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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Women's fiction: Chic lit - Magazine company PA learns more than she bargains for, run errands for powerful female editor. Photoshoots with models. Editor's husband wants a baby.

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Caity | 2 comments First time poster so I'll do my best!
I read this book a couple of years ago and want to read it again. From what I remember is
Young women gets a job as a PA to a well respected powerful female editor, she runs lots of errands and had complications along the way.
The editor is married to a rather simple man who doesn't expect much. He is however, pressing her to have a baby, she doesn't want the time off work, he promises to take the load of parenting etc. She doesn't find pleasure in sex so doesn't have it often unless he essentially begs if I remember correctly.
I forget a lot throughout the middle but it's devil wears prada meets the bold type sort of storyline with photoshoots and other work colleagues sabotaging things. I think the editor takes a liking to the PA and sees herself in her in a way?


The most intersting thing I do remeber is the editor has a torrent love affair with a female model who has the whitest of white hair and glowing pale skin with blue eyes at the end of a photoshoot. Someone sees the event happen but I cant remeber what happens. What I do remember though is that they become a couple and her husband refuses to give up on the marriage so it becomes like a love triangle? I think she also falls pregnant to him?

Sorry for the vagueness, I will continue to add infirmation if I remember anything.
Thanks for your help!

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Caity | 2 comments Giving this one more go to see if I can find the book.
I've got no new storyline or comments to add just hoping someone knows what I'm talking about 🤞

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Kris | 34375 comments Mod
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What type of magazine (e.g., women's high fashion like Vogue)?

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