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Good morning feminist readers! After some delays with the holidays and new year, we are finally ready to kick start our January book club reading! The first round of discussion questions for "Free Cyntoia" will be posted next Monday. So until then, make sure you read the introduction all the way through Chapter 8: Self-Defense (pg. 95). Some topics that you may want to bear in mind for future discussion for this first section are the implications of the poverty to prison pipeline and racial injustice. Trigger warning! This book contains some heavy content, so make sure you take the time and space for self care if needed!

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Roberta  Lynne  Ruben (mavan) | 1 comments I learned that each state defines the term child differently. Moving story of life in prison for young people who have been given lifetime sentences without parole.

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Rachel | 3 comments I was so excited that I'm about halfway through already. I got it on audiobook (actual discs) and listen in my car. As a social worker this is not dissimilar to other books I regularly read, but glad for the recommendation of "Free Cyntoia."

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