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Mushka (Master of the Hewo) | 218 comments Name: Vivian Locks
Age: 16
Ability: Sucker (this is a very rare ability which enables her to suck the power of anybody she touches)
Personality: Whimsical, annoying, nerd, and always punctual.
Level in Foxfire: Level 6

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Name: Nora Davgi
Nickname: Nav
Age: 14
Foxfire level: 4
Personality: Shy, can't control her two abilities yet.
Age when manifested: 12
Abilities: Guster and Phaser

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Mushka (Master of the Hewo) | 218 comments These are Vivian's friends:
Name: Lyla Star
Age: 15
Ability: Intercepter (this means that she is able to intercept to telepaths conversations, making them unable to transmit for a certain amount of time)
Personality: very self-centered, endearing, dramatic.
Age when manifested: 13
Level in Foxfire: 5

Name: Kayla Stone
Age: 16
Ability: Trollum (this means that she can blend in with trolls, know their language, and be a troll for as long as she wants)
Personality: shy, quiet, bookworm, teachers pet.
Level at Foxfire: 6

Name: Miralda Chan
Age: 15
Ability: Equillium (this means that when needed, she can have powers equal to her rivals/rival)
Personality: Fierce, bold, stands up for herself, competitive.
Level at Foxfire: 5

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kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Name: Draek Salin
Age: 15
Ability: Polygot
Personality: Likes taking to people in their own language to make them feel better. Nice, cheerful, funny.
Level in Foxfire: Level 5
Other: His sister is deaf, so he does sign language to her with his ability.
Description: Tall with long brown hair he puts in a man-bun.

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Ella K | 41 comments Name: Rylie Shumbordoe
Age: 13
Ability: Vanisher
Personality: She is super peppy and loves makeup. She is really nice though and gives great advice. Also is very kind- but can sometims obsess over stuff
Level in Foxfire: Level 3

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Aҽɾιαʅ Dყɳαɱιƈ (fairiefox14) Name: Reya Ambrasi
Age: 15 (almost 16)
Ability: Beguiler
Desc: tall with gold hair and indigo eyes
Personality: doesn't like to use her ability so she doesn't really talk, but she's very observant.

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Ella K | 41 comments Rylie's friends:
Age: 13
Level: 3
Nickname: Celle
Ability: Empath
Personality: Very kind, asks questions a LOT. She also enjoys reading and knows a lot of stuff.

Age: 13
Level: 3
Ability: Conjurer
Personality: Talks with hands A LOTT, public speaker, SUPER confident. She enjoys makeup like Rylie, but also enjoys reading like Celeste

Mushka (Master of the Hewo) | 218 comments Vivian's Mentor:
Name: Lucy Sun
Ability: Sucker
Age: 37
Husband: Mikod Drin, a powerful Guster

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mugs | 445 comments Mod
Name: Amalie Alicha Soarez
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Personality: Amalie is kind, caring and she loves to take care of plants. She is stubborn and set in her ways. If she believes that she's right, then it will take quite a bit to change her mind.
Level[Foxfire]: 3
Ability: Hydrokinetic
Appearance: She has long black hair that she usually keeps loose and she wears one small silver bracelet with her initials[A.A.S.] engraved onto it.

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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Name: Serenity Selene Silverlight

Nickname: Serene

Age: 11

Species: Elf

Abilities: Singers (Whatever she sings will happen), Mesmer, Froster, flasher

Gender: Female

Residence: Mystic Sky

Family Crest: A vapor of silver mist with stars glittering on it in a dark blue background

Appearance: Serenity is a very pretty girl with her usual look as
someone with silver blonde hair and skyblue eyes. She likes to sing and change her appearance. She's pretty tall and she has a crescent moon birthmark under her eyes. It's the one thing she can't sing to go away.

History: Serenity was born with a sister named Evangeline Isabella Silverlight. She got along with Evangeline until they realized the Serenity was stronger than Evangeline. Evangeline or Eva was an Illusionist, Flasher, Froster, and Mesmer. Serenity and Eva were both musical but only Serenity had a musical power. Because of this, Serenity was often off preforming for the world. She came back to find Eva stronger than her but Serenity didn't care. Serenity had thought they were going to be friends and they were for a while but Eva had to practice to keep ahead of her and Serenity was in the way of that. Eva told her to wait outside but stayed in there practicing for hours. Dejected, Serenity went outside to find a little fox kit looking half starved. It was the first time she sang her powers with a purpose. She sang of healing and in no time the fox kit was healed. She named her Lily. A few weeks later, Eva had a wolf pup trailing after her and Eva had no idea how. Serenity hid a laugh and Eva smiled genuinely. When she was 11 she and Eva were both accepted into Foxfire.

