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The Wright Brothers > 10. How did you like and would you rate the book?

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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol (cajonesdoa) | 690 comments Mod
Did you like the book? How would you rate the book?

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol (cajonesdoa) | 690 comments Mod
I really loved loved loved loved this book. I gave it five stars!!!

message 3: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 562 comments I liked it. 3 stars

message 4: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 522 comments I gave this book 5 stars. Mainly because I think the author accomplished exactly what he set out to do. I feel like I really know the story of the Wright brothers now. Very worthwhile reading.

message 5: by Pam (new)

Pam | 218 comments I loved this book - I give it a 4.5. It would have been a 5, except for there was way too much detail.

message 6: by Barb (new)

Barb (deckerbunch) | 227 comments The first quarter of the book felt like reading a text book to me--slow and a bit torturous. But after I got into it, I really liked it a lot. I would give it a 4, but only because of the slow start.

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