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message 1: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments Can you please help me. I own this book

there is another edition, this one

They are the same edition, can you somehow merge them?
BUT if you merge them, please keep in mind that from the first one, the cover, publisher house and year are correct, but the number of pages should be 313 (the book has phisicaly 320 pages, but from 314-320 there are previews for another books of the same author)...

ALSO, the correct ISBN is from the second book, and it is 9786064303165. As you can see, in the first book the last 3 digits from ISBN number are missing.

So in conclusion, the 2 editions should be merged because there is the same book edition, and the final book remained should have 313 pages, and ISBN 9786064303165.

and FINALLY, if you merge them in just one single book, you can combine it with the editions from previous years, like or

I know I wrote a lot, but I wanted to explain well and give all the details needed. Thanks a lot!

message 2: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Abu Oweimer (vic2pal) | 47 comments Done,,
Please check if everything is okay.

message 3: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments Hi, thanks for helping. Yes, now the book has the right ISBN and it is combined with the other versions. BUT, the page number still shows 320. Can you fix it to 313? As I was saying in my first post, the book do have 320 pages, but the story ends at 313, from 314 to 320 are previews to another books of the same author.

message 5: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments now it is perfect, the topic can be closed.
thanks a lot for your help, have a good day and enjoy your readings!

message 6: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed Abu Oweimer (vic2pal) | 47 comments You're welcome 🙂

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