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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Sci-Fi(New Age)/1989/USA/Hard-back cover of water with a gold infinity symbol/War has lasted for eons between their races She is to set up a planetary trap for the spiders to destroy them. But when she finds the tables have been turned when she gets up.

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message 1: by Asra (new)

Asra Nolan | 16 comments I read this book during High School/1st year of college (1989) from local library can't remember if the book was old or new (sorry) but it was hard-back. Moderately thick (IMHO) about an inch thick or so. Can't remember if the author was male or female but they usually wrote New Age novels and non-fiction (I think?). The main character and her enemy (spider like creatures?) were extremely small as I said in the title.

War has lasted for eons between thier races but a new way to destroy them has been found! She is to set up a planetary trap for the spiders then set off the explosion to destroy them. But when time for the trap to be sprung arrives she finds the tables have been turned. The bomb has been disconected and she must head out to manualy activate it herself.

Spoiler: whole story as I remember it which is spotty at best

She sets up a two interlocking planetary systems with three? moons to control movements. When she looked for spirits to inhabit the bodies she found humans and they showed her spirits that would be more correct for her uses. After she set up the system she slept for a long time till the trap sprung (eons?). When she woke up she found the plan had worked to well and the spiders had taken control of the one side of the system and she could not activate the death switch. Having to leave the protection of her shell she took a form of the resident life forms and started her journey to the manual release. She found out that what the residents called the old witch was the access entity (reminded me of a old hag) which had been corrupted and acted as a Charon to allow residents to cross between worlds. At one point (toward the end) she got lost in a limbo met a few entities and I swear the guy from life of pie but from what the errata said s/he wrote mostly New Age books and that was a character from one of their other books. I believe in the end she found out the war had been over for eons (old trope) but she was able to purge the system of the spider infection and keep the creatures that now lived on the planets and lived happily ever after.

Thank you to anyone who tries to figure this out for me I really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with my kids (and get the "Life of Pi" of my thoughts :)

message 2: by Asra (new)

Asra Nolan | 16 comments Hey doing the bump. Please!!! Someone know this book it was very cool and I would love to read it again :) I read read it in college around 1989 since I borrowed it from the library it might of been a little older but it didn't seem to be a lot older from what I remember. Unfortunately I have said all that I really remember that could help (don't think the location of the book rack would help :)
The cover looked like Lee Strauss's Perception (gold infinity symbol on watery background) but the symbol was up/down and the background was more ocean like (I believe).

Again PLEASE someone figure this book out for me It wracks my brain :)

message 3: by Ky (new)

Ky | 126 comments This sounds a LOT like The Last Legends of Earth by A.A. Attanasio. The protagonist is Gai the Rimstalker and she's charged with a last-ditch mission to rid her world deep inside the gravity well from the spiderlike zotl. She clones humans from all ages as an end to this means and uses them to populate the planets of her artificial star system.

message 4: by Asra (new)

Asra Nolan | 16 comments Very close but read the descriptions not sure some points are missing and no picture looking like what I remember but I will defiantly read it to see

message 5: by Asra (new)

Asra Nolan | 16 comments OK I look at a sample the world layout looks right and the description is right but that opening in the kindle sample is TOTALLY different from the book I read. It started from her being given her mission and going to create the worlds so I don't know if it is a different version of what *shrug*

message 6: by Ky (new)

Ky | 126 comments I'm re-reading Last Legends right now, because this thread got me interested in a re-read. I'd forgotten Gai doesn't show up in the first chapter. Do you mind listing the names of the characters who appeared in your Kindle sample and maybe a sentence or two about what they do/what happens? I'll be able to say if those characters are the ones in Last Legends or not.

message 7: by Asra (new)

Asra Nolan | 16 comments I have read some more of the first chapter/prelude "Tractate of a Timefree, spacelike Domain" and it sounds like the right story but since the forward was written in 2008 I am guessing this is a rebuilt intro. It is the right book (I think *shrug*) but the intro has been changed and I don't remember it being "short story" based. Could you give me a heads up on where I lost my path :)

The book I read started with her getting set her briefing to build the trap for the spiders. Then she set it up talking to the main AI's that ran the machines. Pulled up the spirits of a race that had moved pass their physical forms before they pointed her to a more barbaric race (humans). And does it have the Gate Keeper/Gypsy that controlled the path between worlds?

message 8: by Ky (new)

Ky | 126 comments You could try skipping ahead to Age of Light - Urgrund (page 56 in my library copy) and start reading from there. The first few chapters cover different characters and situations so skipping ahead to check shouldn't spoil anything.

The Weed Woman does serves as a gatekeeper and she shows up about 5 pages into the chapter If Zero Could Shut Its Mouth (page 10 or 11-my copy). There's no forward in my library copy, which was published in 1989. So my page numbers might not be very helpful but you can read a few pages of Zero Could to see if the Weed Woman rings a bell and then jump to Urgrund to see if Gai is the character you were thinking of. Hope that helps!

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Asra Nolan | 16 comments that sounds great it should be the book I read then and yeah that sounds about right for the published date :) is yours the hard back with an infinity symbol ?? because I am finding no proof of it. It's annoying but I'll live :)

message 10: by Ky (new)

Ky | 126 comments No, it's a trade paperback that looks like this: The Last Legends of Earth (Radix, #4) by A.A. Attanasio .

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Asra Nolan | 16 comments I know but I remember it being a hard back with a infinity symbol *shrug*

oh by the way the kindle version is now removed from amazon O.O

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