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Gaius Domitius Tubero, Vampire and Poet

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 91 comments Mod
For those who don't know, my main vampire Gaius is also a poet. His poems are scattered throughout my 5 vampire novels, and more are included in the 2nd part, "Musings of a Vampire", of my "Between Bites" book.

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 91 comments Mod
All of my Gaius and Family short stories, poems, and books are gathered together in "A Vow of Blood Collection" from Alban Lake Publishing. This collection is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 91 comments Mod
Alban Lake Publishing no longer exists, so the above-mentioned hardcover book will be very hard to find.
I am working on a new, expanded “A Vow of Blood Collection”…

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