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Neeraj Yadav (goodreadscomneeraj_yadav) | 1 comments Title
* Author(s) name(s): Neeraj Yadav
* Publisher: Amazon
* Publication date: 24.11.2019
* Format: Kindle
* Description
The novel is a tale of love of Shama, a Muslim girl and Kishan, a Hindu boy. It is a cute story of two love-stricken souls who are pure and innocent at heart. Their story is about innocent childhood love blooming as they grow to adulthood. Their love transcends the boundaries of society and religion.
An excerpt from the novel:
"What happened? Why both of you are so silent? Fought?" Salma lovingly enquired.
The twain looked at each other and then Kishan gathered his entire courage and said in a solemn tone-
"Auntie, I want to marry Shama when I am old enough."
"And I will build a house for Shama and you. We all will live happily in it," he swiftly added.
Salma was stunned for a few moments and then burst into a peal of never-ending laughter. She had laughed so heartily after many years. Her intestines ached because of endless laughter. Several minutes went by, and with great effort, she stopped herself from laughing any further.
"Shama, what, you have to say?" Shama blushed and covered her face with both her palms.
"So, both of you have already finalised everything," she remarked, barely suppressing her smile.
"Anyway, eat well. Then only you will grow up quickly and be old enough to get married," Salma kissed both of them affectionately.
"And it should be a secret between us. Your Abbu and Zahid should never know about it. Both of you. Okay."
Salma slowly veneered into deep thought while the children cheerfully ate.
"How innocent these two are! They are not aware that what they have dreamt of is next to impossible. There is an insurmountable wall of society and religion before them. But, as of now, let them weave a world of their dreams, I should not shatter their innocent love. They will gradually realise how far fetched their dream is," she said to herself.

What happens to Shama and Kishan when they grow up? Do their families and society accepts their union?
* Page count: 157

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