Reign of Brayshaw (Brayshaw High #3) Reign of Brayshaw question

SIMILAR or what to read next?
Rach Rach Jan 21, 2020 07:53PM
OMG this book.

ruined me.

i loved it so much

can anyone suggest anything similar that i can read?

i have already read the royals & fallen crest high

Shattered Princess by Amber Vant

If you're okay w/ RH, then I would suggest Havoc by CM Stunich.

If you do not mind paranormal books, I would highly suggest Zodiac Academy. It has many similarities in the type of books you mentioned but set in the Paranormal world. I still cannot get enough of these books

Rach thanks so much i will check it out!
Feb 10, 2020 02:04PM · flag

Thankyou I have read this one & loved it too 😄

Juliet Ok, what about The Sainthood - Boys of Lowell High Series by Siobhan Davis??
Apr 23, 2020 06:52AM · flag

Shattered Princess by Amber Vant! Love the enemies to lovers trope and it’s a series too!

I know!! I felt / still feel the same way!!!

Try the trilogy called Dark Legacy by Jaymin Eve. Let me know what you think.

Happy Reading!

Broken Wings
Broken Trust
Broken Legacy

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