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The Smoke Jumper
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult genre, nicholas sparks -type book, big spoilers ahead. [s]

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message 1: by Fox (new)

Fox B. | 3 comments i read this book i found in the thrift store around 2016 out of boredom (its not the type of book i normally read). i looked over the list of nicholas sparks's books and none of those seemed to be it. there was smoke on the cover of the book, and the word smoke may have been in the title. i only vaguely remember the beginning of the book, where this woman was leading a group of "troublesome" kids through the woods (one of those wilderness camps for teens who struggle with authority and have gotten into legal trouble) there was one native american girl who lived in an abusive household and i *think* that section was told from her perspective. and the second section (i remember almost nothing from the middle of the book) where this guy was missing his girlfriend (i think she's the one who led the wilderness camp) and then the third section centered around this couple and their best friend. the couple were struggling to conceive so their best friend (pardon my crass language) got into bed with the girl, after they discovered it was guy #1 instead of his wife who has fertility issues. i think at some point guy #1 had some kind of cancer, he definitely went blind, so guy #2 and the girl eventually got together.
hopefully that's enough detail for someone who's read this book aaa.

message 2: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 223 comments The Smoke Jumper First to come to mind, based on the title.

message 3: by Fox (new)

Fox B. | 3 comments Gerd wrote: "The Smoke Jumper First to come to mind, based on the title."

i'm pretty sure that's it! reading the synopsis kind of made me cringe but so did the book lol. thank you so much, it had been nagging me for days :+)

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