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message 1: by Raymond (new)

Raymond St. (raymondstelmo) | 6 comments Thursday I published a new book on Amazon.
The Scaled Tartan, by Raymond St. Elmo

But it has come over to Goodreads with the period removed from the name; so I can not add it to my list of works.


message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13531 comments I have moved it to your profile.

message 3: by Raymond (last edited Jan 20, 2020 05:17PM) (new)

Raymond St. (raymondstelmo) | 6 comments Emily wrote: "I have moved it to your profile."

I... I think I love you.

Thank you!

Although I note that the cover for the ebook is not yet visible.
But: I still deeply admire you.

Final note: I have made an alternate cover edition, so I think all problems are now resolved.
Thank you much for prompt and professional help!

message 4: by Emily (last edited Jan 21, 2020 07:17AM) (new)

Emily | 13531 comments You're welcome. We do not make an alternate cover edition unless we are moving the ISBN/ASIN (to an edition with a newer cover).

For future reference, the books that import do not automatically come with a cover. I did not know you needed it done. Many authors prefer to do it themselves since the paperback Amazon covers are often poor quality.

You can add the cover yourself from the edit function, or if you wish for someone to add it for you, you can put a link to the Amazon page and the book on Goodreads and someone will do it for you.
I have deleted the extra edition and edited the format to Paperback instead of ebook. Looks like someone else has moved the Kindle edition to your profile.

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