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UNO Pixie | 1345 comments
Team Celestial Baklava

Team Members:

Cat - Captain
Ingeborg - Co-captain
Rachael Hewison

Team Spreadsheet

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UNO Pixie | 1345 comments

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UNO Pixie | 1345 comments

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UNO Pixie | 1345 comments

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Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments

Planning Sheet - add book information here!

UNO Rules
- 100 pages (verify 25k words / 3hrs for Childrens, Poetry, Plays etc MPG)
- rereads OK after 6 months
- Spell out using title / author name / speaking character name / location
- Letters to find Z O T H F I S V E N K P
- Numbers in title or #series

8am London UK
9am Austria & Denmark
10am Estonia

Need help? Check out these links for possibilities:
Red covers
Blue covers
Green covers
Yellow covers

Note: Some books on this list may not seem like the colour cover. This is because GR will show the default version. There may be a specific version that has been shelved that is the actual colour. The version you read is what you should shelve, and is what counts, for UNO.
If you want to add your own suggestions, please do! Create shelves "uno-red", "uno-blue", "uno-green" and "uno-yellow" and add appropriate books to them :)

Profile		UNO Shelf	Comments
Cat uno2020 Comments
Ingeborg uno-20 Comments
Keely uno-2020 Comments
Sarah uno-2020 Comments
Camille uno-2020 Comments
Alison uno_2020 Comments
Skandia uno2020 Comments
Rachael uno-challenge Comments
Bernadette uno-2020 Comments

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Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments February Cards
Updated 26 Feb
Card	#Remain

Feb Mini
Word		possible book	
orange The Horse and His Boy

Word Reason Book
bananas word in text Me Before You
circle word in text Knight's Shadow
cold word in text Bellewether
dry word in text His Majesty's Dragon
eggs word in title Midnight Never Come
electric word in text Being Mortal
glass word in text Worst Case Scenario
gloves word in text Havisham
lady word in text Under the Tripoli Sky
limes cover colour False Value
moon item on cover Dark and Deepest Red
peaks word in text The Priory of the Orange Tree
pen word in text Undercover Bromance
plate word in text Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
pure word in text The Wind in the Willows
sharp item on cover Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Garden
spoon word in text The Queen of Nothing
stomach word in text A Study in Charlotte
sugar word in text Murder in Whistler
thicken word in text The Bloody Chamber
touch word in text The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
vanilla word in text Too Close to Home
white item on cover District VIII
1 series number The Crucifix Killer
2 series number Authority
3 series number The Titan's Curse
6 pub date Recursion
12 pub date Champagne Cream & Murder
24 series number Inspector Cadaver
120 page numbers The Pearl
270 page numbers One Night @ the Call Centre
300 page numbers Call Me Star Girl
airtight item on cover Victorious
cornflour word in text Liquid
diagonally item on cover The Wicked King
kiwifruit word in text Overkill
passionfruit cover colour The Witches
shredded item on cover The Royal Rogue
starfruit item on cover Mirage

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Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments March Cards
COUNTDOWN TO MARCH: books finished after this ends (8am 1 March UK time) will work for March cards!

Card	#Total
0 2
1 5
2 6
3 10
4 8
5 4
6 12
7 10
8 5
9 4
0Red 1
0Yellow 1
1Blue 1
3Blue 1
3Green 1
5Green 1
6Green 1
7Blue 1
7Green 1
Draw 2 8
Reverse 6
Skip 7
Wild 3
WD4 6

0 Red
0 Yellow - Keely
1 Blue - Ingeborg
3 Blue - Cat
3 Green
5 Green
6 Green & WD4
7 Blue - Sarah
7 Green - Ingeborg

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Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments r

message 9: by Cat (last edited Jan 22, 2020 08:50AM) (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments

Hello everyone! Welcome to the out-of-the-world delicious UNO 2020!

Celestial baklava sounds the perfect accompaniment to lots of reading to me, and I'm so looking forward to playing with you guys!

As a get-to-know each other, please let us all know where you are, if you've played UNO before, what books you like reading and what you are looking forward to most. Also, what book would you save in a fire or do you go around pushing on people?

For me: I'm Cat, living in London, UK. I've played UNO a couple of times now, and have been saving my colour covers for the last few months! I read most things - sci-fi & fantasy being my first go-tos (Terry Pratchett is my comfort and get-out-of-a-slump read), and horror being my least favourite - creature features in particular being least likely to be picked up! I've three niblings who I delight in buying books for, harking back to my childhood favourites, so I've been pushing titles like The Phantom Tollbooth and Ballet Shoes at them. I can't wait till they grow up a bit more so I can get the Dark is Rising series for them!

Planning sheet

message 10: by Ingeborg (last edited Jan 21, 2020 02:01PM) (new)

Ingeborg (redrum) | 253 comments Hello, team!