Manifestation of Power: Serenity's parents both had a strange power so everyone expected Serenity and Eva to have one as well. They did. With Serenity's musical power and Eva's illusionist special ability, they were the strongest kids that even the elders had seen in a long time. They both showed their strange power early on and loved to use them to help others. As time went on they realized that Eva's illusions became real. Serenity was amazed and delighted.

Foxfire History: Serenity and Eva both excelled at all their classes staying up late to get homework done. The teachers enjoyed them and they could pass classes without trying. Serenity loved all her classes and she enjoyed being at the top of her classes. She and Eva were both but in Lvl 4 classes when they turned twelve because they were starting to take naps during class out of sheer boredom. Serenity and Eva had the same classes every single year, something they requested. Serenity loved every class. She and Eva were the elites among the elites. It wasn't surprising after they heard who their parents were.

Acheivements or Accomplishments: Serenity and Eva are always at the top of their class

Personality: Serenity is a sweet and kind person, who is very trusting. She is helpful to everyone and everyone likes her. Serenity is neither pessimistic or optimistic but prefers to be realistic. She is serious in her work and effort is always put into anything she does.

School: FoxFire

Level: 8

Likes: Dancing, Singing, being the top of her class

Dislikes: Rude people

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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Evangeline Estella Silverlight
Illusionist, Mesmer, r, pyrokentic telepath
Residence: SilverWolves
Family Crest: Silver Wolf head
Appearance: She has strawberry blonde hair and warm blue eyes. She is very pretty.
Personality: Kind, and smart
Notable things: She is the same rank as Serenity
History: She has always struggled to keep up with Serenity but is very strong
School: Foxfire
Level: 4
Good at all classes
Her pet wolves
her powers
Being second
other: Known to be a healer

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Name: Chase Robe
Ability: Descryer
Age: 13
Level: 5
Personality: Extremely smart and wary of people because of his ability. Kinda dark like Tam Song.

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And Imma create another boy :D

Name: Eddie
Age: 16
Level: 6
Ability: Talentless ;[
Personality: Extremely bubbly
Family: Both parents are Telepaths

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mugs | 445 comments Mod
Name: Bailey
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Ability: Vanisher
Personality: Happy, carefree, kind
Level in Foxfire: 4

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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Name: MeiZhongHua
Nickname: Mei
Age: 11
Looks: She has jet black hair with bright blue eyes. her hair falls to her hips.
Level: 3
Abilities: Telepath, Elementals ( only faith), Inflictor, Mesmer
Personality: Fun
School: Foxfire
Home: Everglade
History: Everyone loved Mei by birth and everyone accepted her. She's kind a fun.
Other: Her name means Beautiful Chinese Flower

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) Name: Janelle Griffin
Nickname: Jen

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Abilities: Telepath, Shade
Residence: Starwater

Family crest: Background is an apple blossom tree, there is a dove flying in front of it with stars instead of wings.

Organization: Black Swan

Appearance: knee-length dark brown hair, (wavy when wet but smooth and straight when dry). Starry ice blue eyes with long black lashes. Tan colored skin. Around 5.6 feet tall.

Personality: Brave and surprisingly strong. She has a quick temper. She is very beautiful and sometimes shy when around guys. She can be mischievous and she has a funny humor. She is sweet and considerate but she does have her flaws. She is somewhat mysterious.

Accessories: She doesn't have a nexus anymore, she always wears her crystal necklace that her father gave her the day before he died. But she is not a fashion lover so she doesn't really ever wear anything more than that except for special occasions.

History: When she was 12, her father died from an unknown cause, but she has forever believed that it was the Neverseen who caused it, because her family was in the Black Swan for a very long time and they recently found out the Neverseen's new hide-out. She has a twin brother named Wilder. She has stayed with him and her mother (Sanya) forever. Her mother is a skilled telepath, as was her father. Her brother, Wilder, is a Shade as well, but he is also a Polygot. Jenelle has been going to Foxfire with a new fiery spirit so as to get smarter and get revenge on the Neverseen. She doesn't have any friends except her brother, only because she is a Shade, and some elves seem afraid of her.

School: Foxfire
Level: 6 (she and Wilder are a year ahead because of extra studies with the Black Swan).

-Members of the Black Swan
-Her beloved brother and mother
-chocolate (yum!)
-Battle training

-Bullies (she always stands up for kids who get bullied)
-People who mock her ability and tell her she is a freak
-surprisingly her telekinesis teacher (He is sometimes rude and hard on her).

Relationship status: Single (sadly), no friends (also sad).
Family: Brother, Wilder. Mother, Sanya. Father, Dameon (RIP).
Husband: N/A
Children: N/A

Please RP with me! :)

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) Name: Wilder Griffin
Nickname: None

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Abilities: Polygot, Shade
Residence: Starwater

Family crest: Background is an apple blossom tree, there is a dove flying in front of it with stars instead of wings.

