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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book, girl whose only friend is librarian, racist scavenger hunt? [s]

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meg (voles4women) | 16 comments I would have read this between 2000 and 2005 but I believe it was published much earlier. All I can vividly remember is the main character was a girl who spent a lot of time hanging out with the female librarian (an adult). I think she was working on some sort of scavenger or treasure hunt and one of the clues led her to the book "n*** of the narcissus" by Joseph Conrad. I remember she said the title of the book to the librarian, who was African-American, and the girl is immediately horrified and she runs away before apologizing later. REALLY weird one, this is why I think it was written much earlier than 2000

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meg (voles4women) | 16 comments oh I'm almost positive this was it! I remember the idea of "Capri" being a weird heaven, and I loved The Westing Game so it wouldn't be surprising for me to have picked this up. thank you!

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Do you want to call this Solved then?

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meg (voles4women) | 16 comments just got this from the library to double check and this is 100% it!

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Great. Glad you found your book, meg. Thanks for the update.

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