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Kylee (kyleerae23) | 36 comments Mod
Where you can share, recommend, and discuss any indie science fiction books you’ve read.

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Tabatha Shipley (tabathashipley) | 6 comments Loom of Sorrows and A Thousand Secret Sorrows by Matthew Kagle are excellent science fiction reads.
I reviewed the first one in December and the sequel in January. Check out the reviews here (starting at 12:32)
and (starting at 09:44)

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Kylee (kyleerae23) | 36 comments Mod
I love those titles!

message 4: by Kylee (new)

Kylee (kyleerae23) | 36 comments Mod
Here’s one that was recommended to me on twitter. It’s a shorter one at 76 pages :)

message 5: by Tabatha (new)

Tabatha Shipley (tabathashipley) | 6 comments If anyone is looking for a Young Adult Science Fiction and listens to audiobooks I have codes available for my newest release, Projection! I’m happy to provide you with a code to listen for free if you don’t mind dropping a review when you’re done. Let me know if you’re interested.

No one types anything anymore. You simply think it, and it appears on the page. Sharing a memory with friends is as easy as recalling and sending it to a screen. The ubiquitous chip implanted in everyone’s wrist has made interaction with technology seamless and natural, almost making our tech an extension of ourselves. What happens when it goes wrong?

Emma Johnson has enough problems. School, boys, and her firm-yet-aloof dad are enough to keep her on her toes. But everything falls apart when her most embarrassing thoughts and memories start to appear on any device she’s near.

Why is this happening? Who can Emma trust?

message 6: by Ang (new)

Ang | 1 comments Sounds interesting I will have to look for it after I finish the couple I’m reading now.

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