Organization: Black Swan

Appearance: He is identical to his sister, Jenelle.Short dark brown hair with bangs, Piercing, icy-blue eyes. Tan colored skin. Around 5.11 feet tall.

Personality: Really cute, and pretty muscular. He has a quick temper like his sister. He is an extrovert but hates big crowds of people at the same time. He is very funny and he loves his sister to death. He is really sweet to the people he loves. He is super smart and he is a year ahead in FoxFire. He is very mysterious and can be kind of dark on the outside (but he is sweet on the inside).

Accessories: He doesn't have a nexus anymore, he sometimes wears a dark green wrist band that his twin sister Jenelle gave him.

History: When he was 12, his father died from an unknown cause, he and his sister believe it was the Neverseen who killed his father and he has been acting very dark in public since then, but he dies open up with his nother and sister at his house. He has a twin sister names Jenelle. He has protected her and his mother mother (Sanya) since the death of their father. His mother is a skilled telepath, as was his father. His sister, Jenelle, is a Shade as well, but she is also a Telepath like his parents, but he is not. Wilder has been going to Foxfire with a darker spirit then before. He doesn't have any friends except his sister, only because he is a Shade, and some elves seem afraid of him and his sister.

School: Foxfire
Level: 6 (He and Jenelle are a year ahead because of extra studies with the Black Swan).

-Members of the Black Swan
-His beloved sister and mother
-weirdly when he uses shadow flux on people
-Training to get revenge on the Neverseen

-Bullies (only if they are bullying his sister, if not, then he usually stays quiet in the background)
-People who mock his ability and tells him he and his sister are freaks
-large groups of loud people, (especially giggling and goggling girls).

Relationship status: Single, no friends.
Family: Sister, Jenelle. Mother, Sanya. Father, Dameon (RIP).
Husband: N/A
Children: N/A

Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Ashaya Star Elowan

Nickname: Ash because Ashaya sounds too formal.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Abilities: Psionipath & Biokinetic (is it ok if I make up a power? Basically, she can talk to living things and summon them to her.)

Pet: René (ren-ay) the Phoenix. René means reborn which defines the life cycle of a Phoenix. René hatched the exact same day of the same year as Ash, but their ages are very different. A Phoenix’s age is counted in rebirths which happens once in about every 20 or so months. René has had 9 rebirths which is very young for a Phoenix. He is super curious and loves to make new friends. Unfortunately, he has a habit of wandering off and Ash is constantly looking for him. Somehow, he has a sixth sense of finding hurt creatures in need of help. He is scared of lots of things and hides in Ash’s hood a lot, but he really doesn’t like it when the larger creatures try to push him around. Once, René even faced down a rampaging Gorgedon at Havenfield that was charging at Ash. Apparently, his love and loyalty are stronger than his ever present fear.

Appearance: Ash has wavy golden hair that falls down to her waist. Every day, her hair is woven into a different intricate style, but never for attention. She has a natural talent for it, and her styles are always practical and never hinder her ability to see or move. At first glance, her eyes seem black, but if you look closely, you can see that they are a deep blue-gray with small flecks of bright silver dotting her eyes. Many people find her eyes disturbing because they give Ash a faraway and mysterious look. She is on the shorter side of the height spectrum, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She always wears a plain outfit so that she doesn’t stand out. Her favorite tunic is smoky gray with small, skillfully embroidered designs along the hem. It isn’t frilly or fancy, but the simple design fits Ash and looks beautiful on her alone. It has long sleeves, but Ash usually has them pulled up to her elbow. She wears it with her long, pure black cape pinned with the Fintan’s crest and knee high black boots without leggings. Ash never goes anywhere without a few lethal daggers hidden somewhere among the folds of her flowing cape. When Ash is working undercover for the Neverseen, she wears a simple black tunic with long sleeves, along with black leggings and knee-high black boots. She also wears her iconic black Neverseen cape with the eye on the sleeve and the hood covering her face. Also, she has a small black bag slung across her body, under her cape, for René to ride along in. She never goes anywhere without him, not even school. If you listen hard enough, you can hear him snoring during Master Leto’s announcements.

Personality: Ash has never spoken a word to anyone other than those she trusts. Whatever her reason, she never says anything to anyone else. While at school and with people, Ash is shy and reserved, but when surrounded by those she trusts, her true colors show. She is smarter than people realize and likes to keep it that way. She manifested as a Psionipath at a very young age and a Biokinetic shortly after, but has only told her closest friends about her Biokinesis. Most people are wary of her and act like she’s some “monster child.” She never draws attention to herself and uses her muted colors to make herself invisible to most people. She is a bookworm and likes to wander into the forest with a book and can be gone for hours. She is very athletic and loves any kind of adventure. She loves climbing the tallest trees and hiking up the most desolate of mountains whenever she gets a break from her duties. Ash has yet to back down from any challenge. She also has a gift for gentling any creature that otherwise cannot be controlled.

