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William Land (williamland) | 1090 comments Mod
Chapter 6: The Mysterious Gift

It takes awhile to remove all the wrappings from the huge package and, because it is framed, at first Judy thinks it’s a picture. Then she notes that it’s a mirror. Lorraine looks a bit hurt again and Judy says she received this because she broke the other mirror. Scottie hands Judy the accompanying card and tells Judy that if she thinks she broke the mirror, she should read it. The card is printed and says:

To the lovely young bride to be, With sincere apologies for breaking the mirror which, perhaps unwittingly, Birdie’s little winglike fingers marked especially for me.

Judy is convinced that there is a hidden meaning to the message. When the girls question her about breaking the mirror, she says that she thought she had hung it carelessly and that it had fallen by itself. A long discussion ensues during which Judy suggests that they each tell who had given what to whom. Lois demurs, saying that it will spoil everything. She is not, however, referring to the mirror. The girls all say that none of them sent it. Lois says that Arthur took the call from a voice he didn’t recognize asking if it would be all right to have a messenger deliver a gift. This reinforces Lorraine’s conviction that it was a gift from Arthur to Judy because he still cares for her. Judy is convinced that it is not and says so. Privately, she’s concerned lest Lorraine learn of her previous secret engagement to Arthur. While Peter knows of it and understands, she fears that if Lorraine found out, she would never trust Arthur again.

The supper party that follows restores Lorraine’s good humor and she apologizes to Judy for her unkind behavior.

The following morning, Judy discusses the strange gift and messenger with her father. Dr. Bolton says it could have been Arthur because he had come to the office for his diathermy treatment. (Diathermy is a term I was not familiar with. I looked it up and here’s what I found. “Health care professionals may refer to diathermy using the term “deep heat” or similar terms. Diathermy is treatment that delivers energy to treat specific areas of the body. These treatments are typically used for the following purposes: relieve pain, stiffness and muscle spasms, reduce joint contractures, reduce swelling and pain after surgery, promote wound healing.”)

Arthur was finding these treatments helpful because he was still suffering from the after-effects of the airplane accident. (See The Riddle of the Double Ring.) Therefore, Dr. Bolton thinks that Arthur would have wanted to replace the broken mirror. Judy says he wasn’t the messenger. Arthur is too dignified to dress up in a mask or write such a spooky verse. She thinks it may have been Horace who denies it, using one of his unique expressions, “Shivering cats!” He says Mr. Lee would fire him if he couldn’t write better than that. Judy doesn’t want to believe that the messenger was Arthur, but Mrs. Bolton confirms that Horace returned immediately from escorting the girls to the party and was home for the rest of the evening. Horace suggests that Judy ask Peter since he’s as much of a ghost chaser as she is. Judy says she will and Peter is seen approaching the house. (Lorraine’s jealousy and insecurity here and in some of the later chapters strike me as a foreshadowing of things to come in the next book, The Secret of the Barred Window.)

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Rebekah (rebroxanna) | 519 comments I was happy to see Lorraine apologize in this chapter.

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Stephanie C | 14 comments I agree--to hear Lorraine apologize reminded me that she really has changed and made her much more sympathetic.

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William Land (williamland) | 1090 comments Mod
Lorraine is starting to mature.

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