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What is your absolute favourite book of all time?
Brigham Sinclair Brigham Jan 21, 2020 11:57AM
If you could only choose one book as your absolute favourite what would it be? ONLY ONE!?! Choose wisely...

East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This book will forever be my top favorite book. It's timeless and such an incredible retelling of Abel and Cain and the themes of it just left such a deep impression me and will haunt me forever.

*looking around my room with two full bookshelves*
I don’t think I can pick just one. My top three(not necessarily in order) are Carry On(first book I read with a gay protagonist, I was so confused like “those people can exist in books? What?”) The Golden Treasury if Poetry(technically a book, if not one story), and A Swiftly Tilting Planet(infinitely better than A Wrinkle in Time. Makes me sad a lot of people don’t know it exists)

Annihilation Of The Caste by Dr, B. R. Ambedkar. His language is impeccable, depiction of the oppressive system prevalent in India absolutely true to the fact and suggestions to annihilate the caste system logical.

Since a classic as already been dropped, and I know I'm going to get scourged for this, but the Hobbit and whole LOTR. Mind you, I read when I was younger and expecting so much from them. It was just the ramble that went on and never tied back to the plot, and was out in pointlessly because he wanted to include this entire world. Where now, with future writers, they make novellas or include post notes. Even as an adult, I cannot force myself through these books simple because of the the random ramble that does not contribute to the story. I respect what Toilken did for the fantasy genera, but it took a lot of banging my head against a wall. In the end, I had to admit to my day - who doesnt read much - that I - who loves to read - could not read it

1984. What can I say, I am from China.

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