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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
This is where the football team practise daily after school, and where all football games are held. The field is large, with goal posts for the two teams and tiered seating nearby for an audience.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 24 comments ( for Realmwalker)
Lui walked down the path towards the stands, her hair in a mini-ponytail, wearing a really nice outfit for someone of her demeanor
(I love this outfit. I love tanks with off the shoulder tops and I'm really curious as to how the bottoms would look on me with some ankle boots. (Off Shoulder Top Design)She sat down on the bottom seat and opened a a black note book and began writing in it.

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Soft Key | 125 comments [ For Lizzie ]

It was really a nice day to be outside. For once, it was warm and the sun wasn’t covered by thick clouds. Today was just, clear skies and sunny, an odd thing for this time of the year.
Kenja didn’t know why she was at the field, but she did know why she was carrying around her largest, favorite book. As much as Kenja loved working out with her teams and dancing until her feet were numb, sitting down in a quiet place and reading for a long time. She’d much rather do that.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 24 comments Lui looked up and watched the female walking down the path, she closed her notebook and stood up she took her phone out and played some upbeat music, she started Dancing, doing handstands, backflips and front flips, then she started brake-dancing

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Soft Key | 125 comments Kenja’s head lifted to look at the girl who just, started dancing. Her face was familiar. Her eyes narrowed slightly before her name clicked. Luí “Oh! You’re on the dance team, right? I’m the vice-captain.” She spoke over the music, her pupils dilated just a bit.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 24 comments Lui stopped dancing and smiled, she paused the music and made her way over, "Yeah, i'm Lui woods, nice to meet you vice-captain"

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Soft Key | 125 comments Kenja hugged her book to her chest, offering a smile. “I remember you from our scheduling meeting., correct me if I’m wrong, you aim to practice freestyle the most?” She asked softly.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 24 comments "yeah, Who told you though? you know what never mind that, anyway yeah i love to do freestyle dancing but i can do group dances or dances i'm giving if needed to"

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