Family: Fintan - adoptive father - Pyrokinetic
Ash never knew her real family. They abandoned her as soon as they realized she was not the boy they were hoping for. Fintan told her that she was found in the middle of the forest by a kind gnome who took her in. Then, the gnome sought out the Council who then placed her in the care of Fintan. He is like a father to her and cares for her. He was especially surprised when she manifested as a psionipath, and because of her courage and skill, he took her under his wing and trained her. Just recently, he introduced her to the Neverseen and she joined their ranks.

Home: Seaview, their new house, is located in a large, remote cove on the edge of the sea. The large house is built into the side of the cliff so it is bigger than it looks. Ash’s room is on the tallest floor of their five-story mansion. The only way to reach it is by climbing a ladder from the fourth floor. Her room looks out over the sea and every morning the sun rises from across the ocean and wakes her up better than any alarm clock. Ash’s room has a large balcony that directly faces the sea. There are strong vines that climb the house and border her balcony. Ash uses them as a pathway from her room to the ground, five stories below. The vines do have blooms, but they are very rare. The flowers bloom only for an hour once a year on the Summer Solstice which, surprisingly, is Ash’s birthday.

School: Foxfire - Level 5

Neverseen: Although Ash has been helping the Neverseen for most of her life, she was officially recruited recently when she was 12. She quickly gained their trust and has been rewarded for her loyalty. She is sent out on many important missions because of her unique ability, fighting skill, and resilience. Now, she is trying to work her way up the ranks, but some members are not happy and have sworn never to let her gain control... even if that means death...

Background: When Ash was young, she went to a fancy clothes shop in Atlantis with Lady Gisela so that she could get a tunic and Neverseen cape tailored to her specific desires. The end result of the trip was a store full of ruined fabric, a very, very mad shopkeeper, and a trial before the Council. Their verdict was 5 months in Exillium which wasn’t so bad. Fintan even moved from his fancy house in the city to a smaller house in an empty, remote place, so that he could stay close to Ash. At Exillium, Ash learned to perfect her abilities and new-found skills, all the while... a part of the Neverseen. Now, she is back at Foxfire and is teaching her friends her new skills.

Likes: Reading, art, being out in nature, playing with René, and making Fintan proud

Dislikes: Attention, low expectations, failing her mission, and letting Fintan down

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Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Melody Rain

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Ability: Vanisher + Atmokinetic (can control the weather)

Pet: Twister the Halcyon. Twister is 10 years old which is very young for a Halcyon. He is mischievous like Melody and very energetic. Currently, Melody is trying to teach him how to play soccer, but he is a slow learner.

Appearance: Melody’s auburn hair is always in a simple braid that reaches about the bottom of her shoulder blades. When they think about it, nobody, not even her friends, have seen her hair in anything but a braid!
Her eyes are a beautiful blue-green, like the color of the sea, with specks of dark green, but also slightly murky.
She is normal height for a 14 year old, but still a little taller than Ash.
Melody loves to be a rebel, so she dresses exactly how her parents don’t want her to. Her favorite color is green, so she wears a short emerald green tunic with black and white striped leggings. She wears short, dark forest green boots that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Melody also wears a dark forest green cape that only goes down to the back of her knees for maximum mobility. When Melody is working undercover for the Neverseen, she wears a simple, short black tunic with long sleeves, along with black leggings and short black boots. She also wears her iconic black Neverseen cape with the eye on the sleeve and the hood covering her face.

Personality: Melody loves to play tricks on people. She is mischievous and loves pranks. Her pet, Twister, is perfect for her because he is also a little trickster. Melody is blind, but she doesn’t let that slow her down! When she is outside, she can easily find her way around (with the help of the weather) and it seems like she isn’t blind, but when she is indoors, the weather can’t help her and she is always running into things.

Harmony - Conjourer - older sister
Symphony - stb Vociferator - little sister
Reuben - Conjourer - father
Rebecca - Vociferator - mother

Home: Clearsound

School: Foxfire - Level 4

Neverseen: Was introduced to the Neverseen at the same time Ash was initiated. Immediately, she wanted to join, and a month later, she became an official member.

Background: She is a good kid on the out, but a rebel on the inside

Likes: Soccer

Dislikes: Heights

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Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Xavier Thomas

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Ability: Pyrokinetic + Enhancer

Pet: Spark the Flaredon

Xavier has short, carefully styled red hair. He has bold admiral blue eyes that make him stand out in a crowd. They seem to have a reddish tint to them, though, making them look fierce. Xavier is slightly taller than average, so he towers over the two girls. He wears a very dark maroon shirt with black pants tucked into his medium height dark maroon boots. He always wears a black cape, no matter what. When he is working undercover for the Neverseen, he wears a simple black shirt along with black pants tucked into his medium height black boots. He also wears his iconic black Neverseen cape with the eye on the sleeve and the hood covering his face.

