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The Wright Brothers > 1. Family Circle and influence of each member.

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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol  Jones-Campbell (cajonesdoa) | 690 comments Mod
For me this book was much more than a history of Wilbur and Orville Wright. It was a look into the inner family circle and the influence each member had on Orville and Wilbur and their achievement. Please share your ideas on how upbringing, genetics and anything else impact individual accomplishment.

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 562 comments They were taught to work hard and not give up. That was a big part of their upbringing that led to their accomplishment.

message 3: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 522 comments I agree with Chelsea, and also thought they had a somewhat "genteel" upbringing which led them to consider themselves, and conduct themselves, as gentlemen. I think about how they were so polite to their "fans" and how Katherine felt that they were just as good as the aristocrats they met in Europe.

message 4: by Carol (new)

Carol  Jones-Campbell (cajonesdoa) | 690 comments Mod
More important, the Wright Brothers changed the way we view our world. Before flight became commonplace, folks traveled in just two dimensions, north and south, east and west, crossing the lines that separate town from town, nation from nation. Seen from above, the artificial boundaries that divide us disappear. Distances shrink, the horizon stretches. The world seems grander and more interconnected. This three-dimensional vision has revealed a universe of promises and possibilities. The world economy, our awareness of our environment, and space exploration are all, to some degree, the results of the inventive minds of the Wilbur and Orville Wright.

message 5: by Pam (new)

Pam | 218 comments This was my second read of the book. I thought much of the few who have contributed so extensively to the history of our world and making it better. How do they do that?! Were they destined to invent? It almost seems like heaven was backing them, supporting them, guiding them. Whatever it was - it was magnificent.

message 6: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 562 comments I like that Pam. I liked how lots of people saw flight as a gift from God and not just something from the Wrights. I do think they were enlightened by heaven for the job.

message 7: by Barb (new)

Barb (deckerbunch) | 227 comments I agree. My husband and I listened to the book together as we traveled, and we both reflected that we could see God using these two dedicated brothers to bring forth his purposes.

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