by Hope Elizabeth (new)

Hope Elizabeth Anderson (HopelessBookAddict) (hopelessbookaddict2020) | 7 comments Oh and I'm from Chattanooga, Tennessee!

GabbyGetsReading (gabby_giggles) | 7 comments Hi! I'm gabby :) My favorite thriller as of now is No Exit! My favorite genre of thrillers are psychological thrillers. I love thinking one way and then the book takes my mind on a "gotcha" spin. Something I hate is when the twist become a million twists in one, like the author couldn't pick one so they use all of them and the twist loses its effect.

Super excited to try out some more thriller/mysteries though :)

message 10: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Johnson | 1 comments Hi, I’m Kristen. Thrillers are my favorite genre to read, and I don’t really have just 1 favorite. I can’t wait to get started reading and discussing with you all!

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Moore (asarahmoore) | 2 comments Hi I’m Sarah! My favorite thriller has to be The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor. I still think about that last chapter all the time. It was truly a shocker. As for my most despised I’ll have to go with Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. It just felt too ridiculous and not in a fun way.

message 12: by Kate (new)

Kate (pagesprose) | 2 comments Hey ya'll, I'm Kate! I have to admit, I'm very new to thrillers...2019 was the first year I really dove into the genre! I read (and loved) Pretty Girls and Final Girls! I'm also a huge Stephen King fan! Two thrillers I did NOT like was A Simple Favor and She Was the Quiet One. I'm so excited to dive deeper into this genre with this book club!!

message 13: by ems (new)

ems (barelyreading) Hello I’m Emma and I don’t think I’ve ever read a true thriller but hopefully that changes with this bookclub ❤️

message 14: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan | 9 comments Hi, I’m Siobhan! I love horror books a lot, and mystery/thriller almost as much. My current favorite horror author is Grady Hendrix, and my favorite book by him is probably We Sold Our Souls which is about a metal band who made a deal with the devil.

As for thrillers, I’m newer to the genre so I’ve really been enjoying Riley Sager and Ruth Ware recently, though I’ve read others like Gone Girl in the past. I’m excited to have this open up my eyes to some new thriller authors. I don’t have a booktube channel, but I do write reviews weekly on my blog!

message 15: by Donna (new)

Donna Hi Kayla and everyone. I am Peridona Palimpsest on YouTube. I do not make videos, but try to support the many YouTuber creatives, BookTubers, and AuthorTubers that I can. I have been a mystery lover all of my life, but tend to read less thrillers and suspense, and not many horror books as the best ones that may interest me that are recommended by BookTubers are not carried by my library. Therefore, I will read what I can during the year. I did like 'Lock Every Door' by Riley Sager in 2019 and 'Tangerine' by Christine Mangan in 2018. Look forward to this new endeavor in 2020.

message 16: by Lauren (new)

Lauren L (larenbook) | 7 comments Hey guys I’m Lauren! Super excited for this book club, I think it’s going to be so much fun. As of right now my most recent thriller I read was No Exit, and so it’s just really sticking in my head right now because that book was a RIDE.

message 17: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn Roesler | 1 comments Hey all! My name’s Jordyn and my favorite thriller is Verity by Colleen Hoover - but if you don’t consider that to be a thriller, I’ll go with Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris! Least favorite thriller that comes to mind is probably Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. So excited for this book club!! Thanks Queen Kayla for all your prep work :)

message 18: by Meg (new)

Meg (meghamz) Hey! I'm Meg.. the craziest of cat ladies.
I've discovered so many new favs since finding Kayla's channel several years ago.. it's nearly impossible to pick just one so here's a few!
Lets start with my all time favorite Lala recommendation. Hands down, BIRD BOX! I discovered Josh Malerman through Books&Lala and I love her forever for it lol!
Lets see.. what else? Oh! I preferred Sharp Objects over Gone Girl.. don't come for me. LOL
My favorite Stephen King will forever be Bag of Bones and my favorite thriller I never hear anyone talk about is probably Hater by David Moody or Creepers by David Morell.
I love book clubs and I'm so happy to be apart of yours!

message 19: by Sara (last edited Jan 22, 2020 09:33PM) (new)

Sara (sky5angel) | 4 comments Hi Lovely people, Am so excited... this is amazing. My name is Sara,
I love Seanan Mcguire and Brandon Sanderson.
My favourite thrillers are The kind worth killing, Sharp Objects and am currently reading Pretty girls ( never read a book like this one, but i think it will make my favourites list). Am into kpop(BTS) and I work with troubled youth in The Netherlands.
I dont hate books, i just dnf the book if i dont enjoy it.
I cant wait.

message 20: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Smith | 1 comments Hi, I'm Ashley :). I'm a sucker for anything Stephen King but my favorite thrillers I've read recently are The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn and No Exit by Taylor Adams. Was not at all a fan of An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena. I'm probably not joining in on the February pick, but I'm excited to see what's chosen for the rest of the year!