Personality: Xavier is quiet and hates talking to people. He would much rather take a million exams than to present a short project to his class. He loves school and hates socializing.

2 brothers and 2 sisters - Frosters
2 brothers and 2 sisters - Hydrokinetics
Froster - father
Hydrokinetic - mother
Xavier is the youngest of 9 kids and he is the odd one out. He has red hair while his whole family has either black or blonde. He has never told them his ability, so they think he is talentless.

Home: Crystalcreek is right next to a river that flows down from the mountains and into a beautiful lake.

School: Foxfire - Level 6

Neverseen: Xavier was introduced to the Neverseen by accident. Ash and Melody were supposed to be having a secret meeting with the Fintan, but the boy accidentally wandered in. After learning about the organization, he wanted to join. Fintan was approving of his power and how skilled he was, so he did the official ceremony right then and there.

Likes: Silence, reading, hanging out with friends

Dislikes: Socializing, sports, being left behind on missions

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Full Name: Skye Anderson
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: elf
Ability(max is 4): Shapeshifter, Telepath ( she can transmit any distance but it tires her out), Vanisher, and Flasher
Residence: SilverArrow
Family Crest: A silver arrow going through a intricate ring that is bordering the crest
Appearance: Wavy brown hair that fades into gold either down or in an intricate hairstyle (most likely a braid or bun)
Personality: extremely loyal, kind, sarcastic, loves to laugh, friendly/enthusiastic.
School: (Foxfire or Exilium): Foxfire
Coach(Exilium)/Level(Foxfire): Level 4

-Dance (contempo & Hip Hop mainly, but she also likes Ballet, Lyrical, and other types)
-Hanging out with friends
- Alchemy
-Cats (she met one on accident)
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Her mom is Dawn and her dad is Blake and she has a twin named Luna and a younger sister Selene
Other:She takes Dance where she is top in almost all of her lessons, but other than that - nope!

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Adeline | 14 comments Name: Eldrin Blanc
Age: 15, almost 16
Ability: Haemokinesis (Blood Manipulation, meaning he can snatch blood out of a person's body, use blood to track the person or creature to whom it belongs to, or manipulate the blood while inside the person giving him nearly full control over motor functions and body temperature).
Personality: he is quiet, observant, and likes to draw
Level in Foxfire: Level 5

Name: Elaria Blanc
Age: 14, almost 15
Ability: Sonokinesis (Sound Wave Manipulation, meaning she has the ability to generate and manipulate sound by changing the waves the sound creates: pitch, volume, even changing the words people hear. Also, this allows her to change any sound, just by changing the waves.
Personality: she is outgoing, bubbly, and can sometimes be annoying
Level in Foxfire: 4

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Skye's friends:
Name: Cassidy McKenzie
Age: 14
Abilities: Telepath and Empath
Appearance: Flaming red hair with blue eyes and a spray of freckles across her nose

Personality: Very athletic and has impeccable aim and advanced fighting skills. Cass is outgoing adventurous, a pranker, kind, loyal, compassionate, and is commonly found in detention.
Level in Foxfire: Level 4

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James | 3 comments Name: Taron Valdon

Nickname: Volts

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Species: Elf

Abilities: Technopath and Eletrcokinetic

Pet: None

Sexuality: Straight

Relationships: None

Physical Description and Personality : He is below average height with frizzy messy short blonde hair with a streak of gold going through it. His eyes are such dark blue they appear Grey like thunderclouds. He is mostly seen as scrawny with little muscle he seems like he should have ADHD for he is always moving tinkering with a machine or gadget absentmindedly not focusing on one thing for very long and is not great in social situations he can be a flirt and jokester with close freinds and is extremely loyal

Likes: Machines,Thunderstorms,Weaponry(Only if he's made it)

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Skye Anderson’s friend Name: Alyssa Rodrigues
Age: 14
Abilities: Hydrokenetic and Telepath
Appearance: Black wavy hair and light blue eyes

Personality: sweet and shy but once you get the know her she is enthusiastic and loyal. She is very optimistic and is the peacemakers of the three.

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James | 3 comments Name: Atlas
Age: 15
Ability: Talentless
Personality: he is quite physical, loveable, sweet compassionate and a gentle giant,
Looks: Atlas stands at a insane 6,7 he has broad shoulders and a burly muscular build, he has very dark messy hair and has sky blue eyes

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ℂhigeen( •_•)  | 6 comments Name: Bridget Stone
Age: 13
Ability: Charger, telepath, phytokinesis
Personality: Shy, a little bit sassy, athletic,
Level: 6
Organization: Mystic Foxes

Looks: (view spoiler)

Family: Mother and Father

Residence: Platinum Dagger
Family Crest: A platinum dagger emitting light surrounded by clouds.

