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8 Tips That Every Couple Should Try Out For Better Sex

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Love Loxy If you are a couple and if you feel that the spark in your sexual life is missing, then you are not alone.  So, in order to help you out, we have come up with 8 Tips that every couple should try out for better sex.

Use the energy of your body: It is recommended that you use the energy that is present in your body and thus try out physical activities such as yoga or dancing.

Once a connection is established between your own body, then you can easily develop a
connection with the body of your partner. As per a recent survey, it is known that people who are not active physically develop a
feeling that they are unattractive and indeed feel sad.

So, if you are looking to reclaim the sexual power, then it is advised that you get comfortable and perhaps keep your body moving.

Try Something Fresh To Increase Your Dopamine Level

If you try out something fresh, then a sense of intimacy and bond is created. You need to think out of box and get indulged in an activity that can excite you or perhaps scare you. In this way, you would be able to boost your dopamine level and replicate the same with your partner in the bed.


Sit down one night with your partner and discuss about the new sex moves, the things you don’t like sexually and any hidden fantasies that you might be having.
In addition, don’t put pressure on yourself and just tell out the stuffs that you may in general avoid due to embarrassment. Lastly, all the couples need to communicate their dislikes and likes in bed such that they can get a mutually pleasurable experience.

Take A Sex Class And Use That In The Weekend

If you participate in couples sex class, then you will get a whole new information about the couple sex play. Find out in your community where you can take a sex class and then enroll into it. In this way, you would be able to try out new sex techniques, position and toys for sex play.

Besides this, you will get a learning environment that would be too much fun without any kind of intimidation. Further, you can try out all these positions in the weekend when you are free.

Plan A Trip

You can plan a romantic and sexy trip with your partner. Further, you can try out character play and then dress accordingly. In this way, you would have a lot of fun.
Additionally, it has also been known that the couples who travel together lead a better sex lives as compared to the couples who don’t travel.

Besides this, spending time together during holidays will benefit you and your partner in a lot other ways other than sexual. You can even try out hiking together or perhaps visit a local tourist spot.

Get Cozy While Watching An Erotic Movie

Make the environment cozy and then try out couple friendly erotic movie together. This would potentially help to rejuvenate yourself and your partner and in the due course you would become a lot more sexually attached.

Give Pleasure To Yourself In Front Of Your Partner

If you are masturbating in front of your partner, then in this way he/she would be delighted to see that you are enjoying pleasure which would ultimately help to build intimacy.

In addition, allowing your partner to know where and how to touch can also help to promote closeness.

Moreover, with masturbation, a number of health benefits are associated such as it can help to improve your mood as well as relieve your stress which holds great importance for having good sex.

Have One-to-one Communication To Eliminate Stress

If proper communication is not carried out often, then it can lead to sex droughts in a particular relationship.

In the recent survey given by theguardian, it was known that the couples who argued frequently were about 10 times happier as compared to those who avoided such kind of conflict.

Also, you should not get discouraged about anything said by your partner. If you figure out a way to find out the things that are wrong in your relationship, then you can easily improve it.

So, you need to sit down together and then fix such kind of inequalities.

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