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Caitlin (herlugi)

Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex was just vibing in the cockpit cuz they were kinda bored but also wanted a break from people to play with Bean. They took Bean out of their pocket and let the rat run across their hands

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments As Jakkel approached the cockpit with Mavis and the bot he smelt a rat. At which point he realized he was pretty heccin hungry and decided to do something about it. After wheeling in the bot's charging station, he went to g r a b r at but realized it was on someone's hands and pulled back. "Apologies, I realized not that you rat eating."

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kylee Mavis chuckles, holding her hand over her mouth to suppress her grin.

Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex pulled Bean closer to them and glared at this new person who just grabbed at their rat, “who the frick are you?” Lex questioned “and no, this rat is a pet, not food”

That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice wiggled into the room, and made happy bubbling noises when she saw the rat. She had never seen rat, and she wanted to befriend r ä t

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments Jakkel gasped a bit. It wasn't as if he'd never met someone who kept food as a pet. He'd read 'Charles' Net' and cried when the Wilson died, he'd just never considered that he might mistake a pet for food and was now utterly mortified. In his flustered state, he unconsciously reverted back to his native language and mumbled something along the lines of "Gollim, O dinmar rat," as he stared awkwardly at the ground.

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kylee Mavis pats Jakkel on the arm. “It’s okay,” she says quietly, understanding how he felt.

Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex noticed that the person who had gone after Bean looked a little hurt, “Sorry” they muttered, placing Bean back in their pocket, Bean could run around another time. “I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. Just please don’t try and eat my pet,”

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "Never would," he agreed, shuffling the charging station over to a port in the wall. The bot's screen lit up with a buzzberry icon, which was how he knew it was charging.

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kylee Mavis followed him, peering down at the robot. “Does it have a name yet?” she asks.

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments "well, um," Lex said, standing up, "What are you doing?" they asked to Mavis and Jakkel.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "Charging bot. Named Georgie. Human name, yes?" he explained, looking nervous. He hoped he hadn't gotten something horribly wrong with the name.

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kylee “Georgie is a lovely name,” she says softly. “hello georgie,” she murmurs, waving at the small robot.

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex nodded, "Speaking of names, mine is Lex, how 'bout you both?"

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice moved over, making small splashing noises as she did. She waved.

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex heard a splashing noises from the other side of the cockpit and looked over to see a girl who seemed to be completely made out of juice waving. Lex awkwardly waved back, trying not to look to shocked at the humanoid liquid.

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kylee “I’m Mavis Laverne, and that’s Juice,” she points to the blob of a girl. She quickly pushes up her black sunglasses nervously, putting her shields back up fast.
(i’m going to bed, good night!)

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice nodded, holding up a small notepad, covered in scribbles that seemed to read "naym joos. nice two meat yU"

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments “While I’m Lex if you didn’t hear Juice,” Lex repeated “and this is Bean,” they continued, pulling the rat back out of their pocket

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice excitedly scribbled something down. 'biin best :)'

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments “You wanna pet him?” Lex asked

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments She nodded, emitting a series of happy sounding bubbling noises.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments Jakkel smiled quietly at this as he continued refining the bot's programming. Maybe it wasn't so bad here after all. He made a mental note: Jexek yexergy Gyendiro.

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kylee Mavis watched everyone, trying to figure out what their personality was like.

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Catwoman3434 | 146 comments Mod
"excuse me?" Evonne walked in the room holding a holo-map "I think this is it," she mumbled to herself "oh! but I need the exoretracter from here" she focused her eyes on the creatures in the cockpit

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kylee Mavis turned her head to Evonne, staring at her in silence.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments Jakkel looked away, startled. Being watched felt unsettling, so instead, he focused on getting the coordinates to the nearest Boneyard. He needed two parts to fix the long-form data broadcasting port, and he didn't have time to go on a huge trip since the crew meeting was soon. He gave a shy wave to the person who'd just walked in but kept his eyes down. It was getting a bit crowded.

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Catwoman3434 | 146 comments Mod
Evonne's tail stopped swishing from nervousness and she stood with her ears back waiting for a response

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kylee Mavis looked back to Jakkel. “Anything i can help get for Georgie?” she asks

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Catwoman3434 | 146 comments Mod
"kay then ill just look in a different room" Evonne mumbled to herself pulling up the map and getting ready to leave

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geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments At this point, Jakkel made a noise that was somewhat a cross between a whimper and a growl and huddled in on himself more. He pretended not to have noticed. His tail tucked itself up to his stomach and he began nervously shuffling away. "Apologies," he called despite himself. "Stay."
{Pots kelt O?? Limerted??}

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex glanced over at Evonne for a moment, but when Lex saw that she was just there to do something with a halo-map, they directed their attention back to holding their rat out for Juice to pet.

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kylee Mavis put a hand on his shoulder. “You okay?” she says quietly.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments [{man he stand seeing people sad even though he's an awkward nonconfrontational mess}}
"O po- I'm good," Jakkel replied, nearly slipping back into Gyendiron he was so stressed. "New parts, I need. Boneyard where?"

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kylee “hm... i’m not sure... I’m sure we could find a place though” she offers, dropping her hand.

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice pet beän, making happy gurgling noises. Rat was güd. Rat was soft.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "Coordinates," he held up the interface for her to see. "Passing, 1 hour. Collect parts."

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kylee “Think we could stop by?” she asks, looking down at it through her sunglasses.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "Yes yes yes," Jakkel yowled, his tail uncurling itself. "Find parts, get scraps, make bots, more bots," He stood up and tucked the interface into his pocket. Then, after ensuring that the charging station and port were both stable, he looked around the room and pointed at the bot, loudly declaring, "No touch!"

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kylee Mavis grinned, liking Jakkel’s company more than anyone else’s. she could act normal around him and he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between her and a normal human.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments Jakkel smiled because Mavis was smiling and there must have been something to smile about if Mavis was smiling.

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kylee “Do we need anything before we go?” she asks, looking around.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "Jakkel paused and thought for a second before replying, "No,"

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That Snail Kiddo (Azra) (thatsnailkiddo) | 46 comments Juice turned to Jakkel and Mavis, curious about what was going on. She didn't want to intrude on the interaction, however, so she made no further indication that she was paying attention.

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kylee Mavis nodded, thinking through her head as to how they’d get there.
(i won’t be on for 2 hours, i gotta perform a show)

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments {{break a leg!}}
Jakkel acknowledged Juice. "You come too?" he asked her.

{{look at these people with genders??? having a nice polite conversation how wholesome}}

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kylee (i’m back!)
Mavis pushes her sunglasses back up her nose, looking between Juice and Jakkel.

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Catslikewaffles | 15 comments Lex stood there awkwardly, not knowing what exactly to do or say

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 52 comments "We all go collect!" Jakkel shouted cheerily, trying to mask how uncomfortable he was. He looped an arm around Lex's and another around Mavis'. He figured Juice would follow, but he told her to "follow," just in case.

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