message 21: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Roark | 10 comments Hi, my name is Kristen.
I’m still pretty new to reading thrillers so I don’t think I’ve quite found a favorite yet. I’m really looking forward to reading more though and having people to discuss them with.

message 22: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (possiblydylan) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Dylan. My favorite thriller is probably Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer. I haven't read that many thrillers and don't really hate any yet so I might have to get back to y'all on that one 😅

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

My name is Christine. I recently started a booktube channel called Booking It. I am trying to immerse myself in the book community. I love thriller/suspense/mystery books. So far my favorite thriller is The End of Temperance Dare by Wendy Webb.

message 24: by ariel (new)

ariel (arielreadss) | 1 comments Hey everyone!! I’m Ariel, and I love reading genres of all types! I tend to love horror movies, so I’m trying to get more into thriller/mystery books. My favorite thriller is “No Exit,” by Taylor Adams 😵! But my least favorite was “Turn of the Key,” by Ruth Ware 😬

message 25: by Teresa Russell (new)

Teresa Russell | 1 comments hellooo, I’m Teresa and I love everything spooky but I don’t think I’ve ever read an actual thriller! I am very excited for this book club to start and I can’t wait to pick up February’s read!

message 26: by Lenka (new)

Lenka (ohana) Hi, my name is Lenka and I love my cat.

I dont read a lot of thrillers, but lately one I really enjoyed was The Body reader by Anne Frasier, really nice psychology of the main character.
Couple I hated were The Girl on the train and Gone girl. And now you all hate me. :D

I also have a booktube channel but I only make videos in czech, so I am pretty sure, none of you could actually watch me.

message 27: by Maria (new)

Maria | 2 comments hi everyone! my name is maria and i am very new to thrillers but i think my favorite is a tie between My Lovely Wife and Dark Matter - both were 5 stars for me! i live in the states with my beagle puppy and my tabby cat. i’m super excited about this book club!

message 28: by Gina (new)

Gina Cordero (gina_levihoo) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Gina. I’m from Costa Rica so it is a little difficult for me to get the books but I will try my best. My favorite thriller is the basic Gone Girl and I think that the one I don’t like is One of Us is Lying.

message 29: by Debi (new)

Debi | 2 comments Hi, I’m Debi, Thrillers are my favorite genre. I don’t think I have 1 in particular that’s my favorite. Can’t wait to get started.

message 30: by Angela (new)

Angela (xchra) | 1 comments Hey y'all, I'm Angela! I love a good thriller or horror, but I'm def too chicken to ever read one in the dark. A really good thriller I read recently was 'A Dark Lure' by Loreth Anne White. It was a surprisingly good mix of fast-paced action and slow ranch living. Can't wait to read and discuss books with everyone :)

message 31: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurnea) | 1 comments Hi! I’m Laura. I don’t read a lot of thrillers so this book club is a good way to get me reading more of them because out of the ones I’ve read, I have enjoyed quite many. I can’t pinpoint a favourite though. I’m excited to be a part of this book club!

message 32: by Mehrnaz (new)

Mehrnaz Siavoshi (readbymer) | 4 comments Hi friends :)
My favorite thriller is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. It was an instant 5 star

message 33: by Claudia (new)

Claudia | 13 comments Hi I am Claudia, a German living in New Zealand and I am very excited for this.

This is hard, but some of my favourite thrillers are:
Betrayal by Gwen Hunter
The Collector by John Fowler
Headhunter by Jo Nesbo
Plugged by Eoin Colfer
Before I go to sleep by S. J. Watson

And I am sorry if I upset some people but thrillers I didn't like are:
The lovely bones by Alice Sebold
Jack and Jill by James Patterson

I could name many more but keen to see what others think.

message 34: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Grenier (illustratorsam) | 1 comments Hello, I’m Samantha, and I’m a product of New Hampshire, USA. I just read the Southern Reach trilogy (Jeff VanderMeer) last year, and scenes from each book ebb their way into my thoughts more often than I’d like, so I’d say it’s a pretty good Sci-Horror series. I have Borne on my TBR, but I’m scared because “BEAR”.

message 35: by Jaimie (new)

Jaimie | 1 comments Hey ya'll, I'm Jaimie. I have never participated in a book club before but I am looking forward to whatever shenanigans we get up to here! My favorite thriller from last year was The Turn of The Key by Ruth Ware. I also really loved The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott. The thriller I despise is The Dinner by Herman Koch. Can't wait to get into more thrillers and hopefully some horror this year!

message 36: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Land (sebby1023) | 2 comments Hello! My Name is Stephanie. I really enjoy reading and can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!

message 37: by Madison (new)

