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Reyen and Ashari dorm

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​ (dragomania) {do Ashari and Reyen share a room? }

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[Thank you for making it!]

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​ (dragomania) {So should they share a room? }

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​ (dragomania) {Thanks}
Ashari walked into the room he shared with Reyen and fell face first into his bed

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Reyen watched as Ashari slumped on the bed. "You tired?" He asked.

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​ (dragomania) "I had such a day!"

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"Good for you. Any progress as a shifter?"

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​ (dragomania) "Maybe I don't know" Ashari moaned "First there was homeroom and then I was mind controlled in Appearances and then there was this jerk at lunch and just wow!"

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Reyen cracked his knuckles. "My day was class, class, class, class, and oh! Did I mention class? The only thing I look forward to in my day is water club."

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​ (dragomania) "Ah your day sounds like it was a breeze!"

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Reyen sighed. "Maybe. I guess. It was just...uneventful. Honestly, like, can we go on a adventure?"

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​ (dragomania) "No! Trust me you do not want eventful! You'll end up being brain washed repeatedly and bullied and just so much!"

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[Oops I have to go, so sorry!!!! See you later, and sorry!!!! [It's dinner time where I live]

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​ (dragomania) { Ok I probably won't be on when you get back on}

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[Oh but I look forward to picking up where we left off when we are both online next time and thx for rp with me!]

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​ (dragomania) {Your welcome it was pretty great!}

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[Dragomania, r u available to roleplay?]

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​ (dragomania) {sure}

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​ (dragomania) {sorry I replied so late I hadn't seen this my notifications are sorta wonky}

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