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It Dripped Ectoplasm (GOREPUNK)
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Ryan Day | 4 comments Hi,

This year I am launching a new book series of standalone horror novels under the title GOREPUNK. The first of which, It Dripped Ectoplasm, was published a couple of weeks ago.

It Dripped Ectoplasm is a fun, creepy, slightly outrageous story about a haunted sex toy with a lust for blood. But, beneath the guts and gore, is a story about sex positivity and the patriarchal stranglehold of sexual culture...

A bit about the series: Each book is a short independent horror novel, written to be fast-paced and fun to read. A combination of black comedy and OTT horror. I'm a huge fan of 70s/80s horror paperbacks - Graham Masterton, Ramsey Campbell, Richard Laymon etc. I love the inventive and imaginative horror, but simultaneously hate the old-fashioned opinions and out-dated attitudes. My aim is to bring the wild, unflinching horror I love into a modern world of equality and empowerment. To promote and champion progressive attitudes without compromising on all the things that made me fall in love with the genre. Two more GOREPUNK books (Munchies and Ratsbane) are scheduled over the coming months, and I'm excited to share this journey of ideas with like-minded people.


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Michael Tkach | 3 comments sounds like fun!

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