Celestial baklava does sound interesting. This year sees a delicious UNO indeed.

I'm Ingeborg, I am from Norway and this is my fourth year playing UNO, but my first as co-captain. My main genre is fantasy. I branch out and read other things as well, mainy historical fiction and some contemporary, but fantasy is where I'm most comfortable. My go-to and comfort books is the Harry Potter series. I have discovered new favourites over the years, especially the last few, but there is something about going back to the old and familiar books.

I try not to push books on people, because I'm afraid they won't like them and will get mad at me (haha), but lately I have been recommending The Trials of Morrigan Crow and The Fifth Season because they deserve praise and attention and love!

Looking forward to playing with you all!

message 11: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments Hello everyone! My name is Keely, I live in Essex, UK (very close to London). I played UNO last year for the first time and now I am back for more. I will read pretty much anything and at the moment I am tackling some classics that I've had on my list forever. Last year I discovered a love for audiobooks so I have been listening to those a lot. I'm not sure what book I would save from a fire... there are so many to choose from!

On a different note, I was offered a new job today which I accepted, so I will start that towards the end of February. I will be going from a part time to a full time job, so.... my reading might be a little compromised as I won't have as much time and may be very tired. I hope you will be forgiving and I will still try my best to read what I can.

message 12: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Congratulations on the new job Keely! Totally understand that getting into a new routine is going to impact your reading - so long as you let us know what's going on that's all good!

On which note, everyone: please make sure that you check in at least once a week so that Ingeborg & I know that you are still with us & reading.

message 13: by Alison (new)

Alison (a1ison74) | 950 comments Hello all, I'm Alison and I'm also from the UK, although just outside Glasgow so quite a bit further North. This is my fifth or sixth time playing Uno.

I read pretty much anything although at the moment it seems to be mostly romcoms and crime. I'm probably less keen on historical but have found a few I love.

Recently I've been foisting Daisy Jones and the Six on just about everyone I meet. Definitely my fave book from last year.

message 14: by Ingeborg (new)

Ingeborg (redrum) | 253 comments Congratulations, Keely! That's exciting!

message 15: by Ingeborg (new)

Ingeborg (redrum) | 253 comments And hello Alison! We've got lot of Brits this year it seems

message 16: by Skandia (new)

Skandia (sfgirl) | 39 comments Hello team! I'm Skandia and I',m from Estonia.
This is my second time paying UNO and I do love team challenges as they boost my reading a lot. I have a busy job schedule, lots of travelling and reading is my way of relaxing and switching a work brain off.
Very glad to see we have fantasy readers in this team as this might be my favorite go to genre although I usually read whatever I'm in the mood for -UF, PNR, contemporary, Sci-Fi. Historical not so much anymore.
I'm sure in case of emergency I would grab Harry Potters and my all time favorite Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. These are the only books I've read multiple times because I normally don't do re-reads ever.

message 17: by Cat (last edited Jan 23, 2020 02:01PM) (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Oh, can everyone confirm what their UNO shelf will be for this challenge?

This is the info from sign ups:
Member	Shelf Name
❅Bernadette uno-2020
❅Camille uno-2020
❅Rachael uno-challenge
❅Alison Uno_2020
❅Sarah uno-2020
❅Skandia uno2020
❅Cat uno2020
❅Ingeborg uno-20
❅Keely uno-2020

ETA: All shelves confirmed!

message 18: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments The name of my shelf is correct. It's ready and waiting for books.

I'm currently working on finishing up a few books I have already started so hopefully I will be ready to go by the 1st Feb.

message 19: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Alison - I really enjoyed Daisy Jones too! and her Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was also good - and excellent for UNO too! IIRC it almost manages to sweep all the card options! :)

message 20: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Skandia - I'm impressed at your no rereads (and the exceptions are excellent ones too!). I try not to do too many rereads - my TBR pile (physical, e and audio) is too big for me to take time off from trying to reduce it, but sometimes the comfort of a familiar story and character is just what I need. Like a mental hug :)

message 21: by Ingeborg (new)

Ingeborg (redrum) | 253 comments @Cat, my bookshelf name is correct.

message 22: by Skandia (new)

Skandia (sfgirl) | 39 comments My shelf name is correct, too!

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 760 comments Hello all! I'm Sarah, also from the UK. The very first Uno was my first ever team challenge, and I've been joining them ever since. Uno always brightens up the end of winter. :)

In fact, I believe Alison was also on Team Shrek that very first year. Waves hello!

I read most genres, but not really horror or romance. I do love fantasy but don't read it as much as I find it I need a palate cleanser in between books to stop things all feeling a bit too samey. In fact I don't usually like reading from the same series (in any genre) back to back for that reason.