Other: She is deaf and cannot speak. She can read lips fairly well, but it is easier for her to understand with sign language. She was born with all 5 senses but lost her hearing and her speech at the age of 7 during a fire. She does not have scars on top, but underneath these things show. She also hates it when someone breaks a promise.

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Adeline | 14 comments Name: Shayera Quinrel
Age: 17
Ability: Aciukinesis (view spoiler)
Personality: A total bookworm, you won't find her anywhere without her nose in one. Is considered to be very intelligent.
Level in Foxfire: Level 6

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) Name: Elias Bronwyn
Age: 15
Ability: empath
Personality: very cold and abrasive and generally a joykill. He's actually an anxious baby, but nobody needs to know that.
Level in Foxfire: 5

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Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Veronica Sage

Nickname: Vee, Ivy, Nica

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Abilities: Technopath, Empath, Telepath, Polyglot

Pet: Mechanical Creature

Appearance: https://lh6.ggpht.com/-GUTslYvyB0A/VK...
She always carries a few tools along with her and says: “Being prepared is the best weapon.”

Personality: Veronica is kind and courageous. Although her powers aren’t amazing, she doesn’t let anyone look down on her for them. She is sassy and sorta a punk. Don’t mess with her or you will regret it.

Rachel - Technopath - father
Ryan - Technopath - mother

Home: Leafworks is located in the jungle. It is like a mechanical house that looks like a tree. The name was her dad’s silly name instead of clockworks.

School: Foxfire - Level 5

Background: Veronica is an only child. Her father and mother expect her to follow in their footsteps and be like them, but she never is good enough and she always lets them down.

Likes: Mechanical stuff, making stuff, fixing stuff

Dislikes: Show-offs, Astrakinetics [[because their electricity shorts out her inventions]], liars

User: Ferocious

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Name: Chole Silvermoon
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Abilities: Muter, Inflictor, Mimic, Solidumkenetic
Residence: Silver Lake
Crest: A clear blue moon above a lake that has ripples. Twinkling stars in the lake and the sky. An alicorn is flying in the sky

message 32: by Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ (last edited Apr 02, 2020 11:24AM) (new)

Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Astra Hope

Meaning: From the stars

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Abilities: Shade & Flasher - Once she manifested, Astra learned that she had a new and unique problem with her abilities. Each is confined to only one hand. Her left can only control the light and her right can control her shadows. For some reason, there is nothing they can do. Make one hand immobile, the power is unable to work.

Pet: TBD

Appearance: https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th/id/OIP.pI...

Personality: Astra is emotionless and cold. It’s takes a long time for her to trust someone and even then, that trust is easily broken. She is wary of everyone and isn’t outspoken. She hates attention and prefers not to be noticed. She is smarter than she lets on, but nobody knows. She does “ok” in class only so she is not recognized. She is evil and doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings.

Family: Unknown

Home: Unknown

School: Foxfire - Level 4

Background: Nobody but Astra knows her past. She doesn’t like to talk about it and hates when people pry.

Likes: Peace, freedom, the unknown adventures

Dislikes: Being held down, staying put, orders

User: Ferocious

message 33: by ℂhigeen( •_•) (last edited Apr 03, 2020 02:48PM) (new)

ℂhigeen( •_•)  | 6 comments Name: Haylee Stone
Personality: Sharp of tongue, a little sassy, studious
Pin on אש But wavy
Level: 6
Ability: Origamist, mesmer, flasher, telepath(especially good at telekinesis)
Age: 11
Family: Lara Tay, mom, dad (long lost sister of Bridget and Haylee has been all but forgotten by her family)
Pet: Kitsune-> Nine-tailed Fox Gumiho Arctic Fox Kitsune PNG, Clipart, Animals ...

message 34: by Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ (last edited Apr 08, 2020 09:35AM) (new)

Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Name: Wesley Adams

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Abilities: Bender [[Can create portals]], Flicker [[Can make things invisible]], Twister [[Can absorb powers]], Spacekeeper [[Can control space ((area)) ]]

Appearance: But with blue eyes https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th/id/OIP.a9...

Personality: Wesley is an upbeat guy who always tries to be helpful. He is kind and funny, but also pretty rebellious. If anyone compares him to his brothers, he will lash out, no questions asked. He is pretty trustworthy, but sometimes he puts too much on his plate. At times it may seem like he’s being rude ignoring you, but he’s probably just thinking about something else. He also likes to play sports and soccer is his all time favorite. Be careful, he’s pretty good. Overall, he tries to make everyone happy and have a good time. [[Warning: watch out for his lame jokes. They’re pretty lame...]]

