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Tien (tiensblurb) | 717 comments ★★★★

I was never one for the ancient gods and their stories and so, despite all the rave reviews, I've avoided this one for a time but curiosity got the better of me. I chose audiobook because that it the medium I'd go for for difficult reads because I can either speed it up or 'listen' (or rather not quite listen) to it while I cook or do my chores. But, this narrator was so hypnotic, I find myself unable to stop listening even when I've finished my chores and needed to get onto the next thing where I couldn't take my phone with me (like taking a shower). Or maybe, it was the actual book that captured me... Or a combination of the two. Either way, I did enjoy this audiobook very much.

It was a rocky beginning for it features all I hated about this ancient gods' worlds. All the pettiness, selfishness, and cruelty; UGH! But, I persevered as I thought I should give it time for the main 'action' to begin. I didn't mind so much once she was exiled and lived only on the periphery of this other world even if I did get a little bored and still had the trepidation for more bad things and ending. I found an assuring review that there is a happy ending to be had so kept going.

There were many ups and downs, as life usually is, with this audiobook. Most were made of my own roller coaster emotion but as I said, narrator's voice was wonderful and parts of the story was even captivating. She's taken so many stories and woven them into this novel that I sometimes got frustrated because it just feels repetitive however I loved the way she's rounded them all off at the end and sanded them down into a lovely woman named Circe.

A slow, rich, and enchanting tapestry of an immortal's life who choose to live as she wills.

Susie | 4488 comments I’m so glad you enjoyed it Tien. The Song of Achilles is even better.

Tien (tiensblurb) | 717 comments Susie wrote: "I’m so glad you enjoyed it Tien. The Song of Achilles is even better."

ah, I will try that... after a bit of a break - I feel a bit stretched right now lol

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7255 comments Glad you enjoyed it Tien-I really liked it too.

Theresa | 6336 comments Loved this and found it to be a really powerful read in the end with absolutely beautiful writing. I also read The Song of Achilles some months later and while I enjoyed it, I did not think it nearly as good, and had some serious issues with it.

If you are curious, Tien, there was a buddy read for Circe here on PBT in fall 2017, with some really interesting discussion.

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