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The Gammage Cup (The Minnipins, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children’s book, fantasy about exiled adults coming together to save their town/village from fantasy threat Spoilers Ahead. [s]

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Racquel Kelley | 10 comments This was a book that I read in my childhood so about 14 years ago. It was an old book so it was probably written in the 80s-90s. It was about a village which was preparing for the visit of judges for a competition to determine what village is the most special. They decided to isolate/ temporarily exile the main characters because they were considered eyesores and would be a stain for the village thus impeding their chances. One of the main characters worked with money and was either a tax collector or money lender. He was also known to be stingy. His name started with the letter M, and was either Mince or Minch. When the main characters were relocated, they discovered a threat to their village, and must band together to save the day. There are no science fiction elements. There are fantasy elements.

Spoilers ahead:

The money lender character developed a crush on one of the female characters, and is going to ask her to marry him.
At the threat was over, the town was unknowingly visited by the judges when they were celebrating the efforts of the main characters. They ( the judges) remarked that the other places they visited put up a show and hid their flaws. As they watch the celebration, they decided that the town was the most deserving of winning the award. Unknown to the town, they won the award. The trophy was placed somewhere.

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Racquel Kelley | 10 comments I remember there was a community meeting in the beginning discussing on what to prepare for the judges. When the main characters asked why did are they were being isolated, they were given an explanation on their character description and why they are not suitable in the town.

Rouan | 109 comments I think this is The Gammadge Cup by Carol Kendall
The Gammage Cup

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Racquel Kelley | 10 comments Yes. You are correct. Thank you!

Rouan | 109 comments You're welcome!

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