Family: Wesley has two older brothers. He is constantly in their shadow and is expected to be like them. His family is in the nobility and is always being judged by other people.
Mark - Father
Deborah - Mother
Jake - Oldest Brother [[23]]
Levi - Older Brother [[17]]
Wesley - Old Brother [[13]]

Home: Skylodge

School: Foxfire - Level 8

Organization: Black Swan

Background: Wesley has to older, “perfect” brothers. He’s always following along in their shadow and hates it. His family has always been in the nobility, but he doesn’t really like it. He would rather people accept him for who he is, not his family. There has always been a rivalry between the three brothers and nothing is going to stop it. The Adams family has a long history of family feuds and most are still present today.

Likes: Making people laugh, soccer, nature

Dislikes: Being compared to his brothers, nobility, suits and fancy clothes

message 35: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) Name: Liam Phoenix
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ability: Hydrokinetic
Looks: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a7/e8/...
Personality: Funny, cute, protective of friends, brave, he is very popular but he doesn't really like it, sometimes shy.
Level in Foxfire: 6

message 36: by ℂhigeen( •_•) (last edited Nov 21, 2021 03:29PM) (new)

ℂhigeen( •_•)  | 6 comments Name: Inej Ghafa
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Abilities: Wraithkinesis, Origamist
Looks: brunette, darkly tanned skin, coffee brown eyes
Personality: Quiet, intelligent, brave, popular but always manages to escape her crowds
Level: 6
Other: She is popular because of her style and her animals who are always around her.

ℂhigeen( •_•)  | 6 comments Did I forget to mention that Inej has a lightning phoenix? Eh, it looks like this-> Ice Phoenix Slayer Magic | Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki | Fandom but with lightning crackling on the edge of it's wings.

message 38: by ✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (last edited Apr 16, 2020 07:04AM) (new)

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Because no groups is good without a bully I'm making one.

Name: Celeste Strong

Age; 15

Gender: Female

Abilities: Psionpath, control over senses, control over body, control over organic matter

Looks: With her ice blue eyes and her blonde hair- she's a VSCO girl

Level: 5 she was smart enough for 6 but stayed in 5 to bully everyone

History: Celeste was never someone popular but someone to be inteminated by. Her attitude made sure of that


message 39: by ℂhigeen( •_•) (last edited Apr 16, 2020 07:46AM) (new)

ℂhigeen( •_•)  | 6 comments Name: Matthew Starn
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks: A permanent smirk on his face. Face is freckled with dirty blond hair he is always running his fingers through
Personality: Rude, snarky
Level: 5
Abilities: Hydrokinetic, Polyglot, Shade, Empath
History: Christian was a popular boy until the Silverlights came along. Then he became bitter and bullied people for the fun of it.
Family: Mother(Isabel), Father(Cren)

message 40: by ✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (last edited Apr 16, 2020 07:47AM) (new)

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Name: Tommy Strong
Age; 15
Gender: Female
Looks: Nuetruel fallows celets everywhere
Abilities: Cyrokenetic, Psionpath, Flasher, Telepath
History: Tommy was never a popular boy. Hated he bullied to get her way
Other: He's twins with celeste

message 41: by Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ (last edited Apr 16, 2020 01:09PM) (new)

Sᴍɪʟᴇʏ Fοⅹ | 789 comments Hey, uh... Christina? Tommy’s character thing was a little messed up. :) I fixed it for you if you want to use this one instead!

Name: Tommy Strong

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Abilities: Cyrokenetic, Psionpath, Flasher, Telepath

Looks: Neutral; follows Celeste everywhere

School: Foxfire

Level: 5

History: Tommy was never a popular boy. He hated to get bullied, so now he does it to get his way.

- Dad
- Mom
- Celeste - Twin

message 42: by Adeline (last edited Apr 19, 2020 01:57PM) (new)

Adeline | 14 comments Name: Ryker König
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Ability: Balónikinesis (view spoiler) and Quantakinesis (view spoiler)
Level: 3
Personality: Really he's just a cinnamon roll.
Appearance: 4'9, short brown hair (think Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hair) and periwinkle blue eyes. Is, much to his dismay, rosy-cheeked, making it look like he's always blushing or is just permanently embarrassed.
Family: Considers anyone he meets to be family. Mother had Balónikinesis, father has Quantakinesis.
Family Crest: A full moon surrounded by tree limbs on all sides
History: His mother Faded during a light leap and his father works in Atlantis. He mainly spends time at his home (Aglonby), Foxfire, or anywhere with friends.

message 43: by Raven (new)

Raven D. | 1 comments Name: Auri Aouki

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Abilities: Shade and Telepath (Or just Shade if she can only have one).

Appearance: Long silver-blond hair with black streaks, down to her hips. Very pale skin. Extremely deep blue eyes, look slightly purple sometimes.