My shelf name is correct - I always make the shelf when I sign up so I don't forget what I said it'd be called (it would totally happen).

message 24: by Cat (last edited Jan 23, 2020 08:20AM) (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Some more admin info....

I'm a spreadsheet fan. I'm also moderately lazy, so I'm a fan of everyone adding their planned / finished books into a tracking sheet themselves*. I have therefore made us a planning sheet (credit: UNO Mod template) to use.

Planning sheet

It's pretty easy - bung in the book title (and I'll love it if you could link to the edition on your shelf too!), pick your name, and add in the relevant details of which cards it will fit and why. When you finish the book, add the finish date and pop on here to let us know that you have finished :)

*if you don't get on with sheets that's of course fine, and I'll add the books if you prefer. In which case you need to post a completion note, with a link to the edition you read and the cards if fits with reasons why.

In terms of planning, I'd like to nail down who is reading for the colour covers & WD4s, who is reading for Reverses, and also books to fit hand 10. So, shout out with the coloured cover books you've been hoarding all year and want to read! Our February colour cards are:

0 Blue	1
2 Blue 1
2 Green 1
3Yellow 1
7 Green 1 - Sarah
8 Green 2 - Cat & ???
WD4 4 (2B,??,??,??)

One of the WD4s will be filled by 2 Blue, using a Draw 2.

message 25: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 760 comments I *may* perhaps save colour covers for a long time ready for uno, so I'm jumping in early early to say I've been saving a 7 Green book for years! I'd like to grab that one please!

Authority (Southern Reach #2) by Jeff VanderMeer

And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I say I don't read horror, what does this book have as an MPG? Rolls eyes at self.

message 26: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments It's weird rather than horror. Like super weird!7 Green all yours!

message 27: by Sarah (last edited Jan 22, 2020 09:14AM) (new)

Sarah | 760 comments Cat wrote: "It's weird rather than horror. Like super weird!7 Green all yours!"

Yeah, I don't think of it as horror (I've read the first one). MPGs are weird.

message 28: by Alison (new)

Alison (a1ison74) | 950 comments Hey Sarah *waves* Great to be teamies again.

Cat, I have yet to set up my Uno shelf but I'll call it whatever I've said :P

I'm planning to read A Heart So Fierce and Broken which I'm pretty sure will fit a Green. I get a bit demented trying to figure out if books are green enough but it looks pretty green to me.

It'll fit a 2 (2nd in series), 3 (title) or maybe an 8 (assuming it stays set in Emberfall)

message 29: by Alison (new)

Alison (a1ison74) | 950 comments Oops, have just realised there is no Green 3

I could also cover off a Blue. I have One in A Million by Lindsay Kelk which will definitely fit the 0.

message 30: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments It's a shame we don't have any red ones this month as a lot of the books I had planned to read this year have red covers, but I guess I could wait. I have plenty of other books I want to read anyway (too many really :P).

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2) by Cassandra Clare
I'm not sure if this is blue enough to count as a blue cover, but if it is, I can read it. I've been meaning to for years anyway so it would help get that one ticked of the list. It could work as a 2 Blue (second in series). I don't know if there is a character or place that starts with a Z so I don't know yet if it would work for 0 Blue ...

message 31: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Alison, A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers, #2) by Brigid Kemmerer looks green to me :) and yay for it covering several of our green card options - we like a flexible book :)

Keely, I'm not sure it's blue enough either so, unless other team members shout that it's so OBVS blue, I think we won't use it for a colour card :( BUT, Alison has read it, so it's perfect for a reverse! (I'm sure I've read it, but for some reason I've not marked it as such in GR, so I'm very confused!)

message 32: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments I might change my mine about reading City of Ashes as there are other books im more excited to read and therefore would read them quicker.

I just looked through my library app and more specifically their audiobooks and there are a few options for colours and they are an appropriate length. So I could use a couple of those if we struggle for colours. I'll have a proper look either tomorrow or on my next day off which is sunday and get a little list going (I like lists)

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Rachael Hewison (rachhewison) | 459 comments Hello everyone, I'm Rachael and I'm from Birmingham UK. I've been playing UNO for a few years and have been a Captain for the last two years. I now work two jobs so unfortunately don't have the time to put into captaincy but will be a willing participant this year instead. I like seeing all the different books people read as it gives me ideas for what to add to my TBR pile. I read any genre and attend a book club so push a lot of books onto people! The last one was Adele by Leila Slimani which proved to be a very interesting discussion! My shelf name is correct. I'll have a look and see what colours I could read.

message 34: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Hi Rachael! A willing participant is a good place to be :)

I'm waiting patiently for my library to get a copy of Adèle - it had her first book really quickly after it was published, which I really enjoyed (the writing if not the characters!) and so I hoped that they'd get this one in too, especially as it got more promotion too. Sadly I'm still waiting... :(

I try to get to a couple of book clubs, but for one reason or another have missed the last meetings. I agree that having discussions about books that create divisive opinions is good, but generally better in face-to-face conversation, not online where people can misconstrue words and end in a massive flame war!

message 35: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments oh, also I meant to say that I am grabbing one of the 8 Greens, with False Value (Rivers of London, #8) by Ben Aaronovitch , which comes out at the end of February and which I shall be dumping everything for to read!

