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Sweep with Me (Innkeeper Chronicles, #4.5)
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annapi | 5068 comments I love this series! Dina is now joined by her lover Sean, who became an Innkeeper in the last book, and this time they are obliged to play host to a dangerous species, the Drifan. For comic relief we have a flock of chicken-like aliens who have come to debate each other, and a predator who is on a pilgrimage. Dina has to juggle all of these and keep her visitors safe from each other, while she is still recovering from the coma from the last book, and her cook is having a crisis of his own. It's all a lot of fun and action, and I wish these books were longer!

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8846 comments I think I have book number three on my TBR. What is the first in the series?

message 3: by annapi (last edited Jan 23, 2020 06:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

annapi | 5068 comments Here's the Innkeeper series:

1. Clean Sweep (2013)
2. Sweep in Peace (2015)
3. One Fell Sweep (2016)
4. Sweep of the Blade (2019)
5. Sweep with Me (2020)

They were all originally done as a free serial on their website, but I'm not sure if they kept it up there once the books were published.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8846 comments Nope - wrong series. But it sounds like a lot of fun anyway. Shall we start with number one?

annapi | 5068 comments Yes, this is one series it's best to do in order. What is the book you have?

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Amy | 8846 comments It was another innkeeper book. I think Honey is in the title. For some reason I though these were connected. Maybe with the innkeeper theme?

annapi | 5068 comments Can't be this author then, there is no book they have that has "honey" in the title.

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Amy | 8846 comments We can have a good laugh when I get around to that one. It’s not on my immediate list and has never once come up for a tag. By the way, I loved the Sun Sister and really appreciated your gift! I also sent it on to KSZR. Who says thank you as well. I assume we will be reading the Missing Sister together!

annapi | 5068 comments You're welcome, Amy! Any time you're looking for a book, drop me a line.

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KateNZ | 2502 comments I just put a hold on ‘Clean Sweep’ at the library. I couldn’t get in to one Ilona Andrews series that I tried but this one sounds like a lot of fun

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Amy | 8846 comments Taylor Jenkins Reid.... Her books all seem to be audible and kindle. Was surprised.... are any of those lesser known titles available to buy on Apple Books? You seem to have an in.

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