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​ (dragomania) So anyone want to rp?

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Sure! I have Anna Amelia, where you wanna go?

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​ (dragomania) Okay so she would probably elements class which I don't have any characters in but maybe math class?

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​ (dragomania) Do you want to start or should I?

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Could you please?

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​ (dragomania) Anyone want to roleplay?

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mugs Want to continue our RP?

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​ (dragomania) sure

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mugs YAY!

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​ (dragomania) rp?

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Hey guys! My characters
Serenity- the singer
Eva- the evalist
Gala- interdemonsional girl

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​ (dragomania) anyone wants to roleplay?

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Maybe idk what Marty needs tho. Help?

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​ (dragomania) where do you want to roleplay?

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I don’t care

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​ (dragomania) okay any preferences? Also I have 2 characters one is a shifter and the other one has the ability to change her age

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​ (dragomania) do you care which one I rp with?

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No... FYI I want Harly to do a relationship with Batman’s kid if you want a relationship.

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I mean Marty

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​ (dragomania) Okay I'll rp with the one who constantly changes age but can you please choose where?

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​ (dragomania) any class works

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Male or female character?

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​ (dragomania) female why?

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​ (dragomania) should I start?

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Just so I know. Yes.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Hey everyone! Please join my roleplay group! It’s the same as this but more organized. I’m looking for some Mods. This is my first role-playing group and I’m hoping that it’ll turn out well. There’s a Villain option in there as well. Please guys, I hope you all like it. Here there is also staff open and there are tutors for those who need help in their powers. You can also have 1x1 role-plays and mini duels with your villain enemy. Her reason I’m making this is because I don’t like the organization and there have been questions about being the villain. It’s open for everyone.

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Deadpool | 14 comments Mod

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mugs Does anyone want to Rp?

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​ (dragomania) sure

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mugs Where at?

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​ (dragomania) don't know

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mugs Dorm clearing?

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​ (dragomania) sure

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mugs What character are you using? I'm using Hiemal-Wind control

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​ (dragomania) oh I'll use my good old Ashari

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mugs Cool! Should I post first or do you want to?

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​ (dragomania) you

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mugs Okay!

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