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Gym class is occasionally held here. Cheerleading practise is held here most days. Other than that, students are free to come and go as they please and use the equipment.

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments There was hardly ever a time when Matthias was never not practicing hockey or exercising or doing something to improve his physical fitness. Some called him obsessed, and maybe that was true. Maybe he was obsessed with being the fastest and the strongest and the most skilled player on the hockey team. Maybe he was obsessed with making it to the NHL and becoming a star. If that was true, then it was true. He wasn't going to be ashamed of that at all. Currently, he was in a navy tank top (like the show-off he is), shorts, and tennis shoes and was using the various equipment, specifically the weights.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments Xena entered the gym from the locker room dressed in full fencing gear. She knew that others would currently be in the gym also, which she planned to ignore. She was a bit surprised that there wasn't a lot of students in there. A smile formed on her lips that no one could see because of her head gear. She walked to the fencing area to begin warming up.

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments Matthias saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye and used his peripheral vision to watch another student enter, though this one was dressed in fencing garb. The figure was obviously feminine in shape, size, and stature, so even though he couldn't see her face, Matt was sure she was a girl. He rolled his eyes - mostly at himself and partly at his teammates who were absent - and was relieved that he was here working out on his own. If he had been with certain teammates, they would have tried to get him to approach her and/or hit on her, which he had no real interest in. It was better for him to stick to his guy friends and avoid girls all together. They hated him, and for the most part, he didn't like them much better. He was 100% straight; he just had no interest in any romantic relationships with anyone right now and didn't see that changing for a long time, if ever. Plus, he didn't want to get whacked with a rapier or anything when the interaction would undoubtedly go awry like always. It was better for him to stand here and stretch his calves.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments Xena had finished her warm up and began to practice. It was at some point that she notice that someone else was in the gym. But didn't let the interfere with her practice. She wanted to get in some time before anything awkward happened. Which was most likely when she removes her head gear. After sometime, that moment came when she decided to take a break. She moved to a bench and set her rapier on. Then preceded to sit next to it and remove the head gear. Her braided ebony dusted silver hair flowed down her back as a few stray strands flowed into her dark emerald eyes.

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments Matthias mostly ignored Xena while she practiced, focused instead on what he was doing. Right now he really could use some hard time on the ice, but there wasn't a rink at the school. He'd have to leave campus, which he didn't feel like doing at the moment. However, the more he practiced, the more appealing the idea became. Perhaps he should text his teammates from his ice hockey team outside of school to see if anyone was up for a friendly or not-so-friendly practice game.
He noticed when the girl stopped practicing and glanced over every now and then at her with his peripheral vision, raising his hand once in a brief wave of acknowledgement in her direction when he thought she was able to see him.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments She turned just in time to see the guy across the gym wave to her. She gracefully sat up, gave him a slight nod and then looked away. It was all she had the energy for at the moment. This would often happen but Xena wasn't about to let it slow her down but reminded herself that she needed to move her dance practice to a different time on these days. It wouldn't be long before actual fencing practices started and she was determined to be in top shape. She then glanced over to the boy who waved at her with curiosity.

(Sorry that this took way longer than it should have.....)

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments ((No problem! It took me a while to get back here as well. I didn't see that you posted until just now. My apologies!))

Matthias was hardly surprised when she turned away from him, rolling his eyes at the ceiling while she was looking elsewhere. Every girl he had encountered on campus snubbed him because of his not-so-complimentary reputation, although this girl in the gym had at least acknowledged him. It never actually occurred to him that the fencer across from him might simply be shy or tired; he was just that used to girls constantly ignoring him. Still, he noticed when her gaze landed in his direction, having to resist the urge to peer behind him to see if there was someone else there. Logically, he knew there was no one behind him, so why exactly was the girl looking back at him? Odd. That didn't usually happen. Feeling like he should do something to reciprocate, he flashed her a half-smile, beckoning her to walk over with one hand.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments (I'm sorry I've not been on lately. I haven't forgotten you. Thing are just really crazy here. Thank you for understanding.)

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