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Xenia Deviatkina-Loh | 1 comments I only categorise this as YA due to having read this during middle school.
The protagonist is a young artsy female. I am pretty sure she is an artist (but It has been over 15 years, thus I won't quote it). Her age would be early 20s if I recall.
The supporting character is a detective who falls in love with her (said detective is in another book by the same author).
She is eventually murdered, and he is the one that figures out who her killer is.
There is her backstory with her foster siblings; she was extremely close to her foster brother before something happened and they all went their separate ways.
Also, she always buys lottery tickets with the same set of numbers. It does discuss her win/loss results during the book.

Maybe , and this is a huge maybe, the author is a female. Author was popular during the 2000s in Australia, especially among teenagers.

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