I've put some other colour cover books I have on the planning sheet, but I'm easy about when (if) I read them:
The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient, #2) by Helen Hoang Royal Holiday (The Wedding Date, #4) by Jasmine Guillory Homegrown Hero (Jay Qasim, Book 2) by Khurrum Rahman The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious, #3) by Maureen Johnson

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 760 comments Ha ha, I got so excited at finally having a green 7 I haven't really looked for anything else. I'm sure I can find anything but thought I really should let everyone else have a crack at the colour cards if they want to. ;)

message 37: by Ingeborg (new)

Ingeborg (redrum) | 253 comments Hey, Rachael! I think we were on the same UNO team a year or two ago. :)

Does this look yellow to you guys?
Leksikon om lys og mørke by Simon Stranger

message 38: by Bernadette (new)

Bernadette | 59 comments Hello team!

I'm a little bit late, but now I'm here :) This is the 3rd time playing the UNO challenge.

My name is Bernadette and I live in Austria. I like to read different genres and if it's sounds interesting I'm open to new things. I love to read thrillers and after reading Six of Crows a few weeks ago I plan to read more fantasy, because I really liked it :)
A book from from last year which really impressed me was A Handmaid's Tale.

Oh and I am also Harry Potter Fan ;)

It's funny to be in a team with several people from UK. I would like to do a trip this year to UK by train and maybe will start to plan it in the next weeks.

message 39: by Bernadette (new)

Bernadette | 59 comments My shelf is correct.

Cat wrote: "Oh, can everyone confirm what their UNO shelf will be for this challenge?

This is the info from sign ups:
Member Shelf Name
Bernadette uno-2020
Camille uno-2020
❅Rachael uno-challenge
❅Alison Uno..."

message 40: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Hi Bernadette :)
A train journey to visit the UK sounds fun. At least until you get to the UK and discover the fun that is our rail system :-/

message 41: by Cstidsen (new)

Cstidsen (toawaki) | 269 comments Hey Team!
I'm Camille, I'm 19 and from Denmark.
I have played Uno two times before and had a blast both times. I just started school again after a three year break, so I might not read all that fast, but I will do my best!
I read all genres, but I love some good fantasy with dragons or scifi

message 42: by Cstidsen (new)

Cstidsen (toawaki) | 269 comments And my shelf is correct as well

message 43: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Hi Camille! back to school is exciting! what are you studying?

message 44: by Cstidsen (new)

Cstidsen (toawaki) | 269 comments I'm studying agriculture. I want to work with cattle or goats xD

message 45: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments At least you know what you want to do Camille, I struggled for a long time to work out what I wanted to do. :)

message 46: by Keely (new)

Keely (kiwifruit192) | 208 comments I added a few books with coloured covers to the spreadsheet. From what I can tell, they won't work for anything that hasn't already been covered, but I can wait until March or April to read them if needed.

message 47: by Cstidsen (last edited Jan 24, 2020 09:36AM) (new)

Cstidsen (toawaki) | 269 comments I have two colour covers, but I am not sure what they could work for yet.
Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (Peter Pan #1 & 3) by J.M. Barrie
The Wind in the Willows The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Peter Pan could work for blue 2 maybe, with Tinkerbell

Might get to The Evidence Of Ghosts as well, which also has a blue cover
The Evidence Of Ghosts by A.K. Benedict

message 48: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 760 comments Seeing you just finished Pawn of Prophecy, Cat, reminded me that I was up to Magician's Gambit in my reread of the (two) series, and look at that green cover! I think it hits the 50% just about.

Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad, #3) by David Eddings

E's sometimes appear unexpectedly as characters so we might not need another 8 green, but I'll keep it ready just in case.

message 49: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 1557 comments Looking green to me! :)

and whilst the primary 8Greens have been covered, we do have some WD4s that need to be covered, so we can have up to two more :)

message 50: by Alison (new)

Alison (a1ison74) | 950 comments Cat, I've added a couple of books to the sheet but just wanted to check how you want us to mark a completion. Do you want a full completion post in this thread with all the cards it works for or if it's on the planning sheet are you happy for us just to post that we've finished a book and refer you back to the sheet for the details?

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