Madison (scribblesandprint) | 4 comments Hi everyone! I'm Maddie! I'm the worst when it comes to deciding my favorite thriller (as it changes almost every week haha 😅). If I absolutely had to pick, it would have to be the Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Highly recommend!
I'm very excited to join this book club and get to know everyone! 😁

message 38: by Luna (last edited Jan 22, 2020 09:46PM) (new)

Luna (lunadix) | 1 comments Hi Everyone!
I prefer to go by Luna, and i'm a Media Studies student from Pennsylvania. I'm typically a sci-fi/fantasy reader. Though I follow the horror/thriller genre, my reading list for it is rather low. I hope to change it for this year!
Google says Jurassic Park by Micheal Crichton is thriller so I guess we'll go with that lol. Can't wait to get to know everyone and read some books!

message 39: by Brittnee (new)

Brittnee Sams (brittneesams) | 2 comments Hello I'm Brittnee. I'm a mom of 4 girls and I really love reading thrillers. Most of the books I read each year fall into the thriller category. All 3 books Kayla said would be read in this book club were I already on my most anticipated!
Favorite thrillers have to be anything by Shari Lapena, Robyn Harding, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

message 40: by Brittnee (new)

Brittnee Sams (brittneesams) | 2 comments Hello I'm Brittnee. I'm a mom of 4 girls and I really love reading thrillers. Most of the books I read each year fall into the thriller category. All 3 books Kayla said would be read in this book club were I already on my most anticipated!
Favorite thrillers have to be anything by Shari Lapena, Robyn Harding, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

message 41: by Josefina (new)

Josefina Smith (finajulianna) | 3 comments Hey everyone, my name is Jose’fina but you can call me Fina. I’m from Columbia, SC. I like thrillers and horror. My favorite thriller is Lock Every Door. Half of my shelf is Stephen King but haven’t read them yet, idk why lol but i keep collecting😂😂 most of my bookshelf is thrillers. I like thrillers that start of intriguing to intense to out of control lol. I love figuring out who did this or that, finding missing persons (if they’re dead or alive), etc. Glad to be in this book club!

message 42: by Sharlene (new)

Sharlene W Hi guys, I'm Sharlene; a student at McMaster University. One of my favorite thrillers is First to Die by James Patterson (and I'm currently reading The Whisper Man). I also liked Orient Express (personally liked the ending).

message 43: by Karrie (new)

Karrie (Karriemsilva) | 1 comments Hey, everyone :) I'm Karrie. I've honestly never really read thrillers until this past year even though I've been a horror/spooky thing addict my entire life. I'm currently reading Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware, and it is absolutely fantastic. Would love to get more into the genre this year, but I am in college and reading at least 12 entire novels already for class this semester, so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to participate. Either way, SO excited for this!

message 44: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 5 comments Hello! My name is Rebecca, I’m from the U.K. My favourite thriller (at the moment) would have to be The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. I loved that book from beginning to end! Whilst it is difficult to pick a least favourite I have to say my least favourite thriller would be The Flower Girls, mainly because I was so bored throughout I couldn’t even finish it! That was a big disappointment.

I’m hoping to read some amazing thrillers with all of you and get to know some great people!

message 45: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyintheweb) | 1 comments Hey everyone, I'm Emily! So excited to join this book club :) My favourite thriller is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and my least favourite is probably The Lying Game by Ruth Ware (although I enjoyed all her other books!)

message 46: by Francis (new)

Francis Woodruff | 1 comments Hi everyone, I’m Courtney. I’ve only read one thriller since discovering I might actually like them, it was “Watching You” by Lisa Jewell, and I enjoyed it. I’ve also realized that a few of the last books I’ve read have at least been sub-categorized as horror, and I loved them all—“Annihilation” by Jeff Vandermeer, “Wilder Girls” by Rory Power, and “The Girl with All the Gifts” by M. R. Carey. I’m looking forward to delving further into horror and thrillers.

message 47: by Allie (new)

Allie | 1 comments Hi everyone, I’m Allie. My favorite thrillers are Lock Every Door and My Lovely Wife. My least favorite would have to be Behind Her Eyes (don’t hate me!) 🙂

message 48: by Zinzee (new)

Zinzee Noel (undiscoveredflower) Hi I'm Zinzee. I'm a booktuber (undiscovered flower) and bookstagrammer (roseizstarandbooks).
I have a physical disability (can't walk). I love crime fiction and mystery and romance.
I really enjoyed the butterfly garden.

message 49: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments Hello! My name is Sarah. I am new to thrillers as I mostly read memoirs and YA contemporary. I am currently reading The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware and am enthralled. I'm excited about this book club because I have so many thrillers on my list from Kayla's videos!

message 50: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Fernandez | 1 comments Hello everyone! I’m Elizabeth I just got out of a really loooooong reading slump and just recently got into reading thrillers. So far my favorite is No Exit by Taylor Adams, but I’m excited to add new favs.

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