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*** #18: Queen by Candice Carty-Williams ***

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Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Reading Starts: January 27, 2020
Reading Ends: February 9, 2020

Livestream Discussion: Sunday February 9, 2020! (via youtube)

Feel free to comment about the book NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
Drop a comment and let us know how you feel about the book & when you finish it.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
It’s Queenie time!!! Y’all ready?!

message 3: by Aaliyah (new) - added it

Aaliyah | 62 comments Yessss

message 4: by Iman (new) - added it

Iman Jackson | 3 comments Lol its crazy because the last one, I thought I joined but this time, I'm making sure I'm there! LOL

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Check in- who has started? Do you like it?

message 6: by Jasmine (last edited Jan 31, 2020 07:40AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Jasmine Theard | 49 comments This is one I have to force myself to keep reading. 😂 I'm like 30% through, Queenie gets on my damn nerves

message 7: by Val (new) - added it

Val Johnson | 29 comments I agree with Jasmine lol, but I finished it.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod

Jasmine Theard | 49 comments finished it now too..

Erica (icaspe) | 20 comments I’m going to start it today.

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I’m starting in a few days

message 12: by Shay (new)

Shay | 13 comments Alright I’m ready to start Queenie. I want to make sure I read it in time before the next Deep Condish

message 13: by Iman (new) - added it

Iman Jackson | 3 comments I'm starting today!

Cassandra W. | 109 comments This is getting juicy, lol. Mess!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I saw the name “Cassandra” and had a flashback 🙄🤣

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
I’m about 70% done. 🙃

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Done. This is will be a juicy discussion. I feel like I feel differently about this book than everyone else. Lol

Cassandra W. | 109 comments Prettywitty77 wrote: "I saw the name “Cassandra” and had a flashback 🙄🤣"
whettt omg hahaha! we r total opposites! i have 10 chapters left so let me see what the end is, because right now i could fight her, lol.

Precious (precioush) | 119 comments I’m excited to find out everyone’s thoughts because I have a lot to say as well. 😂

MYMY  | 135 comments Can’t wait to crack this one open! Going to try to make it to the discussion 50/50 chance I really don’t want to miss it

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Book Check!!! Who’s still reading?

The livestream is tomorrow afternoon! Who will be in attendance?!

There is a lot to unpack, I’m excited to hear your different views & experiences!

Precious (precioush) | 119 comments I’ll be there!!

Prettywitty77 | 381 comments Mod
Myeisha, I hope you can make it boo!

MYMY  | 135 comments Me too! I’m working an event though. If not I’ll sound off in the comments after vid is posted

Erica (icaspe) | 20 comments I’m finishing it now. I’ll be done tonight.

message 26: by TJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

TJ (tamedra) | 1 comments I finished, but my goodness I wanted this book to be better than it was. she kept getting on my nerves.

Cassandra W. | 109 comments i finished today and looking forward to the livestream

Jasmine Theard | 49 comments I should be able to catch the livestream!

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