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message 1: by Lori S. (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 600 comments Mod
Great fun episode, using his tower the way they did.

message 2: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 1428 comments A fun, insane romp.
Much stronger then last weeks.
Really liked the actor playing Tesla.

Weird that nobody had to get their memory wiped this time.

Is it just me or is this seasons subplot: How many series can we create for Big Finish?

message 3: by Lori S. (last edited Mar 10, 2020 09:07AM) (new)

Lori S. (fuzzipueo) | 600 comments Mod
Travis wrote: "Is it just me or is this seasons subplot: How many series can we create for Big Finish?"

At least one has already been done by Big Finish and has led to >shudder< the dreaded, never been declared, "canon" discussions.

message 4: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 1428 comments I'm not a good person to get into canon, as I like all the stuff out there, but also believe, you can like the EU stuff, but it doesn't count, until the TV show says it does.

But this season alone we got: The Masters' 70 years, Nikola Tesla, gay cop/gay astronaut travel vlog and the adventures of 'Ruth' ( to avoid spoilers)
Does Chris Chinbal owe Nick Briggs money...?

message 5: by Rick (last edited Jan 31, 2021 03:10PM) (new)

Rick | 1313 comments Didn’t enjoy this one as much, but it was fun. There were some moments of what I saw as cheats, like the secret tunnel to get people from town to the research facility quickly. But it was a “fun romp” as was described above.

message 6: by Rick (new)

Rick | 1313 comments I’m warming up to this a bit more. I rewatched it while eating dinner tonight. I’m a big admirer of Tesla and I think I was just disappointed with my initial expectations not being met. I love episodes when the Doctor meets historical figures, but I wish they didn’t all (or at leas the more recent ones) have to contain aliens or monsters or such nonsense. Tesla is interning enough that they didn’t need to complicate the story with scorpio-like aliens that just came across as silly.

message 7: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) | 1428 comments Would have preferred a straight historical or even just steampunk mad science, as Tesla and Edison feud.

The monsters were fine, but not sure if this was the story for them.
Edison finding an injured Cyberman or maybe bring back the creatures from Spyfall..?

message 8: by Rick (new)

Rick | 1313 comments Too soon for the return from Spyfall. Zygons could have kept the body double part of the story.

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