Social status: Nobility (ran away from them though)

Backstory: Raven comes from a noble family. However, she is not interested in their ideals or values. She constantly rebelled against them. As a result, she was punished a lot and didn't like her family. They didn't really care about her, only wanting her to get married and be a good daughter and wife. She ran away when she was 11. For a year or so she did her best to survive. Eventually, she snuck into Atlantis and tried to steal from a major business there. She was caught and sent to Exillium. There she met Tam and Linh and became close to them.

Friends: Tam and Linh.

Schooling: Has been at Exillium since she was 12 (I forgot how they measure school years at Exillium).

Relationship status: "Uh, NO. I'll date when I feel comfortable." Currently single. (Had a crush on Sophie)

Strengths: Good at many of the Exillium skills. Loves learning more about humans. Loyal and protective of those she is close to.

Weaknesses: She is rash and doesn't always think things through. She can have a hard time trusting people.

Other: She is questioning her sexuality and is biromantic.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Gemi
Gender: F
Age: 8
Level: 1
Abilities: None yet, but they are suspecting she might be a Flasher.
Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d2/b3/...
Personality: Annoying. Very annoying. Like that sister you wished you never had. Very sassy, throws comments in your face.
Relationship: Likes to make a VERY big deal about how she's single (well no duh! You're 8)

message 45: by Kaei (new)

Kaei  (2031) Name: Tearshine kaluki
Age: 16
Ability: Empath and vanisher
Personality: energetic and reckless
Level in Foxfire: Level 6

message 46: by 》Xavier《, Xavier! :D (last edited Oct 13, 2020 08:02AM) (new)

》Xavier《 | 65 comments Mod
Name: Kyra Ryelle
Nickname(s): Ky

Age: 14
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Year: 4

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Her eyes are two slightly different shades of blue though (One's a tiny bit darker)

Ability: Fae-touch and enhancer (The second one isn't unlocked yet though)

Personality: Ky is very competitive, athletic, and always one for exploring/adventuring. She actually likes wearing the boy's uniform and suits instead of The Girl's Uniform and dresses. She loves doodling things on her skin with vibrant colors, and her friends are the butterflies. She's stubborn and a bit oblivious, and even if you don't like her and she doesn't like you, she will still look out for you because her motto is; "What's the point in holding grudges if someone needs help?" She's open and playful, but she really doesn't expect people to actually take interest in her. She is a part of the Neverseen, but you really couldn't tell from the look of her.

Background: When Kyra was a child, she accidentally went to the human world... and from the perspective of a small child she thought it was sooo cool to see a new world so off she went exploring when she saw people torturing a young boy. She tried to help but they threw her back and she was helpless. Eventually she was found by her parents, but the memories always stuck in the back of her mind. She eventually got in touch with the Neverseen after hearing more and more about what was wrong with the world that she used to think was perfect. She trained with them and learned how to keep her personality into two parts; Kyra, and Titania. Titania is her alias as a member of the Neverseen.

message 47: by 》Xavier《, Xavier! :D (last edited Oct 07, 2020 07:30PM) (new)

》Xavier《 | 65 comments Mod
Name: Keagan Tyrannos
Nickname(s): Kea (Pronounced Key)

Age: 15
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Year: 5

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Closeted Pansexual


Ability: Mesmer

Personality: Keagan is responsible, observant and a complete bookworm, completely preferring other worlds to the world he lives in. He has a huge thirst for knowledge and loves genuinely learning; he hates how inconvenient the school system can be though. He isn't really the type to approach people first, is very curious, and is especially proficient with logic and tech even though he is not a techno-kinetic. He closed himself off because of his past insecurities about people talking behind his back, and just decided to stay that way. His stories were nice company anyways, He's way too deep into other realities though; he's half in there already.

Background: Keagan grew up in a middle class family but their home was burnt down by the Neverseen and he has a ton of burns and scars from it littered across his skin; he covers them up though. He joined the Black Swan, especially because they gave him access to more knowledge.

message 48: by mugs, mugs of mugs of mugs of mugs of mugs :) (new)

mugs | 445 comments Mod
It's okay!

message 49: by ✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (last edited Oct 13, 2020 05:49AM) (new)

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 1311 comments Name: Ocean Scholar
Age: 11
Rank: Emissimary
Abilities: TBD
History: In my book
Appearace: Pictures in my profile
Other: n/A

message 50: by lemon (new)

lemon ((i wanna be your vacuum cleaner)) (makevocaloidgreatagain) Name: Satsuki Sumeragi
Age: 15
Gender: female
Level: 5
Ability: mesmer
Appearance: https://pin.it/6MyQvZK
Personality: extrovert, kind, great at comforting people, good actress, gets mad easily, very sociable, optimistic, usually gets what she wants, obsessed with nails, gets flustered a lot
Sexuality: bisexual
Outfit: https://pin.it/1RggH1F
Motto: Someone controls your life, so what? Put some wins under your belt and turn the tables. It’s no reason to give up your ambitions!
Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3do...
Aesthetic: https://pin.it/DslTpmD

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